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April 21, 2009

NINTENDO: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (I-Mockery List)


I gotta say party people, I was very pleased to stumble across I-mockery.com . I know........I know...... I'm probably one of few people in the universe who visits and falls in love w/ as many sites as I do but this site is a little different and by that I mean Special. I haven't spent more than 15 minutes on the site yet cus I just found it, but from skimming thru it and noticing the similarities in content and themes I can tell I found a new spot to add to my daily/weekly rounds. I can Also tell from the content and the owners posts that The Hobbyshop Hero is A site He would really love. Probally the Biggest differences are that I Focus on HipHop or
Forward-Thinking-Dope music in General and Art and Fashion and They focus more on Pop Culture, as where we both center our sites around The Cult Classic Nintendo Generation Style Content.

That Said, I really enjoyed what I saw of the site but that isnt how it came to end up being posted on HsH. I went ahead and copy and pasted in between the Plus signs the Exact post from I-Mockery and I will tell you why. He explains his love for the original NES and all the Amazing things that came inside that big box and to my surprise he proceeds to talk about the akward shaped Styrofoam packaging inside. He talks about using it as A Snow-Battle G.I. JOE Base and talks about his love for Storm Shadow and how he always won. Well Here is the Creepy and Oddly funny but dope thing about this situation.


One of my Best Friends Mike (Shwagner) Wagner/Crosaro Did the EXACT and I MEAN EXACT thing w/ that NES STYROFOAM....As Well as Other STYROFOAM! It was The SNOW BASE and The EXTRA CRazy NESS was I Always Used STORM SHADOW
(2nd Generation even tho I used the 1st as well just not as my main character) and Shwag used Quick Kick..... Later down the line I started using SALVO as my main Character but NoneTheLess that Is FREAKING CRAZZZZY..

On Top of that, What caught my Attention in the 1st place was his comments on the Zelda Watch. The same thing He said in the paragraph about the Zelda watch I did as well, except I remember vividly playing it while in Chorus the day we got to take those little gay Recorders (plastic Flute Thingy) Home.... So that is Two Childhood memories almost Identical so it makes me wonder how many of us grew up enjoying the same Amazing toys and games the exact same way! I Also had this Cereal which didnt last very long on the market and wasnt that tasty anyway....... I guess thats it for now tho, Go ahead and check out the links below that I got from I-Mockery and then check out the rest of the site.

OH!!!! one last thing before I go, Does anyone Remember that Nintendo Game show that game on early morning before School. where at the end of the show that got to run thru this Maze and Grab as many Games and Items as possibe and velcro them on to there body..... Leave a Comment if you remember that and what it was called hhahahaha...peace.

The Nintendo Entertainment System - Deluxe Set!

by - Rog-


Words cannot even describe how good it felt to get one of these when I was a kid. Not only did you get the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Gyromite, but you also got the Zapper gun and ROB the Robot. So much gaming goodness all packaged neatly into a giant box that a hobo could probably live in. What more could a kid with a desire to procrastinate doing his homework want?

And the styrofoam this system came with was nothing to laugh at either. While most kids probably just threw out the styrofoam, I had to find a use for it. After all, it's not every day that you get a giant piece of styrofoam that could make a PERFECT G.I. Joe "snow battle playset". Damn straight! I remember pretending all the Joes were having a big battle at the North Pole. Of course, none of the Joes could see Storm Shadow coming, since he was a white ninja and camouflaged with the styrofoam perfectly. Not that it would have mattered even if they could see him. Out of all the fake G.I. Joe battles I created as a kid, I cannot think of a single one that Storm Shadow didn't win. So what if I was biased? He was a ninja for chrissakes! You think "The Fridge" figure could stop Storm Shadow? Wrong.

Styrofoam aside, the system really was the most important thing in life when it came out, and I'll be covering both the Zapper gun and ROB the Robot later on in this piece. Use the list below for quick access to individual items, or you can be a good little gamer and view them in order by moving onward to the NEXT ITEM.


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