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October 31, 2009

Mini MPC 2000XL Sampler and SP1200 Drum Machine USB Flash Drives



It's crazy the ideas that we come up with sometimes. I remember vividly the 1st time I came across A CD in which you could customize yourself..... Hahaha you think about that now and Burned Cd's aren't anything special, but imagine A time before that technology was Available to the wide public. I grew up making mixtapes by the dozens each week, and everyone knows that the ultimate way to a teenage girl is thru the making of a custom mixtape. Lucky for me, my friend Celph Titled was one of the 1st people to get ahold of the Burned CD tech, so when my girlfriends birthday arrived and I gave her a CD with custom songs, even my voice on it, she melted..... As Time change and the Tech gets better and better we find new ways to use them to our advantage.

On the Flip side of this tech story. I once had a show, and before hand I spent my hard earned money on Cheap Walkmans and headphones.... This was around the time my Debut album "JUNKPLANET" was coming out. So bought A Grip of Walkmans and cassettes and made A Mix of my song "Just me and my Walkman" produced by Deeskee and put it on repeat over and over..... During my set, once I broke out and performed "Just me and my Walkman" on stage, I threw walkmans into the crowd instead of T-shits.... Needless to say, I dont think anyone used Cassette Walkmans anymore at that point, but the love and thought I put behind it won over some very thankful and loyal fans.......

I bring those stories up because since then, and with the change of the music industry going from cassette to CD to now I-tunes or just plain old downloading bootleg copies, and blogs and podcasts... I've been thinking in Investing in cheap 2 to 4 gb USB flash drives customizing them and putting my new album on it and selling em instead of pressing up Cd's

These Mpc2000XL and SP1200 Flash Drives reminded me of those ideas, tho Im sure there will be alot of people wishing they sold the Flash Drives in Ensoniq ASR10 (whatup SlopFunkdust!) or even MPC3000 formats hahahaha.....

anyways, I would love for the person who brainstormed and followed thru with this to shoot me an email at (dutchmassive[at]gmail.com) if they ever read this hahahaha...

Heres some actual info on the products themselves.....

The 4GB flash drives feature Toshiba memory with casing constructed from PVC rubber fashioned in near exact detail of the original Akai MPC 2000XL and EMU SP1200 samplers.

At the moment both drives are pre-order only with a scheduled ship date of June 12, 2009.

See the website for complete details.


October 29, 2009

ST/MiC "Honest Music" in stores now!!


In 2005 , I was Blessed to meet some of the most talented musicans whom all became close friends of mine. Of that group, I met Brian (Dj Ragz) and Corey (mudd) whom combined formed the
ultra Classic Duo, The Jazz Addixx! Thru that relationship I was introduced to another Amazing human by the name of ST/MIC.

During that time, I was living with Fan, turned best friend/roomate, Will Widdoss who became my Favorite Wordsmith of all time, next to Median. I started working with the Jazz Addixx on the reg, and began to do the same with St MIC. Unfortunately my personal life took precedent over my musical endevours at the time at all the amazing Plans we had ended up only surfacing as a few collaborations. Of those are the two songs you see below.

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ST MIC (featuring Dutchmassive | The Hobbyshop Hero) - Original & Remix by dutchmassive
I absoluely love the music St/Mic and The Jazz Addixx released and I know you will as well. So without further UH DO (how is that spelled? hahaha) Enjoy

Free Download: "Honest Music" Album Sampler MP3



“SILENT HILLS” (A Hobbyshop Hero Top 10 of 2009 Track)!!!!

Virginia-based emcee, producer, dj and working engineer ST/MiC’s 2008 release, “Life’s Work” made it all the way to Japan on Yanase Pro with a featured display at the Tokyo Tower Records. Now, with his sophomore full-length release, "Honest Music," ST/MiC once again spills into your ears, your mind and your soul with thoughtful lyrics, deep-seated beats, and overall production that make you drop your head with a cathartic sigh as you attempt to take it all in. You will not only savor production by ST/MiC, but also the infusion of great artists including: Mudd of Jazz Addixx, The Unknown, Tomorrow's Yesterday featuring Ralph Real, 4th Pyramid, Phase Logic, TEFLON, The Custodian of Records, J Spitz and Crenshaw. Lyrical additions include: C-Rayz Walz, Arsun F!st, Muneshine and Mina as well as Timeless Daimyo countrymen - Mudd, Bliss One and The Unknown. All turntablism performed by DJ Ragz and ST/MiC. Your ears need to hear this. Your mind needs to contemplate this and your soul needs to feed on this. "Honest Music" is poised to deliver!

ST/MiC's "Honest Music" is now available at:
- iTunes
- Amazon.com
- Emusic
- Rhapsody

Recent reviews for "Honest Music":
"ST/MiC emcees in addition to getting on the production side of things. Any number of double threats boast of an unmatched acumen in these two distinct disciplines, but not too many can deliver" - URB

"That's yet another thing that I find intriguing about ST/MiC, for the most part this album is almost completely void off all negativity: no cusses, no frontin', playin’ the gangster role...it is what it is... Honest Music" - WhenTheyReminisce.com

"ST/MIC comes upon us with his sophomore effort Honest Music. Based on this effort, ST/MIC ain't messing around this year." - PotholesInMyBlog.com


Track listing:

1.) Honest music (intro)
Produced by Tomorrow's Yesterday and Ralph Real. Scratches by DJ Ragz
2.) Make The Call
Produced by Mudd. Scratches by DJ Ragz
3.) To Say
Produced by Mudd
4.) Too Much
Produced by Mudd
5.) Keep It Low
Produced by Crenshaw. Scratches by DJs Ragz and Skruff
6.) What It Do
Produced by Mudd. Scratches by DJ Select
7.) We Kings featuring ARSUN F!ST
Produced by ST/MiC. Scratches by DJ Select
8.) Silent Interlude
Produced by ST/MiC
9.) Silent Hills (1 of HsH Top 10 Tracks of 2009)
Produced by The Unknown
10.) Walk This Place (how long)
Produced by J-Spitz
11.) Rust featuring BlissOne
Produced by ST/MiC
12.) Every Time I Leave featuring Mudd and Muneshine
Produced by Phase Logic
13.) Sleepin featuring Mina
Produced by TEFLON
14.) Nothing More Than...
Produced by The Custodian Of Records. Scratches by ST/MiC
15.) Desire and Drive
Produced by ST/MiC. Scratches by DJ Select
16.) The Making Of Haste featuring BlissOne
Produced by The Unknown
17.) WindSprints featuring C-Rayz Walz
Produced by 4th Pyramid
18.) Honest Music (outro)
Produced by Tomorrow's Yesterday and Ralph Real

All recording, editing, mixing and mastering by



Soulfully inclined producer, MC, and turntablist ST/MiC (pronounced "saint mike") was a musical prodigy at a young age, learning to play the bass, guitar, and drums all by the time he was 14. In high school, he shifted from live instruments to sample-based electronics and DJing, and studied under house-dance remixer and producer Holmes Ives. Using the spelled out moniker "St. Michael," he cut his teeth as a DJ on the East Coast's electronic dance scene, performing his hip-hop and drum'n'bass productions throughout the 90s. His first release on wax was the drum'n'bass cut "Scared Before," issued by Random Recordings in 1998. He also made many appearances on mixtapes by frequent collaborator DJ Ragz, one-half of hip-hop group Jazz Addixx. Though he released more recordings in the 2000s, including some low-key EPs and collaborative projects with rappers the Unknown and other half of Jazz Addixx, M.U.D.D., he devoted his time to honing his production and audio engineering skills, and he eventually settled down in Virginia. In that time, he was responsible for mixing down songs for Skillz, Rass Kass, C-Rayz Walz, Cris Prolific (featuring artists such as: Guilty Simpson, Baatin of Slum Village, Illa J, Phat Kat, Black Milk and More) and, of course, Jazz Addixx. In 2007, Australian-based Vibra Online issued ST/MiC's first full-fledged effort, the MP3-only On My Days Off, an instrumental LP combining edgy, angular drum'n'bass with relaxing, downtempo soul ( Later Officially Released by AudibleObjects). The decidedly hip-hop album, Life's Work, featuring guest spots and production by the Unknown and Jazz Addixx (among others), arrived a year later on Domination Recordings. A few months later a Japanese Import version of "Life's Work" was released on CD and vinyl by Yanase Pro Japan.

1. Life's Intro
2. Fly
3. Dedicate to Elevate feat. DJ Ragz
4. Love Was Complicated Yesterday feat. Dutchmassive & Jazz Addixx
5. BeatBoxBoogie One (MUDD & ST/MiC on the beatbox)
6. Fresh 2 Def
7. Life feat. Jazz Addixx, Primo The Cinematic & Flaco
8. Never Faded
9. BeatBoxBoogie 2 (MUDD & ST/MiC on the beatbox)
10. War Of Art
11. Verbal Mastery feat. The Unknown
12. Gallery Interlude
13. Truth Lies feat. Distruck & TAMU
14. Love Is Complicated Tomorrow feat. DutchMassive, The Unknown & DJ Ragz
15. Closing Scene

About the release: "Life's Work" was 3 years in the making before ST/MIC decided it should just be a snapshot of what was really going on in his life at the time. It's really a combination of all the moods and feelings associated with that time period. There are a lot of retrospective moments as well. Some mellow vibes and also some darker, more powerful and driven tracks. Although ST/MIC did a good deal of the production on the record, it would have never manifested into what it's become without all of the great artists involved. There was production by The Unknown, DJ Ragz and Mudd. Guests include The Unknown, Jazz Addixx (DJ Ragz and Mudd), DutchMassive, TAMU, Distruck, Primo The Cinematic and Flaco. So That's it. Honest music. Enjoy!


Meet the Artist:


1. Please introduce yourself?
Peace, My name is ST/MiC...or saint mike for those who don't know.

2. From where?
Earth. It's the blue one... yeah, third in.

3. Music influences?
Not sure if i should be specific or vague here..

I love Jazz, Some favs are Coltrane, Davis, Horace Silver, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz Etc..

Soul of course, Some Rock, Classical. Hip hop, or did i even have to mention that. Everything really is a musical influence for me. traffic, the couple arguing at the table in the cafe over there, my children laughing. you know, life. It sounds good to me!

4. Debut appearance?
Man... as a lyricist..ok it was this house party right. Ragz, Mudd.. yall remember this? See i started off as a DJ and my crew and i threw a lot of small club events and house parties... anyway long story short.. i grabbed the mic at this house party and spit this 48 bar piece i had written (first rhyme ever) and heads were like "what the F#$k?!" anyway, after that i was on a few DJ Ragz mix tapes..i did a joint with The Embassy Click called "I See You".. It built from there.

5. What have you released so far?
I did a drum and bass release on wax back in like '97 or '98 on Random Recordings. A few indy releases. "Ronin EP", I did an EP with The Unknown. MUDD and I had a EP out under the name Exact Change..it was called "two cents". i had an Instrumental album out on this Australian Label Vibra Online (you can get the download on my myspace page myspace.com/stmic)... and the album I'm about to drop "Life's Work" on Domination Recordings.

6. Do you produce?
I do. I started as a DJ, Then added producing. and i figured, everyone else in the world raps... why not me..i guess

7. Best moment for you in hip hop?
The days my 2 sons were born... respectivly.

8. Any plans for a tour or shows in the near future?
Indeed. I would like to do a Europe/Japan tour early Summer '08. Hit me up if you wanna book me! I'll do US shows when ever some one asks me to. I'm just not gonna set up and promote my own shows any more. Did that for too long and it got real old.

9. What's next?
Everything that comes after right now.
(also, more music... Hit me up if you want to work)

10. Shout outs?
My Family, DJ Ragz, MUDD, Unknown, DJ @ Domination, Distruck, Olly Stones aka Olly Ox Grill, Bliss (Daneyeam), Headrush.. The whole Embassy Click, DutchMassive, all of the other people I know, Just cause i didn't type the name, it doesn't mean i don't appreciate you.

Free Download: ST/MIC & Timeless Daimyo "Choice Cuts" Vol. 1

You can download the mixtape at:

For more info, check out:

October 28, 2009

Superdeux ‘Auto + USBoombox’ Release Event

Superdeux Auto + USBoombox Release Event 1

Superdeux is releasing his amazing ‘Auto + USBoombox’ next month, and Kidrobot will be helping with an awesome release event. The Auto + USBoombox is a brilliant retro-inspired vinyl toy that would make LL Cool J proud. Available in four wicked fly colorways, each version comes with a USB-boombox with a different custom soundtrack on each one! Superdeux will be at Kidrobot’s San Fransisco location for the release of ‘Auto + USBoombox’ on November 4th, 2009, so fly girls and sucker M.C.s alike should get down there and show him some love.



Humör Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Humör Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Humör Spring / Summer 2010 Collection

Streetwear brand Humör from Kolding, Denmark, gives us the first insight to its spring / summer 2010 collection, which is influenced mainly by underground music. The color range is dominated by loud and strong colors. Another major source of inspiration is Tokyo’s Shibuya area, where the fashion crowd is giving an entirely new meaning to the word paintbox. The entire collection will be available at Coutie.


Unreleased NAS track "Deja Vu" - produced by Chris Winston




I Finally found this super rare nas jawn that I heard back in the late 90's, I spent a while searching for it back in the early 2000's but then kinda lost interest in Nas... hahaha well, I finally stumbled on it and I wanted to share it with you guys being its on some early 90's 16 pad mellow vibe Flip.... Produced by Chris Winston, I Highly recommend following THIS LINK and reading more about the track.


October 27, 2009

U-N-I feat. Fashawn - "Pulp Fiction pt1" - VIDEO


U-N-I featuring Fashawn. "Pulp Fiction pt 1" takes us through a story of two childhood friends, Mike (Y-O) & Cedric (Fashawn), who are desperate to make some money and take on something that might be harder to handle than they thought. Thurz serves as the narrator of the story as it unfolds.

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I x Ro Blvd Present: A Love Supreme (Free Album)

October 1, 2009




Close Friends know Halloween trumps Xmass & Born days for me. Even strangers who might not know me personally but listen to my music might pick up many clues that the month of October, the theme of Halloween and the vibe of fall is something that inspires me beyond the skies! So with the holiday a few days away I wanted to put together A post worthy of this spooky occasion =)


You may have heard talk or seen photo's of the Nike Blood Pack, or The Horror Series, some even dubbed the combo of Kicks and Backpack as the “Dexter” pack. With Halloween around the corner, Nike SB launches their “Blood Splatter” Blazers, part of the brand’s Horror Pack, which boasts a Eugene Backpack as well. The kicks feature a White/Red/Grey color combination with an obvious “Blood Splatter” motif on the uppers.

They are now available via most Nike SB retailers, including DQM / Kasina / rmkstore / SHOWROOM Just in time for Halloween.

I also went the extra mile on this post and have included a few HsH extra's like BloodSplatter Brushes for Photoshop, Stickers, and some visual candy of the bloody type =)


Nike SB Eugene Backpack "Blood Splatter"

nike sb blood splatter blazer premium Nike SB Blood Splatter Blazer Premium




Set made by: AnnFrost-stock
Number of brushes: 16
Made with: Photoshop CS3


This brush set contains 16 large blood splatters. Made in Photoshop CS3.




Sticker Sheets

Two sticker sizes to choose from:

Small, 1½ Inch (sheet of 20)

Large, 3 Inch (sheet of 6)





They call it a liquid lamp, but it looks like blood splatter to me!
19950 Yen (About $226)

Product Page order via Rinkya Stores!


Byroglyphics blood splatter

This piece called AEONIUM is by Byroglyphics