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June 28, 2009

HsH Artist SpotLight - Dwele - Live (realtime) Michael Jackson Tribute

On june 25th 2009, DWELE G who is undoubtedly one of my Top 3 Dream Collabo's / Favorite Artist of all time was at home washing clothes for upcoming tour. He had about 45 minutes to set up the camera and have some fun in tribute to mike, mistakes and all, all in fun. I personally feel this is a Sincere and positive way to embrace someones memory in passing.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson



The 1st time I heard Dwele was in Summer of 2000. I just moved out on my own for the 1st time and rented a apartment w/ my one of my best friends Orlando Pisegna (Majik Most) who is also 1/3 of my group Equilibrium. I bought Bahamadia's sophomore release B.B. Queen which only has a few tracks but it is Beyond Amazing, The Vibe is soooooooo Dope!

I was Sitting In the living room w/ a few people over. As always I had the place set up w/. A Ambeint vibe Dim lights, Red and Blacklight, Nag Champa Burning..... Brain Elevated from the (L) and I was a few St Ides Deep when BAM!!!..... This was the wonderful sound I coming out of my BoomBox

And This!!

This period was the Transition from "JUNK PLANET" Dutchmassive to "Music 2 Sleep To" Dutchmassive - It was around this time I became more humble, mature, relaxed, etc... Hearing Dwele on Bamahadia's album changed my life.... Before that I Would listen to Stevie Wonder (who at that time Next to Q-Tip was my favorite) "InnerVissions" and "Too High" were my Jawns!!!!! so needless to say when I heard Dwele's Joint "Jimmy Stay Down" where he Flips Stevie Wonder's "Too High" w/ his own Twist I went BANANAS!

Fast Forward almost 10 years later and I'm again Buggin out to this Dwele track from a Rare Project I can't seem to get my hands on "Jon's my name" where he plays the part of Dwele's Son (Confused?) hahahah BTW If anyone has this project shoot me a message please.

DOWNLOAD LINK - Dwele (Jon's my Name) - Beep Me, Find Me


"I'd like to introduce you to, A.D.B.Productions, I can show you somethin. I make my home here on youtube, videos for every single interlude, off the album "sketches of a man" dude. Go and cop the album, if you aint got a car to get to curcuit city. . .discount city, before it all goes to shit, bricks. . .depression, well you can get the album on Itunes. Oh, excuse my grimey sound bytes. . .excuse my 5 dolla mic. Hopefully you'll subscribe to me and my imagination. . ."

Follow DWELE on TWITTER by Clicking HERE




01. Rize Intro
02. Down Jimmy
03. Imagine
04. Flywun
05. Whoomp
06. Angel
07. Dime for Your Thoughts
08. Lady at Mahogany
09. Timeless feat. Teena Marie
10. Twuneanunda
11. Early Morning
12. Groove (Live Jazz Ish)
13. Blaze Up a Square
14. Ready For Love (Interlude)
15. Remedy
16. Slide Out

Dwele’s first, not officially released album was “Rize(which you can download here, since you can’t legitimately purchase it anywhere) - [SOURCE - NERDSWITHSWAG]


Download Link - Feel Music Dwele Mix

Day At A Time (acoustic) - Beat Dat Demo LP
Affinity (Live) - Dwele Live at Maida Vale
Lady - From The Basement 12"
Twuneanunda - Rize
Remedy - Rize
Stalker - Beat Dat Demo LP
Kick Out of You - Subject
Country Song - Beat Dat Demo LP
Timeless Featuring Tina Marie - Rize
Startin Somethin - Beat Dat Demo LP
Beep me, find me - John Is My Name Demo
Holla - Some Kinda LP
Truth - Subject
Eve (I Need You) (Unreleased Version) - Beat Dat Demo LP

A nice selection of old and new, live and unreleased Dwele songs by Feelmusic from UK. Enjoy!


"Workin' On It" (J Dilla Tribute) - VIDEO

Download LINK: Dwele – ‘Workin’ On It’ (J Dilla Tribute)

IF you wanna check out A dope Dwele Interview w/ Michigan HipHop.com
------> CLICK HERE <------

June 27, 2009

HsH VIDEO HOUR: Feat. CROWN ROYALE (Buff&Rhett) / NowOn / Mayor Hawthorne / Junk Science / Illa J / Keith Murray / Supastition / Flying Lotus

Crown Royale (Buff1 & Rhettmatic) - Get It Up [Live]

Ann Arbor's Buff 1links with DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies to form Crown Royale. The duo fell through the studio to debut one of the new bangas from their upcoming collaboration project exclusively for Hip Hop Official. Get A Bar!!



Junk Science - Fire Drill (Official Video)

After being featured in Complex Magazine, Wired Magazine, MySpace, MP3.com and more, Junk Science are amping up for their next album A Miraculous New Kind of Machine.

Check out Fire Drill, the first single from their upcoming album via Embedded Music.

The track will also be featured on a Def Jux iTunes label compilation coming out on April 14th!

Check out more Junk Science at http://www.myspace.com/junksciencerap

Check out the video for "Roads" (featuring Scott Thorough & Probe) from Junk Science's 2005 album Feeding Einstein.


ILLA J "Sounds like Love"

Here's the official video for Illa J's track "Sounds Like Love" from his Yancey Boys album, featuring beats produced by his late big brother J Dilla. Video directed by Dina Juntila.

Illa J on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/illajmusic

Buy the album: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZ...


Now On "The Willows"

Now On's video for "The Willows" from their forthcoming album, "Tomorrow Already". Directed by Henry DeMaio.


MAYOR HAWTHORNE - "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out"


SUPASTITION - "Da Waiting Period"

The rare 2002 music video for the 1st Supastition single, da Waiting Period, off of his debut album "7 Years of Bad Luck". Video directed by Piston Honda. Song produced by Hoodmuziq. Check out more Supastition at www.supastition.com and www.myspace.com.


Keith Murray "The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World"

Keith Murray's "The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World" video, first single from his, the same titled, debut.


Keith Murray "The Rhyme"




FLYING LOTUS - It's A secret Video

*unofficial video*
this is a reedit of a short that we originally made for Apple's 24hr Insomniac Film Festival
A multi-media production company that specializes in filming live concert performances, EPKs, music videos, and much more.


(PS: Did this Video Remind you OF something?!?!?!? Well, Here is what it reminded me of. DROOOOOOP!) - HsH

The Pharcyde - Drop (produced by Jay Dee / J Dilla)


June 21, 2009

Mario Kills Luigi: A HsH spotlight on Beatsmith "Devonwho"

"INVINCIBLE" produced by: DEVON

Peace, I wanted to shed some light on producer DEVON or devonwho because I love dukes production and After seeing the Evil Mario Video for his BEAT which I 1st heard on the FRESH SELECTS: LOOSE JOINTS Project. So I just put together some Dope Devon joints from a Dope Producer! Peace to tRUExRADIO for putting me onto this cat!!!


+ http://twitter.com/devonwho
+ http://www.myspace.com/devonwho

Devon presents 2088 archives

Click here 2 download
the album.
  • "enjoy it, tell ya moms to download it, tell her to enjoy it" - Devon
  • "This is a collection of older/quasi-new beats and songs. this was just some shit i wanted to share so people could rock music away from the page." - Devon



: devonwho - WaVES EP

artwork by: Ms. Suzi Analogue

5 instrumentals + two remixes, one of Suzi A, and Frank n Dank + a track with Theory Hazit..

devonwho “Peppajack”


devonwho “Finder”


devonwho About You Redux (dev’s LODB Mix)
(feat. Suzi Analogue)


(from L to R: DIBIASE, Unknown Female #1, Mono/Poly, Devonwho, Unknown Female #2)


June 19, 2009

HsH Artist spotlight: Starring: Director / Illustrator BEN HIBON ( CODE HUNTERS / KILLER 7 / TOKYO ZOMBIE / HEAVENLY SWORD)

A 7mins prologue/intro animation to the world of CODEHUNTERS, an on-going MTV/BLINKINK project launched around the MTV Asia Awards 2006 in Bangkok.


Codehunters is Directed as well as Illustrated by Ben Hibon of stateless films . The digital short was originally created for MTV Awards Asia 2006. The palette is de-saturated, the action is graceful.

The story: Vigilantes in a failed Pacific Rim state search for the indestructible but hidden remains of Krai, a superbeing who can manipulate DNA and, hopefully, return order to the ruined port city of Lhek.

"Codehunters", winner in the category "Best Design" of Webcuts.07. More about this movie can be found at a CGSociety Special or on the Codehunters website.


Ben Hibon Biography


Ben Hibon was born in Geneva, Switzerland where he completed studies in Fine Art. He moved to London in 1996 to study Graphic Design at the Central Saint Matins College of Art and Design, followed by a Masters Degree at the same school. In 2004, after working for 4 years as a Creative Director in a prominent London based design company, he joined Blink Productions to move into directing. He made his commercial debut with a highly successful Kwik Fit campaign for DDB London, a very unconventional mixture of live action performance and graphic 3D animation. A busy 2005 saw Ben working for MTV Europe and Asia (an action intro sequence for MTV Screen) and he designed characters and animated in-game sequences for Killer7, Capcom's highly acclaimed video game. Ben also created a sequence for “Tokyo Zombie”, a Japanese horror film written and directed by the infamousSakichi Sato. Ben's short film Codehunters premiered at the MTV Asia Awards 2006 held in Bangkok, Thailand. Since it's release, Codehunters has been shown in more than 50 festivals all around the world, and received nominations at the Raindance Film Festival and the Rushes Shorts Festival. It won a gold award for Best Animation at the Promax/BDA Asia awards in 2006, the Imagina Award 07 for best short film, a D&AD Nomination for Animation, and most recently the highly coveted Golden Nica award at the Prix Ars Electronica 2007.

In early 2007, Sony Playstation commissioned Ben to create and direct an animated series inspired by their flagship PS3 game "Heavenly Sword". The episodes, made available weekly as a lead-up to the game's release, are also featured on the game disc as extras. Ben's work has been recognized by Promax, British Animation Awards, Creative Circle, D&AD, OFFF, Flash Forward Festival/NY and shown at festivals such as Raindance, Rushes Soho Short, onedotzero, Resfest, Art Futura, the Berlin Interfilm Festival, the Edinburgh and Stockhom International Film Festivals. His commercial work includes clients such as SONY Playstation, Electronic Arts, Renault, MTV Europe, MTV Asia, Sega, Puma, Capcom, Channel4, Namco, Nissan and Kwik Fit.




haha, I have like 82 thousands Links in A "To be Blogged" Folder. I found this Video of this Show
CodeHunters I bookmarked a while back but never really followed up.
The Preview looks pretty dope and
Ben Hibbon has A pretty Diverse Style when it comes to Illustration. Aiiiight well.... It is now 8:53am and I haven't been to sleep yet. I Played this joint for the Xbox360 w/ my brother called "ARMYofTWO" then Made 2 Beats before I started this post, so its time for me to call it a night....or....morning......whatever...... ZZzzzZZZZzzzZzz


June 18, 2009

Unbuilt Buildings: 12 Awesome Future Architectural Designs

Unbuilt Buildings:

12 Awesome Future Architectural Designs

[SOURCE - http://weburbanist.com]


Bold, bio-inspired, vertical and sustainable: those are the traits that architecture of the future will share, if you go by the trends in current cutting-edge concept designs. While some of these architectural concepts will never become reality, others are already in progress or slated to begin construction soon. From a sparkling urban farm inspired by a dragonfly's wing to a dystopian concept that embraces genetic engineering, here are 12 amazing designs that give us a peek into what the future may bring.

Songjiang Hotel: Paradise in a Water-Filled Quarry



(images via: Green Roofs)

The Songjiang Hotel by Atkins Design makes use of a beautiful water-filled quarry in the Songjiang district just outside Shanghai in China. This innovative design features a green roof, geothermal energy and underwater areas including a restaurant and guest rooms. The quarry provides an ideal setting for sports and leisure including swimming, water sports, rock climbing and bungee jumping. The Songjiang Hotel was originally slated to be completed by May 2009, but as of now it's still just a concept.

Dragonfly, a Metabolic Farm for Urban Agriculture



(images via: Vincent Callebaut)

From Vincent Vallebaut, designer of the Lilypad concept, comes another stunning sustainable design that aims to meet the food, housing and energy challenges of the future. The Dragonfly is an urban farm concept for New York City's Roosevelt Island, modeled after the wings of a dragonfly and designed to provide fresh, local food within an urban environment. Fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and dairy would be produced on the Dragonfly's 132 floors and the entire structure would be powered by a combination of solar and wind power.

The Venus Project: Working Toward Sustainable Global Civilization



(images via: The Venus Project)

In order to survive global warming, the growing human population and other challenges in the upcoming centuries, some believe that we must start from scratch with a new model of human civilization that directs our technology and resources toward the positive, for the maximum benefit of the people and the planet. The Venus Project is a vision for a brand new world civilization and redesign of our entire culture. Circular cities with built-in farms and public transit, along with sea cities that can accommodate millions, are just part of this complex and visionary idea to take us "beyond politics, poverty and war".

The Origami, Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Apartment Living


(images via: ArchDaily)

By making apartment buildings entirely vertical, we could enhance the livability of urban residences and provide lush green gardens for each apartment dweller to enjoy. The Origami by Kann Finch, designed for Meydan City in Dubai, would give each apartment an open quality that extends the internal living areas to extensive balconies with uplifting window walls. A patterned solid/glass screen gives the building visual interest from the outside and provides shade and privacy for the residents.

Dynamic, Wind-Powered Rotating Tower


(images via: Dynamic Architecture)

Italian architect David Fischer designed the Dynamic Tower Skyscraper so that each of its 80 floors would rotate according to voice command. Fischer wanted to design a space where you could enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the same room. The rotation takes up to 3 hours and is powered by solar panels and 79 wind turbines, with one turbine located between each floor. Almost the entire structure will be pre-fabricated offsite. Construction is due to be completed by the end of 2010.

Højblokka / Puls High-Rise


(images via: ArchDaily)

The Højblokka_PULS project by MAPT + DARK architects is another approach to vertical urban living, taking advantage of vertical space to expand the capacity of large cities as the population grows. The idea is to have buildings with smaller footprints that is woven into the circulation of the area, combining office spaces, hotels, leisure and shopping facilities with sunlit public spaces in its low-rise urban block.

Green and Modern Fair & Exhibition Space at the Punta Umbria Pavilion


(images via: DailyTonic)

MRDP Arquitectos, a Spanish design firm, wanted to create a space for fairs and exhibitions that would remain lively even in between events, maximizing the usage of the space. Their design for the Punta Umbria Pavilion is situated on an urban plaza and is contained under an expansive green roof covered in native, weather-resistant, low-maintenance plants. A 17m tower serves as a 'lighthouse' that provides views of the river and its surroundings.

Sky-Terra Skyscrapers: Urban Recreation in the Sky


(images via: The Design Blog)

As cities become more crowded, green urban space comes at a premium. One idea for preserving recreation space in urban environments is the Sky-Terra Skyscraper by San Francisco-based designer Joanna Borek-Clement. Sky-Terra is a neuron-like network of skyscrapers that tower over the city, bringing public parks, amphitheaters, fields and public pools closer to the sun. The inner core of each structure has elevators to transport people from street level to the top.

The Future World Trade Center

WTC Site Day, Silverstein Properties, New York, USA

(images via: WTC)

New York was deprived of its Twin Towers in 2001, but it will soon have a whole new World Trade Center gracing its skyline. Made up of five new skyscrapers, a museum, a transportation hub, a retail complex and a performing arts center, the new design aims to make the World Trade Center a cultural and commemorative destination. The memorial plaza is scheduled to open on September 11th 2011, followed by the underground memorial museum and Tower 4 in 2012 and the Freedom Tower in 2013. The economic meltdown has slowed progress and it's unknown when towers 2, 3 and 5 will be completed.

'My Dream, Our Vision' by Design Act



(images via: ArchiCentral)

Singapore-based design firm Design Act created the 'My Dream, Our Vision' concept for the World Expo 2010 Singapore Pavilion Competition. It uses permutated cubes to generate a pixelated-looking sculptural building that that looks like an illuminated 'digital cloud' hovering over a constantly changing green pasture. Designed to present Singapore as the ideal example of a city that can transform the lives of everyone who comes into contact with it, the 'My Dream, Our Vision' concept encourages visitors to post their dreams inside.

No Man's Land: Fresh Water, Clean Energy… and Peace


(images via: Inhabitat)

Can architecture foster peace in the Middle East? The No Man's Land concept by New York-based architect Phu Hoang Office solves some site-specific issues such as friction over water control and also provides recreation, tourist attractions and renewable energy. The No Man's Land design is made up of a network of islands, creating an artificial archipelago that actually extracts water molecules from the air to be desalinated, providing fresh drinking water.

Dystopian Farming in Manhattan


(images via: eVolo)

Resembling the nest of an insect, the Dystopian Farming project by Eric Vergne combines farms, worker housing and market places, mixing politically opposing classes – farmers and urban consumers. The idea is to reject the romanticizing of food projection and embrace genetic engineering, airoponic watering and nutrient technologies in a fully man-controlled environment in order to meet Manhattan's food production needs.



I Love Architecture So so much. Especially Modern / Futuristic type Design. I could go into a huge back story about how I was in Drafting Class and whatnot but I think Ill just give you the Ultra Condensed version where as Movies such as "BLADE RUNNER" & "5th Element" and The Original "TRANSFORMERS" movie from the 80's really influenced my passion for A Certain type of Design. It is very apparent on my debut solo release "JUNK PLANET" (which was created during the late 90's and released finally in 2004) that I was Influenced by the Planet of Junk (Transformers) as well as A Million other SciFi movies. When I came across this post I had to bring it over here and share it with you all. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. If you want to visit the original page/Source where the post came from you can "CLICK HERE"