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June 5, 2009

NEW VIDEOS - [Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down] + [ Naledge - Star Struck]

Tanya Morgan - "So Damn Down" [VIDEO] 2009


The 1st time I saw the Video for "We Be" I Called like 40 Plus People and Emailed Hundreds. I was So Impressed by the Concept of the video, and the track itself that became like an Unofficial TM Publishing Agent / Street Team Groupie for A week or So, It was Cool for me, because I Noticed Von Pea in the Video and Realized that I already knew who he was because of my man T. (SlopFunkDust) Beat Society, Justus League, Nicolay, OkayPlayer, The whole Circle was Close nit so It was cool to see this cat Rocking! Von, Il and Don are 3 Strait up Dope Emcee's and I am so Glad those cats dont ever Half-Arse anything when it comes to music. But On w/ the post......

Tanya Morgan was founded in 2003. Von Pea and Donwill, already regular collaborators after having met on the okayplayer.com message board, decided to work on a full-length album together. Ilyas, who along with Donwill comprised a hip-hop duo known as Ilwill, joined the project as a third member, and producer Brickbeats was brought in to work on the album as well. Since Von Pea lived in Brookyln and both Donwill and Ilyas lived in Cincinnati, the trio did much of the work on their first album by exchanging files across AOL Instant Messenger.

Prior to releasing their debut album Moonlighting, Tanya Morgan released an online mixtape, Sunlighting, and an EP of original material, Sunset. After Tanya Morgan was featured in XXL Magazine’s “Show and Prove” column [1], Moonlighting was released on Loud Minority Music. The album received 3.5 mics (out of 5) in The Source magazine, [2] an entry in the Chairman’s Choice column in XXL,[3] and coverage in Wax Poetics magazine [4] and several other publications and websites.

The group released the first MySpace-themed video for their single “We Be”, and it went on to win MTVu’s Freshman of the Week contest in July 2006. [5] The “We Be” video was resultantly aired on channels such as MTV Jams, Much Music and nyctv’s The Bridge.

Tanya Morgan has collaborated with hip-hop acts such as Nicolay, Fat Jon, 88 Keys. The group performed at Toronto’s NXNE Festival with Noveau Riche, and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival with Ghostface Killah, Large Professor, Consequence, and others. Tanya Morgan is also a regular at New York’s annual CMJ Festival.

Tanya Morgan was voted the winner of the “Show Us What You Got” Hip-Hop Artist Competition, held on October 25, 2007 at the Power Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were also featured in XXL’s “Chairman’s Choice” in September of 2008, and named in XXLMag.com’s Top Ten Artists in July of the same year [6].[citation needed] 2008 also saw the release of their EP The Bridge. Most recently Tanya Morgan has recorded Brooklynati, an album and coinciding multi-media project set to be released May 12, 2009 on Interdependent Media. The group Tanya Morgan has also recently moved from their respective cities to the city of Brooklynati, a little-known American city whose history, attractions, shops and events can be viewed through the Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce website.

While we are on the Subject of TM, It would be Insane not to give those who missed the chance of hearing the Dopest Collaboration Track of 2007 =)

It just so happens to be the 1st Radio Single off my Sophomore Record "Crush Your System" released digitally Via Rawkus Records NOV 2007.

"BETTER MAN" features Four of my Favorite Cats making music.

  1. My Favorite Emcee Period "MEDIAN" of the Justus League FAME
  2. not far Behind the Brooklynati Super Hero himself "VON PEA" of Tanya Morgan
  3. Beat Fanatic Family member "ILLMIND" on The Vacation Vibe Mellow NeckBreaking Production!
  4. and last but not Least, The Hands behind the Lightning fast Stab's of Phonte (little Brother) Chanting one of my Favorite Lines of all time "I fell asleep with this Beat of Repeat / Repetitive Loop life seems to greet me / Im trying to be A better Man Please Believe Me" - by none other than Legendary Battle DJ "RAGZ" of the World Famous JAZZ ADDIXX
Which Can get Along with the 14 other Tracks on "Crush Your System" + 14 Bonus Cuts added to the Zip File on Some "Project: REACH" Fan 1st Iddish.

DOWNLOAD by Clicking the Album Cover Below (or you can wonder over to the column on the right and Click on any of the album covers to download each album!) ENJOY!


Naledge (feat. Rus-Soul) Produced by Sa-Ra "Star Struck" - [VIDEO] 2009

I just Came Across this Video as well and had to throw it in the mix. Now I will Admit, I am not the biggest fan of Nalege as an emcee, Dont get me wrong tho, Im not "Not A Fan" either, I just dont feel his voice or content or delivery Stands out enough in this over saturated market. I Did purchase and support both major releases and Enjoyed the newer LP Alot! "BLACK OUT" & "Paper Trails" Got crazy Play in my headphones and in the Car, as did the whole Record. Just dont know how much I would enjoy duke if the beats he rocked werent so dope. Either Way, He gets my support for making dope music, now, These Cats (Naledge & Double O) were Once aboard The World Renown IDIE HEAVY WEIGHT Left Field LABEL - "RAWKUS RECORDS" (once the mecca for (BestoftheBest) artist such as Company Flow, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Big L, Common, Zack Dela Rocha, Q-tip, Punch N Words, Shabaam Sadeeq, Pharoah Monch I can Keep Going on and on and on and in fact, I will hahahah, Finale, Scans, Legacy, Protoman, SlopFunkDust (As A&R) The Foundation, Myself (Dutchmassive / The Hobbyshop Hero) etc... But it seems all good things Come to an End, because Around the Same Time my fellow Rawkus 50 members Released A On Slaught of Classic Digital Albums (as Rawkus's Last Ditch Effort to Remain Relevant in todays Everchanging Market) I spoke to Naledge and He Said that they were leaving Rawkus because Rawkus could no longer cater to the Dreams and Ambition of These Young New College Graduates known as "The Kids in the Hall"... So They Along with A grip of other Once Legendary/Respected Artists Boarded the Ship known as DUCK DOWN (home of BLACK MOON, SMIF N WESSON, FAB 5, HELTAH SKELTAH, O.G.C. ETC) of coarse you younger cats would prob know them all by different names and releases.... I gotta Say that The Alliance Between 9th Wonder or the Justus League in General and Duck Down was A Match Made in Heaven. Kudo's to Naledge for Dropping another Dope Joint!