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January 29, 2008

February, 2 2008
Dirty But Sophisticated IV
Czar Vodka Bar In Ybor City, Tampa, 33604


In setting the 2008 event apart from the previous incarnations of DBS, the event producers decided to step up our game and bring in national talent. With our finger planted firmly on the pulse of underground art, fashion and music in the mecca for all three, New York City, we decided bringing in one of the city's hottest DJs and promoters was the obvious choice. Dirty But Sophisticated IV will feature NYC's Oxy Cottontail with guest DJ Si Young of Plastic Little. Oxy will host our event, and throw down after the fashion show for a big city set like Tampa's never seen.Supporting DJ talent includes DIRT DJS Maynard and Ryan (Sarasota), Mike Blenda, Mega and the Crate Bros.

About Oxy Cottontail:"Roxy Cottontail is the woman that every girl rocking Nikes and huge earrings longs to be. Roxy, who also goes by Oxy (get it?), is a streetwear fashionista, full-time hustler, and arguably one of New York's best-known promoters. She got into the business by spreading the B'more club sound and making stars out of acts such as Spank Rock and Hollertronix. She also DJs and recently got into producing music for herself. Roxy raps over beats that are a little punk, a little funk, sample-heavy, and undeniably dance-party worthy. Imagine a mix of Peaches, the Rapture, and Gravy Train and you're almost ready for Roxy's set." - flavorpill.net

Over the past three years, Oxy Cottontail has distinguished herself as a restless and relentless promoter, DJ and rapper in NYC nightlife. Fresh out of Philadelphia by way of Baltimore, she helped establish her close friends and favorite party, Hollertronix (Diplo & Low Budget) as two of the most in-demand DJs in New York City, and now worldwide. Oxy's parties have filled large downtown venues such as The Tribeca Grand Hotel, Luke & Leroy, Sway, Stereo, Knitting Factory, Joes Pub, BLVD and the Bowery Bar; her smash events have featured performances by well-known artists and underground legends such as Spankrock, Ghostface Killah, Slick Rick, Devin the Dude, Andre Nickatina, DJ A-Trak, Stretch Armstrong and countless others. In addition to her weekly Monday party at Sway in West Soho, Roxy recently started Bell Hop, a brand new 1990s hip hop party every Wednesday at Room Service on 21st and Park. Though Roxy retired as nightly late night event coordinator and booker for Joe's Pub she has not stopped booking or making live music. Her parties range in style from hip hop, reggae, electro, rock, as well as karaoke to various artist showcases. Oxy Cottontail events are regularly featured in magazines such as i-D, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, BPM Magazine, New York Press, and more. Future collaborations with Justine D of Motherfucker fame, Good Peoples & Missbehave are keeping eyes wide open for 2008.

In Closing, This is an Event in Tampa that I am very proud and excited to attend. The Hiphop scene in Tampa is very very Loyal. It is however small, buy very loyal. We have alot of extreme Talent that needs to be heard. The Following is lacking. I know for a fact there are so many more people out there that would love what they see and hear if only they would just actually make it to the events. The Deep House Scene in Tampa is huge.. The DJ's are Above PAr, and the Fans actually come out every event and pack whatever Venue or house part is being rocked. My hopes are that 2008 will be the year that the hiphop events become as packed. We have the greatest promoters on the globe (Tastemakers, aestheticized presents and so many more that are making Tampa A Non stop cultural party) If you are reading this and in the Tampabay Area, Please come out for the evening, 2 step, Sway, lean with it, rock wit it, do the kid N Play kick flip or river dance. but this evening will be one to remember. I want to give a special shout to all of the hard working promoters, the venues that let us get lifted in the back rooms (haha) and all of the artists that display they're craft and most of all the people who come out to the events....
Tampa, FL we love you!

-Cooler Than Corey Haim (5000, BOOM!)

January 26, 2008

PAC DIV & U.N.I. (Thurzday & Y.O.) Both From The GREAT WEST CALI..... Are hands down two of the coolest newschool groups of our time. The Swagger, Style, Lyrics, Ideas, Beats, Attitudes and All Around Aura of these crews makes me fall in love with hiphop all over again, Because they are strait up having fun....

My Ultimate Goal is to Get both these Heavywieght left coast crews on the same track like Voltron.... But this is coming from the same cat that thinks one day he will reunite Tameone & El Da sensei and/or P. Monch & Prince Po together...... hahahahah (More details coming soon) for now enjoy A BRAND NEW VIDEO from both teams and lets hope to Unite All this Dope music under one dope beat hahahaha

- Cooler Than Corey Haim, Your man Dutchmassive....Signing off...For now...5000, BOOM!

Pacific Division (08 Fat Boys)

U.N.I. (Beautiful Day)

January 24, 2008

THE NEW NEW NEW SCHOOL OF COOL (details to follow soon....Stay Tuned!!!!)

(Left 2 Right:Pase ROCK, A-Trak, Dj Premier, Steve Aoki, Front: Diplo)

Amanda Blank

The Cool KIDS! (Urb Cover)

Amanda Blank, Santogold, M.I.A. Coconut Twins, Etc...

Santogold & M.I.A.

Santogold and Spank Rock

The Cool Kids (Urb)

The Cool(est) Kids




January 23, 2008

Arizona Tea's "ALL CITY" NRG drink


So, I was on the way to "*****" A few weeks ago and stopped in the gas station to pick up my Fruit Punch Flavored Rock star Energy Drink, ever Since the love of my life [[[Dunkin Donuts: Sobe Coolata seems to be discontinued at every store I go to]]] sooooooo I came across this ill Graffiti Design can that said "All City" and If you know me personally and knew me from 1998 - thru like 2004 you'd know that The Album "Metropolis Gold" by group ALL CITY was constantly in my Walkman...... anyways, So I copped the can and saw that Art Legend Fact One Did the Designs.... I just wanted to share this Urban Hip hop Inspired Beverage with you all.....

For those who Are unaware of the Group Allcity, here are some links to help you get your learn on =)
All City NRG is a non-carbonated, completely balanced blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs and contains no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. By combining the goodness of Green Tea with antioxidant powers of pomegranate, All City NRG gives consumers the perfect combination of science blended performance ingredients and the thirst quenching refreshment of AriZona Green Tea.
The product is being packaged in a 16-ounce can. Each case will include three separate can designs. "We call the cans our "subway series" said Wes Vultaggio, Creative Director for AriZona. " The art is a form of expression that captures the creativity, imagination, and energy of the urban lifestyle. Since AriZona originated in Brooklyn, we thought we would pay tribute to the passion and originality of these artists with our own street art design on the can and with a bold energy-infused beverage." Vincent "Factone" Ficarra, an acclaimed urban artist, of Mpire Creative, New York, designed the cans.

-Cooler Than Corey Haim

January 22, 2008

NASH-MONEY'S "Bel-Air Max 87's"

"Id Like to take this opportunity "

To Showcase one of my favorite

Sneaker Freakers of All Time!!!!

The One & Only

Nash Money!!!!!

And my Favorite

I have No Idea how to obtain A Pair of these amazing shoe's
But they are definatly my favorite shoe of all time and A Size
9.5 or 10 arriving at my doorstep would be one of my
3 wishes from the magical genie lamp I found the other morning!!!


-Cooler Than Corey Haim

The NIKE Notebook Collection

This should be every emcee's choice of foot wear. Immediately when I saw this pack from Nike... An Image of Nasty Nas Popped into my mind. Sitting on a park bench, Spitting Flem on the streets. This was supposed to be released last august. I found out as much as I could about this shoe and posted it below. I will defiantly be on the hunt for a pair of each of these Essential emcee eye candies.

Last year’s Notebook Dunk Hi was a sucess, so Nike decided to create a Notebook Collection. Unlike the Back to School pack, all the sneakers in the Notebook Collection will come fully equipped with composition notebook print. However Nike will stay true to the theme by dropping the Notebook Collection in August This time around the Vandal High and Air Max 90 will get notebook treatment, while the Dunk Low replaces the Dunk Hi. The release is slated for an August delivery Here is the first Back to School pack with the composition dunks. Apparently Nike loves the idea of the composition look and is creating another pack of sneakers that all have the composition look.

This time the composition is not a dunk, it is a Vandal, Air Max 90 and a Dunk low (so if you have the hightop dunk and you get this pack, not you will have both hi and low of the same design).
Bringing our coverage of Nike's Back to School Pack to a close, we take a look at the final piece of the pack, the Nike Dunk High Premium QS "Marble Nikebook". Like the "Crayola" Vandal High and the "Elmer's Glue" Air Max 90, the Nike Dunk High Premium "Marble Nikebooks" take their inspiration from a School accessory, in this case, the classic Marble Composition Notebook. The "Marble Nikebook" Dunk Highs feature a Black leather/Marble (marble notebook) upper with a ruled paper print behind the swoosh and a "Nikebook" Cover logo, very similar to the cover of a Marble Notebook, on the outer heel. The Nike "Back to School" Pack, including the "Marble Nikebooks", is a Quickstrike release available to Nike Quickstrike accounts. All of the sneakers within the pack should be available soon, if not already.

In Closing....once you obtain a pair of these you will never have to worry about forgeting that dope punchline that came to you on the city bus, cus from now on you will always have a pad close by...hahaha
-Cooler Than Corey Haim

Mark Ward is a graphic artist based in London. His work tries to supply a sense of reality and humour in a world full of Z list celebrities and hype. Like a glace cherry gone rotten, Mark’s work references the everyday mundane and injects it into the ever out-of-reach fantasy world of the glossy media. Influences range from skateboard graphics, punk flyer's and Americana to packaging, signage and the other wonderful sights of South London. Since graduating from Central St. Martins, Mark’s work has been used internationally across a variety of media, including T-shirts, magazine covers and editorial, commercial installations and store windows. Mark uses a variety of media to create his work, and varies his tone towards the subject matter. Preferring to use a mix of spray paint, acrylic and his paint splattered Mac, Mark creates work with fresh concepts and execution.


P.S. I would love to see a Collaboration between Mark Ward & Dutchmassive for some of the Side Quest concepts in the works.... only time will tell. well until next time. Keep your Eyes & Ears tuned to the underground.... Down here its our Time... Down here...

Signing off,

Cooler than Corey Haim

January 21, 2008

Beats by Dre (Monster Headphones)

Beats by Dre Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones ($400; Spring 2008) are the result of a collaboration between Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and Monster, and they look as good as they sound. The powered isolation 'phones will feature technologies new to headphones, including new driver technology, in order to offer natural, clean sound and rich, deep bass — something that should come as no surprise to Dre fans. In addition to all of that, Beats will include a carrying case with anti-microbial cleaning cloths, a special Monster headphone cable, and Monster’s iSonitalk, a microphone/headphone adapter for iPhones.

  • I've been using the "Sony MDR-V700" Headphones and they were and I emphasize "were" Amazing. In fact almost every producer, DJ, engineer I know was using these bad boys, and almost everyone's i know had the same problem. They Broke! lets hope the Beats by Dre headphones are a little more durable..

  • (FunFact: Music 2 Sleep To, Crush Your System & Project Reach, were all created in these headphones, so for best results in superb playback. Sitback, spark an L, and put on some Sony MDR-V700's and let the audio delites of Dutchmassive take you to The NEXT Final Fantasy")

-Cooler than Corey Haim.