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December 31, 2009

Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) – The RE:Union (Mixed by Statik Selektah) - Peace 2009! Hello 2010! Happy New Years!

So, yea for those of you who like to be Fashionably late and check blogs while getting dressed and are burning CD's for the CAR RIDE - you will appreciate this post from TALIB KWELI!!! - bump it tonight.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek were planning on releasing this mix right at 12:01 for 2010 but have deiced to go ahead and release it today! It’s called The RE:Union and its mixed by Statik Selektah and features artists such as: Common, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Mos Def, Styles P, Royce Da 5′9″, J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Kool G Rap, , Jay-Z, Dion, Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah and Nas. . There are a few songs on here from the upcoming album and also some classic songs too. Check out a few of the songs and download the mixtape.

Download: In This World

Download: Come Around ft. Termanology & Royce da 5′9 (produced by Statik Selektah)

Download: Revolutions Per Minutes

01 Intro
02 Reflection Eternal – Revolutions Per Minute
03 Reflection Eternal – In This World
04 Reflection Eternal – Hip Hop
05 Reflection Eternal – Back Again
06 Talib Kweli – Wishing On A Black Star
07 Reflection Eternal – Just Begun f. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def
08 Statik Selektah – Come Around f. Termanology & Royce Da 5′9″
09 Reflection Eternal – Internet Connection
10 Reflection Eternal – Let It Go f. Dion
11 Styles P – Testify f. Talib Kweli (prod. Hi-Tek)
12 Reflection Eternal – Time f. Dion
13 Statik Selektah – The Thrill is Gone f. Talib Kweli & Styles P
14 Reflection Eternal – Can We Go Back
15 Reflection Eternal – Fortified Live f. Mos Def
16 Reflection Eternal – Chaos f. Bahamadia
17 Reflection Eternal – Express
18 Black Star – Respiration f. Mos Def & Common
19 Black Star – Definition f. Mos Def
20 Black Star – RE:Definition f. Mos Def
21 Reflection Eternal – Move Something
22 Reflection Eternal – Ghetto Afterlife f. Kool G Rap
23 Reflection Eternal – The Blast (rmx) f. Erykah Badu
24 Talib Kweli – Good To You
25 Talib Kweli – Get By (rmx) f. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West & Busta Rhymes
26 Talib Kweli – Back Up Offa Me
27 Hi-Tek – Piano f. Ghostface Killah
28 Hi-Tek – Music For Life f. Nas
29 Reflection Eternal – Hang Ups
30 Outro

DOWNLOAD: Reflection Eternal – The RE:Union (Mixed by Statik Selektah) | Mediafire

Who is Onika Maraj !?! BEAM ME UP SCOTTY



Pe@ce world! ima have to grab a late pass on this one. Ms NICKI MINAJ (Born, Onika Maraj) I guess is about to blow the door of the hinges and I am just hearing / seeing her for the 1st time not even an Hour ago.....Now of coarse, you know me after I saw this BET CYPHER Video with her Wrecking Shop I went on a tangent searching for anything I could find that could match the level of dopeness I witnessed during her "FREESTYLE" and ummmmm well, hahaha what I found was "Not Wack" so I figured Id post it up..... The Itty Bitty Piggy jawn has hella potential.... If anyone has the Acapella, shoot it to me (Dutchmassive[at]gmail.com) word.....Im really really feeling Onika as an Emcee in General....The whole "Female" emcee ish is whatever....A Dope musician is a dope musician and Nicki Minaj just happens to be a female who can rap circles around most cats in the industry (period) Obviously there are different tiers of Skill when it comes to Independent/ Underground hiphop verses...but I can definitely say Im glad a dope emcee is about to be in the public eye, now hopefully she will be responsible enough to realize that she has alot of "Young" impressionable minds looking up to her and tone down her sexual iddish...



Nicki Minaj – Can Anybody Hear Me

Nicki Minaj ft Lil Wayne – Go Hard

Nicki Minaj – Itty Bitty Piggy

Download Beam Me Up Scotty Mixtape


These 2 pictures below are for my Unobtainable Soulmate..... Figured you'd get some use as Desktop backgrounds =)




We're Not Happy With You (Black Athena Guest Mix) :: By Andrew Meza

I HAVE BEEN A FAN OF BTS / ANDREW MEZA / QUES FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW. IF YOU GO BACK IN THE ARCHIVES YOU WILL FIND MANY UH BTS RELATED POSTS. THIS MIX IS A CERTIFIED bigaBANGER!!!! That Busta Remix made strap A Saddle to my Cat and Fly around the house like Falcor from the NEVER ENDING STORY =) Be on the look out for www.BTSRADIO.net to make its Return on 01/10/10!

We're Not Happy With You (The Black Athena Rescue) Mix
Mixed By: Andrew Meza

This guest mix was made for Black Athena, a music collective based in Athens, Greece. You can listen to their twice weekly FM show on Athens International Radio, Saturdays and Sundays 1-3PM (GMT+2) at www.air1044fm.gr and www.athina984fm.gr worldwide, or on dial at 104,4FM in Greece.

DOWNLOAD 320 MP3 (Right Click, Save As) :: 97MB
Running Time: 46 minutes

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Decon)
Billy Stewart - Cross My Heart (Chess)
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Instrumental) (Decon)
Strong Arm Steady (feat. Montage One, Evidence, Oh No & Roc C) - True Champs (Stones Throw)
Lone - Phthalo Blue (Dealmaker Records)
Jay-Z (feat. Swizz Beatz) - On To The Next One (Roc Nation)
Blu & Exile - Soul Rising (Sound In Color)
OJ Simpson - The Paper (Stones Throw)
Busta Rhymes - Touch It (The Clonious Remix) (CDR)
Busta Rhymes - Party Is Goin' On Over Here (Elektra)
Bullion - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (CDR)
Machinedrum (feat. Theophilus London) - Late Night Operation (Letherette Remix) (Normrex)
Forss - Soulhack (Sonar Kollektiv)
Murs - L.A. (Record Collection)
Bibio - Fire Ant (Warp)
Illum Sphere - Murky (You Know) (Fat City)
The Dene Road - On Each Ear & Over Each Eye (CDR)
The Madd Rapper (feat. Raekwon & Carl Thomas) - Ghetto (Columbia)
Kankick - Down Get '96 (Interlude) (Smoggy Day)





December 29, 2009

DJ JUSTDIZLE presents.... 196 James (J DILLA) Yancey tracks for your listening pleasure =)

New Mixtape: Just DizleBest Of J Dilla


1.Crustation – Purple (A Tribe Called Quest Edit)
2.Pharcyde – She Said (Jay Dee Remix)
3.Mos Def – Can U See The Pride In The Panther (Jay Dee Remix)
4.Bizarre – Butterfly
5.Erykah Badu – My Life
6.Pharcyde – Splattitorium
7.Busta Rhymes – Show Me What You Got
8.Busta Rhymes – It’s A Party (The Ummah Remix)
9.D’Angelo – Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix)
10.Busta Rhymes – It Ain’t Safe No More
11.Common – Soul Power
12.De La Soul – Peer Pressure ft B-Real
13.Frank-N-Dank – Afterparty
14.Phife Dawg – Ya Heard Me
15.Common – The Questions
16.Toshi Kubota – Nothing But Your Love (Jay Dee Remix)
17.Commom – It’s Your World
18.A Tribe Called Quest – That Shit
19.Janet Jackson – Got Till It’s Gone (Ummah Jay Dee Mix)
20.A Tribe Called Quest – Da Booty
21.De La Soul – Stakes Is High
22.Pharcyde – Somethin That Mean Somethin’
23.Common – Dooinit
24.DJ Jazzy Jeff – Are You Ready
25.A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again
26.Mad Skillz – The Jam
27.5 Elementz – You Ain’t Fresh
28.Busta Rhymes – What Up
29.De La Soul – Much More
30.A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (Baby Phife Version)
31.Pharcyde – Y?
32.Pharcyde – Y (Jay Dee Remix)
33.Slum Village – Players
34.Faith Evans – You Used To Love Me (Ummah Remix)
35.Pharcyde – Runnin
36.Keith Murray – Dangerous Ground
37.Frank-N-Dank – Ma Dukes
38.Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Slum Village Remix)
39.A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
40.Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
41.The Roots – Dynamite
42.LSK – Hate Or Love (remix ft Dwele and Jay Dee)
43.Steve Spacek – Dollar$
44.Craig Mack – Get Down (Q-Tip Remix)
45.Bahamadia – One-4-Teen (Jay Dee Remix)
46.Frank-N-Dank – Pimp Strut
47.A Tribe Called Quest – Steppin It Up
48.Common – The Light
49.Phife Dawg – Ben Dova
50.Med – So Real
51.Pharcyde – Drop
52.Med – Push
53.Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing
54.Slum Village – Who Are We
55.Jaylib -The Official


2.Common – A Film Called Pimp
3.Copywrite – Clap
4.Illa J – R U Listenin
5.J.Dilla – Lightworks (Flying Lotus Remix)
6.J.Dilla – Dill Shady Stands Up
7.Madlib – Take It Back
8.J. Dilla – BodyMovin w/ JRocc
9.J.Dilla – In The Streets
10.J.Dilla -Stop
11.J.Dilla – Vibeout
12.Slum Village – Hoes
13.Slum Village- Keep It On
14.Mood – Secrets Of The Sand (JayDee Remix)
15.Frank-N-Dank – Okay
16.Jay Dee-Featuring Phat Kat
17.Common – So Far To Go ft D’Angelo
18.Common – Love Is
19.1st Down – It Don’t Get No Liver Than This
20.Slum Village – Fantastic (original)
21.Guilty Simpson- Stress
22.Q-Tip – End Of Time
23.Slum Village – The Things You Do
24.Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World Go Round (remix)
25.Cypress Hill – Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)
26.Slum Village – Fall In Love
27.Pharcyde- Bullshit
28.Phat Kat – Door ft J.Dilla& Fat Ray
29.Big L – Flamboyant (Dilla Remix)
30.Que D – Michelle
31.Jaylib – The Red
32.J Dilla – Laurin Hill Rejectoid Instrumental
33.Chino XL- Don’t Say A Word
34.Frank-N-Dank – Everybody Get Up
35.J.Dilla – Circus
36.Common – Payback is A Grandmother
37.Slum Village -I Don’t Know
38.Slum Village – Closer
39.A Tribe Called Quest – Rock n Roll (jay Dee Remix)
40.Slum Village – Forth& Back
41.The Roots – Can’t Stop This
42.Nine Yards – Find A Way (Jay Dee Remix)
43.A Tribe Called Quest – Keeping It Moving
44.J.Dilla – Jungle Love w/ med & Guilty Simpson
45.A Tribe Called Quest – The Love
46.Michael Jackson – History (The Ummah Dj Mix)
47.J.Dilla – Won’t Do
48.Slum Village – Tainted
49.Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (Ummah Remix)
50.Jay Dee – B.B.E.
51.Slum Village – We Be Dem (Remix)
52.De La Soul – Thru Your City
53.Big Herk,MC Breed, Slum Village – It’s On
54.Phat Kat – Destiny
55.J.Dilla – On Stilts
56.Common – Come Close (Remix)
57.Guru – Certified ft Bilal
58.J.Dilla – Ya’ll Ain’t Ready
59.Common – Heat
60.Busta Rhymes – Live It Up
61.J. Dilla – The Diff’rence
62.Jaylib – Raw Shit ft Talib Kweli
63.Frank-N-Dank – Ya’ll Don’t Want it
64.J.Dilla – I Told Ya’ll
65.1st Down – A Day Wit The Homiez
66.Jay Dee – Fuck Da Police
67.Frank-N-Dank – MCA
68.Jay Dee – Pause
69.Slum Village – Raise It Up
70.J.Dilla – Come Get It
71.Slum Village – Climax (Girl Shit)


1.Mr Shakes
2.Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know
3.Macy Gray – I Try (Jay Dee Remix)
4.J Dilla – Kalimba
5.Erykah Badu – Kiss Me On My Neck
6.Dwele – Cheap
7.Jay Dee – Fuck All Night
8.Jay Dee – Gobstopper
9.1st Down – Front Street
10.J Dilla – Grind For Real
11.Ghostface Killah – Whip You With A Strap
12.Lucy Pearl – Without You (Jay Dee Remix)
13.Carl Craig ft J Dilla – Make The World Go Round
14.J Dilla – Flyyy
15.Busta Rhymes – Keep It Moving
16.J Dilla – Dime Piece (Remix) ft Dwele
17.Illa J – Sounds Like Love
18.DJ Cam & Cameo – Love Junkee (Jay Dee Remix)
19.Proof – Vibe Session
20.Baatin – Magic
21.Dabrye – Game Over ft Jay Dee & Phat Kat
22.Busta Rhymes – Still Shining
23.De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Alternate Remix)
24.Little Indian – One Little Indian (Jay Dee Remix)
25.Jaylib – Strapped ft Guilty Simpson
26.J Dilla – Grannie
27.J Dilla – See That Boy Fly ft Illa J & Cue D
28.Raekwon – 10 Bricks
29.J Dilla – Was Da Da Dang
30.Frank’n'Dank – Xotic Dancer ft Kardinal Offishall
31.J Dilla – Fire Wood Drumstix ft Doom
32.Spacek – Eve (Jay Dee Remix)
33.Phife Dawg – Game Day
34.J Dilla – Over The Breaks
35.ASD – Komm Schon
36.Lawless Elements – Love ft J Dilla
37.A Tribe Called Quest – Motivators
38.Slum Village – Groove
39.Slum Village – Yes Ya’ll
40.J Dilla – Red LIght ft J Davey
41.J Dilla – Nasty Ain’t It
42.Jaylib – The Mission
43.Phat Kat – 1000 NIggaz ft Obie Trice, Lee Louis, La Peace
44.J Dilla – Dilla Bot vs The Hybrid
45.Common – In The Light ft Erykah Badu
46.Jaylib – Raw Addict
47.Oh No – MOve pt2 ft J Dilla & Roc C
48.J Dilla – 24k Rap ft Havoc
49.Slum Village – Let’s Go
50.Jaylib – Military Minded
51.J Dilla & Dj Quik – Get Down Instrumental
52.J Dilla – Tha Shining
53.Slum Village – All y’all
54.Sa-Ra Creative Partners – THrilla
55.J Dilla – Pop Shit w Dracula
56.J Dilla – Breathe & Stop (Original instrumental)
57.J DIlla – E=MC2 ft Common
58.Talib KWeli – STand To The Side
59.J Dilla – RIco Suave Bossa Nova
60.Slum Village – Go Ladies
61.Royce Da 5′9″ – Let’s Grow
62.Jay Dee – You Hot
63.Four Tet – Serious As Life ft Guilty SImpson
64.Jay Dee – The $
65.Platinum Pied Pipers – Shotgun Intro
66.B.R. Gunna – Do Ya Thang
67.Slum Village – The Look OF Love pt 2
68.Phat Kat – Don’t Nobody Care About Us
69.Jaylib – ice ft Medaphoar
70.Jay Dee – Plastic Dreams (Original Mix)



Pe@ce world, while trying to get my hands on the new (yet another) version of JAY ELECTRONICA'S uber Banger "EXHIBIT C" I ended up coming across A gem! FRANCE'S very own Super DJ JUST DIZLE! put together A 3 piece (196 tracks) J-DILLA mix as A Guess A holiday gift to ....well......Anyone with ears!!!! So even tho I was looking for this so called mastered version of the Jay Electronica Track, I came up on top with this dope content to post for you all!!!! Before I get into JUST DIZLES 15 Minutes of HsH Fame let me close the chapter on The Voodoo Man real quick....

I went ahead and Paid for the version Jay Released on I-TUNES and I was super sad, the tempo was slower, and it seemed like he re-recorded the track and it has less energy, maybe its just my imagination, but this is A full mastered version of the Mr. Magic radio rip. (still Slow and sounds....well less genuine and hype)

Back 2Just Dizle! I went ahead A took the liberty of not only posting the J DILLA MIX he did but also his tribute mixes to the Femcee's hosted by JAZZY JOYCE and MC LYTE!!!! Now... As always I have posted some links for you to check out, you know the usual suspects...(myspace,twitter, facebook, etc) but there is one LINK that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you BOOKMARKING as soon as you read/listen/download everything here.

The Link is : http://www.podfeed.net/podcast/DJ+Just+Dizle+aka+Le+Champion+Paris+-+FRANCE/12684

The Reason is, Just Dizle has A grip of Amazing Mix's up for download/stream that you will def want to get your hands on....

DJ Just Dizle @ Bataclan from Just Dizle on Vimeo.


What ever happened to the femcee?

France's #1 DJ Just Dizle has put together two free volumes to remind you,

hosted by Jazzy Joyce and MC Lyte.

Download link (Both Mixes):


1.Jazzy Joyce - Intro

2.Nonchalant - Until The Day

3.Lauryn Hill - Zealots

4.Missy Elliott - The Rain

5.Bahamadia - True Honey Buns

6.Lil Kim - Drugs

7.Storm - Tradin War Stories

8.Lauryn Hill - Rumble In The Jungle

9.Eve - Eve Of Destruction

10.Foxy Brown - I Shot ya (Remix)

11.Nonchalant - 5'O Clock In The Morning

12.Heather B - If Headz Only Knew

13.Vita - Vita, Vita, Vita

14.Rah Digga - Straight Spittin pt II

15.Da Brat - My Beliefs

16.Lady Luck - Come and Get It

17.Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce - It's My Beat

18.Lady Of Rage - You Know My Steez (3 Men and A Lady Remix)

19.Lil Kim - Came Back For You

20.Nonchalant - Take It There (Remix)

21.Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs

22.Paula Perry - Extra, Extra

23.Rah Digga - What They Call Me

24.Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y. (Original & Big Titty Mix)

25.Ladybug Mecca - Nickel Bags

26.Ladybug Mecca & Jazzy Joyce - 9th Wonder

27.Jean Grae - Goin Crazy

28.Queen Latifah - Wrath of Madness (DJ Premier Remix)

29.Free - Patriots

30.Smooth - Mind Blowin

31.Salt N Pepa - My Mic Sounds Nice

32.Da Brat - Give It 2 U (Remix)

33.Eve - Double R What

34.Charli Baltimore - NBC

35.Bahamadia & Mecca Star - 3 Tha Hard Way

36.Foxy Brown - The Promise

37.Rah Digga - Down For The Count

38.Foxy Brown - The Letter

39.Ladybug Mecca - Rebirth Of The Slick

40.Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing (Remix)

41.Roxanna Shante - Roxanne's Revenge

42.Salt N Pepa - Everybody Get Up

43.Roxanne Shante - Big Mama (Large Professor Remix)

44.Yo Yo - Better Ask Somebody

45.Nicki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P and Bahamadia - Six Pack

46.Jazzy Joyce - Outro

1.MC Lyte - Intro

2.MC Lyte - Brooklyn

3.Lauryn Hill - How Many Mics

4.Jean Grae - Aalikes

5.Lil Kim - Queen Bitch

6.Eve - Philly, Philly

7.Bahamadia - I Confess (The Roots Remix &Eric Sermon Remix)

8.MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Queen Latifah - I Wanna Be Down (Remix)

9.Queen Latifah - Just Another Day (New Jack Remix & Album Version)

10.Lauryn Hill - Vocab (Remix)

11.Rah Digga - Showdown

12.MC Lyte - 10% Dis

13.MC Lyte - You Cut

14.MC Lyte & Positive K - I'm Not Havin It

15.Heather B - My Kinda Nigga

16.Lil Kim - Get Money

17.Foxy Brown - Fox Boogie

18.Roxanne Shante - The Cypher III

19.Lauryn Hill & Rah Digga - Cowboys

20.Bahamadia & Rah Digga - Be Ok

21.MC Lyte speaks

22.MC Lyte,Bahamadia,Nonchalant,Yo Yo - Keep On Pushin

23.MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand You

24.Foxy Brown - Friend

25.Rah Digga - Lessons Of Today

26.Lauryn Hill - The Score

27.C-Low - Feel It

28.Lady Luck - Symphony 2000

29.MC Lyte - Survival of The Fittest

30.MC Lyte - Wonder Years

31.Lil Kim - Quiet Storm (Remix)

32.Bahamadia - Total Wreck

33.Hurricane G - Roc U

34.Lil Kim - Big Momma Thang

35.Salt N Pepa - Tramp

36.Sweet Tee - It's Like That Ya'll

37.The Real Roxanne - The Real Roxanne

38.Yo Yo - Mama Don't Take No Mess

39.Monie Love & Queen Latifah - Buddy (Remix)

40.Queen Latifah - Had It Up 2 Here

41.Monie Love - Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.

42.MC Lyte - Ruffneck

43.MC Lyte - Paper Thin

44.MC Lyte - Outro



December 26, 2009

Black Milk Broadcast: 2010 Preview [VIDEO] + "Keep Going" Feat DARU JONES on the DRUMS

Black Milk is Pulling A Dutchmassive in 2010 & Dropping three full length releases:

  • Random Axe with Guilty Simpson and Sean Price
  • “Searching for Sanity” with vocalist Melanie Rutherford
  • NEW SOLO LP titled.... “Album of the Year” to drop, Summer 2010 on Fat Beats Records.

(RIGHTCLICK2DOWNLOAD) Black Milk - Keep Going (prod. Black Milk; Drums by Daru Jones, additional keyboards and background vocals by Aaron “AB” Abernathy)


Peep the Video & This 1st Joint from his solo Record titled "Keep Going" which features (IF YOU DONT KNOW BY NOW I FEEL BAD FOR YOU) DARU JONES on THE DRUMS!!!!





TRONIC - DEFINITELY ONE OF THE DOPEST ALBUMS DROPPED SINCE THE TURN FROM 90 To 2000. Ima be Completely honest. When I 1st started hearing Black Milk on his Emcee Tip, I was kinda bored, thinking to myself, ah man, not another Sub-par boring cat with nothing new to say....... As time kept passing, and tracks kept coming, Duke really started to impress me. Now on the BEAT TIP BLACK MILK and RJ are STRAIT BEASTS!!!!! FOR THOSE who SAY MILK is A WEAKSAUCE DILLA CLONE, YOU CATS ARE BANANAS.


The Official Mix CD (mixed by Bill Sharp)
Courtesy of HipHopDX.com
Click here to download

This free mixtape highlights 25 of Black Milk's finest works since the release of Popular Demand in March 2007. Featuring an all-star lineup of emcees and producers that includes Busta Rhymes, Jake One, Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch, Kardinal Offishall, Royce Da 5'9", DJ Khalil, Bishop Lamont, Guilty Simpson, and more.



The Hi-Can. A High Fidelity Canopy Multimedia Bed.


I Remember back in 2002 I was dead set on ordering this custom BAMBOO Canopy bed from California, I went as far As actually calling up ordering/paying for the bed, they already got it ready for shipping out, loaded on the FLATBED truck and moments away from being in transit from Cali 2 Tampa and I had a change of heart hahahah I called and canceled that bih =) Well,
This is another one of those times where I am about order a DOPE BED!!! NOW ALL i NEED IS THE 50,000 euros IT COSTS AND IM GOOD TO GO!!!! i NEED THIS JAWN BY THE 6TH OF jANUARY, AND i CAN RETURN IT THE 11TH (EVIL GRIN)

The Hi-Can (short for High Fidelity Canopy bed) is another one of those modern decadent hedonistic multimedia beds we've been seeing more and more of these days. Price: €42,000 euros or $62,349.00 USD and that doesn't include, tax, shipping or installation.
To order your own hi can bed, go here. This particular bed was designed by Italian designer Eduardo Carlino for Hi-Interiors, a spin-off from design company Detamobili.
There's not much the bed lacks, except maybe for a built in espresso maker. The bed has blinds that can enclose around you created by Somfy, a state of the art sound system by JVC, reading lights, a built in PC by Microsoft, and a full multimedia complement with game and entertainment console (XBox 360) connected to a projector so you can enjoy hi-definition images, games and movies on the screen that slides up and down at the foot of the bed.
The bed itself, mattress and mechanics is said to be one of the finest and are made by Nottinblu. The bed does adjust (of course, how else could you sit up to keep the popcorn from getting in the sheets?) and all can be controlled by one remote that can be customized to control other appliances in your home as well.

And, the Hi-Can bed is available in eight different colors:

December 24, 2009

Full Crate & Mar “Conversations With Her” HsH MEGA POST


A little birdy passed the word that Crate has pneumonia, so prayers go out to him. We hope to find you in good health soon my friend!

Full Crate & Mar are finally dropping their classic project titled, “Conversations With Her” EP on Melting Pot Music. The Digital version will be available on the 8th of JANUARY and the vinyl will drop the 15th. Full Crate is classically trained in piano, while Mar is a skilled drummer and vocalist. Combined they are just plain dope!!!!

Pre-order HERE!

You might have also recognized the gorgeous Brazilian girl from the “She Was Fly” video. I’m loving that sexy ass promo…muito bom!


Full Crate & Mar - She Was Fly from Full Crate on Vimeo.

I love how they documented the journey of the project getting recorded / mixed. This video is yet another valuable piece of inspiration. Peace to Crate & Mar!

Full Crate & Mar mastering in Cologne from Full Crate on Vimeo.


Full Crate & Mar – Flirtwitu ft. Versis

Here is the 1st track I have ever heard from VERSIS, and I gotta say Im hella impressed - This song is the butters!!!! It's also the 1st time i've heard of producer "PAJOZO".

Mixing Monthly Millionaires present:
Full Crate + Mar + FS Green
"80s Sugar" ft. Mar (Prod. by Full Crate)


Full Crate & Mar in the studio
making of the next single called 'Aftersexin'



DOWNLOAD | Full Crate f/ Mar - “Aftersexin”


A lovely 55min. mix of sweet (neo)soul joints. Mixed By Fullcrate, one of the hottest DJ here in Amsterdam. Download HERE and start making love!


Full Crate & Mar feat. Eric Roberson: "She Was Fly (Snippet)"

Full Crate & Mar: Conversations With Her [Amazon]



"This year i had the opportunity to meet Full Crate and Mar, a producer and a songwriter from Amsterdam. First online when their video was tweeted to me. I enjoyed it so much that i ended up writing and singing to their track. During my overseas tour we were able to meet face to face and hang out. Good guys and longtime friends, Full Crate and Mar have been creating music together for quite some time. Well they are releasing some of those creations with an EP entitled, "Conversations With Her." It comes out Jan 8th digitally and Jan 15th by way of vinyl. The song we did will be on this record as well. So when and if you get a chance check them out."

ERIC ROBERSON DROPPED ONE OF THE DOPEST SOUL ALBUMS IF NOT DOPEST OF 09 "MUSIC FAN FIRST" which features the theme song for my "Situation" in life right now titled "THE NEWNESS" =)

Another one of my Fav joints from ERIC



3 Reasons To Enter The Remix Contest

Submit your remix to for the Grammy Nominated song,
A Tale Of Two to:
MusicFanFirst@gmail.com by Dec 21st.
Download the acappellas at:
Tempo is 86
Remixes will be judged by Eric Roberson, Brett Baker, Rich Harrison, and Bryan M. Cox.



December 16, 2009

Dean High – "Speciaal" Ft. Fata [VIDEO] + "The Love Space" EP [FREEDOWNLOAD]

Listen to this now!!!…

Dean High – Speciaal Ft. Fata


I want to thank MAR for reaching out to MOOVMNT and getting on nilez Arse because if it wasnt for that event happening I would probably still be unaware about DEAN HIGH, his EP, this Video and Track in general which is without a doubt one of my favorite joints of the 2000's - The Beat is Exactly my taste 100% and Louis Bordeaux on the lovely vocals (Louis you gotta get at me duke!) - Now, Tho my name is "Dutch" (yes, my real / birth name is DUTCH) I do not speak or understand "Dutch" yet as a superemcee/fan I can tell from the Cadence and delivery that my fam is killing the track despite what my man Nilez over @t Moovmnt thinks (hehe whatup!)

The Track features "FATA" which consists of my man Wan Kei You, Louis Bordeaux, Kerbusch & Danjah....

Some of the most talented cats in hiphop at the moment!

Pe@ce to NALDEN for hosting this dope FREE DOWNLOAD(able) EP!

“The Love” EP available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

DEAN HIGH //Download


<---------[BIO] --------->

Dean high, Is a young producer by the age of 22 from Deventer (nl) He grew up in musical and artistic family, His father is an artist and he used to play bass whit Arthur Connely (r.i.p). Growing up in this environment of soul, it was a natural step for him to start playing the piano at the young age of 6. A few years later he hooked up with a few of the most talented producers from the Netherlands, Louis and jay Bordeaux, De JavaanseJongens(jj) There instantly was a musical connection, and they have been making music ever since... Dean High makes music with passion, without any boundaries. He doesn't stick to one genre because in his point of few, music is an expression of pure emotions so he lets his mind state decide what he makes. Dean get's his biggest inspiration by the peoples in his surroundings, the ones he loves and keeps close to the heart he also believes that everyone is in charge of his own galaxy so everyone can achieve whatever they put they’re hart into. Our life is too short, to waste it on hate so do whatever makes you feel good!!!! His music can be described as electronic soul, hip hop, experimental or maybe even dance....but let's just call it the LOVESPACE

December 12, 2009

MedicomToy x Capcom [ i.e.] BearBrick x MegaMan + Ano9s 8bit Graffiti



As the Hero of the Hobbyshop CultClassic children of the 80's who grew up in the classic BoomBap GoldenEra 90's Nintendo Generation.......? Huh ?.......... of coooooaaarse Ima keep bombarding you guys with any and everything I find with MEGAMAN attached to it. So when I came across the Medicom / Megaman I knew I would be posting it up, tho I waited a few days, and when I had some free time this evening I searched and came across...


Which is like The Hobbyshop Hero minus the Classic HipHop and well.... HipHop hahaha....But I gotta say, I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are a fan of this site. In fact, I came across this dope Graffiti artist by the name of ANO9S due to A.L.B.O.T.A.S. so check em out when you can and tell em we sent you. =)

Now Enjoy the post and I am going to wait for my Unobtainable Soulmate to get off work and give me A Ring Ring ha ha hey hey.......




MedicomToy x Capcom

MedicomToy x Capcom 'Rockman' & 'Blues' Be@rbrick Sets 1
MedicomToy comes together with video game developers Capcom to create these ‘Rockman’ and ‘Blues’ Be@rbrick sets. Known in America as Megaman and Protoman, respectively, these two characters have been staples of Capcom’s Megaman series for over twenty years. Rockman and Blues each come in their own sets, paired with a special translucent, colored Be@rbrick. Grab them when they hit shelves in Japan in late November 2009. - [source - Collect3d]