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February 24, 2008

Bulletproof "WALLETS"

Bulletproof WALLETS!!

Well, Not Literally... but these things sure are "nifty" I think Ghostface himself would be proud of a few of these designs. I could see it now The Wallabee Wallet Edition.
These days Wallets come in all shapes, forms and fashions, From the smelly leather to the shiney pleather, some with chains hanging off, some naked and replaced with Gucci Money Clips (sidenote: I was asked if I wanted a Gucci or Louie V Money clips for Xmass this past year since I have a habit of misplacing my DOE!) To be honest I never was one for Wallets, Until Recently on a trip to the local thrift shop over in south Tampa, I came across this Glowing and Gleaming NEON GREEN with NEON ORANGE TRIM for 20 cents, its been my best friend ever since, and I get so many compliments which I didn't expect at all, There are the Occasional Negative Nelly's like my Love Interest's Sister who makes ugly faces and looks at me like I'm retarded for owning it. but to each there own!!!!! The Wallet is starting to unravel and fall apart, so I will be on the hunt for a new buddie soon! (if you see or know anyone who might be able to find one similar, contact The Hobbyshop HERO at Dutchmassive@gmail.com) thanks in advance......... and Since I am going to be looking for a new wallet, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share the great wallets with all of our loyal readers....

Describing Above

The Hobbyshop HERO (goonie kit: 1 Dunny, 1 ILovethe80's 3d glasses, 1 SuperMarioBro's Power Mushroom, 1 Stunning Dutchmassive Drivers Liscence, and 1 20cent Wallet!!!

The Wallets below I originally found on a Random blog during my researching Surfing, I tired to track down the original source and (BAM!) I found it. So I went ahead and post the link along with a few of my favorite wallets, The Site also features Apparel and other things so check it out.
now on with the show!


I would love to pull these little works of art out everytime I needed to pay for something at the store or a club. =)


February 23, 2008

A Moment in "Time"

I Would like to to display a few of my Favorite watch's at the moment, So come take a ride with me Back II the Future as we Breeze thru A moment in "TIME"

Lets Start it off with.....

TokyoFlash Geomesh LED Watch Below



Introducing the “Galaxy” Watch that harkens back to the days of NES, Neon Clothing, and completely unsafe toys. For the price of W 77,000, translates to roughly $82 USD, you can own this piece of nostalgia, while also being able to roughly approximate the time.
Manufactured from ABS, the Icon Watch offers a watch face devoid of numbers which would have otherwise undoubtedly ruined the overall effect and, in keeping with its deliciously retro appearance, you can forget about additional features such as date display and stopwatch functionality as this watch merely tells the time – pure and simple (and we wouldn’t want it any other way).

And on to The GSHOCK! and a few select Collabo's

G-Shock - Kiks TYO Collabo Below

G-shock - The Hundreds Collabo Below.

I would like to take the time to thank all the Sites, I boosted the image's and Info from. This has been A Hobbyshop HERO, A Moment In TIME Edition.

Cooler than Corey Haim

The Cool Kids Freestyle

February 18, 2008

New Blog Order - Digital Mixtape


Peace & Peace People I was feeling a little nostalgic today over here in
Tampa bay, FL
It was raining outside and no one was home except our two cats (Agape Mo0 & Mr. Man) so I figured Id put together a mixtape for the readers to have some Super fresh music to listen to while reading and looking at all the eye candy in the wonderful Blog. you can also let it play while your in the office at work, at home doing house cleaning, where ever you may be... I tried to make it as diverse and exciting as my taste would let me (hahah) Besides alot of the songs and artists I searched for spotDJ wouldnt reconize, (one of those artists being Dutchmassive hahha) so I made the best of what I had to work with. This is now the 2nd....yes 2nd mixtape that this blog has hosted, if you've been a long time reader since we launched the hobbyshop hero, you will remember, the very 1st entry was A Mixtape and we kicked it off with none other then the Blog superstars "The COOL kids", Its a new world out there people.... A world filled with Unlimited Information a click away. Well Im rambling on. So I will bid you Farewell, and I hope you enjoy the mix, I'll put together an I love the 80's jawn soon! before I bounce out I wanna say WHAT UP! to my man Mr. Reference and my other MAN, Man In Black.....now on with the show!

Track listing

01 M.I.A.- 20 Dollar

02 Gangstarr - Mass Appeal

03 Mos Def -The Boogie Man Song
04 Kenna - Loose Wire / Blink Radio
05 The Clipse - Flashing Lights (remix)
06 The Pack -In My Car
07 Styles P - Blow My Mind
08 De La Soul-Breakadawn
09 Apathy, Mike Shinoda, & Tak - Bloc Party
10 Bloc Party, "Helicopter" (Diplo mix)
11 john mayer - clarity
12 Diplo - Diplo Rhythm
13 Spank Rock - Backyard Betty
14 Musiq Soulchild - Womanopoly
15 Biggie Smalls - Party and Bullshit
16 Big L feat. Kid Capri - put it on
17 Channel Live & KRS1 -Mad Izm
18 Diplo - Cat Power - Free
19 Sade - By Your Side (Neptunes Mix)
20 John Mayer - Daughters
21 Spank Rock & Benny Blanco - Loose (feat. Amanda Blank)
22 The roots - proceed ( beatminerz remix)

23 Jamie Cullum - Frontin

24 Cool Kids - live ish
25 blu & exile -dancing in the rain
26 Elzhi of Slum Village - Feel this
27 Slum Village and Mood - Secrets Of The Sand (Remix)

Artist of the Century - QUES of LCP-UNITED


SAMIYAM, Floyd The Locsmif, RAS G, Dr. Who, Phat kat, J Dilla, Wajeed, Flying Lotus, Mad Villian, Hudson Mohawk, Dibiase, the RZA, Percee P, Guilty Simpson are just some of the Absolute without a Doubt ELITE Musicians of Our time that have been Crafted into these Original and profoundly breath taken Characters by the Artists known as QUES or ILLLORD. I am Proud to say I have worked with select artist's I just mentioned which range from Producers, Emcees, Beatsmiths, LEGENDS in the making.

Ques has A Scribble Style that reminds me of the drawings I would do in school when I was supposed to be working. I would Flood the paper with the most vivid colors possible and then cover the entire paper in black crayon, then I would take a Pin and draw pictures and THIS reminds me sooo much of it, which is most likely the reason im so found of his work.

If I found A Geenie Lamp, One of my 3 Wishes would Definatly be A Collaboration with this Artist for one of my Projects!
For more Info on the great Ques please Visit
Cooler Than Corey Haim

Lemar and Dauley - Ahead of the STREETWEAR game

Lemar and Dauley has quickly jumped to the top 5 of my favorite Fabric designers. Below are a few examples of why they have become a staple in my Famous Blog.
A Tribute to one of the Dopest groups of all time.

The $ SHOT!!!

"Now available at Undefeated Stores in the USA, the Adidas x Lemar & Dauley collaboration.
The pack consists of two sneakers: one in white and one in black. Both are multicolored in design and include signature Lemar & Dauley lace locks. After their collaboration last year with DC Shoes, this is the second sneaker collaboration by the brand.
" - borrowed from http://www.highsnobiety.com/
Thing is, they say now avaible but ive searched and searched and I cannot get ahold of these Sneakers to save my life. Im in love with the black jawns, Size 9 1/2 or 10 will do just fine, so if you know anyone at L&D, holla at your man (dutchmassive@gmail.com) (wink wink)
Cooler Than Corey Haim-