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March 24, 2010

Dynomighty Design "Mighty" Wallets

Brooklyn’s own Dynomighty Design has a wide selection of choices in its ‘Mighty’ wallets range. With inspiration ranging from pop culture and science to tattoo and travel, the options are truly unlimited, and highly affordable to boot. Check them out by visiting the Dynomighty Design online store today

March 23, 2010

DELA- The Robert Glasper - BEAT TAPE



Dela is one of the many Beyond Talented Beat Smiths in the collective of Producers "BEAT FANATIC" - I met Dela via SlopFunkDust (T. the Beat Specialist) and haven't looked back since. In a world filled with J Dilla Clones, Dela Stands out keeping his production Far from Simple Highly Organic and Soulful. To put it simple. duke is Dope, PERIOD. So Jazzy I always feel at home while listening to Dela Production. He is responsible for one of my favorite BEATS of ALL TIME. which is his "STAKES IS HIGH -REMIX"and is responsible for the most requested song in the Dutchmassive Catalog "BUTTERFLIES" tho the song gets cut short, the impact it has made on broken and newly in love hearts all over the globe is beyond anything I ever imaged.

BUTTERFLIES - PROD BY DELA by dutchmassive

One day you will hear the entire Song, but until then...Enjoy Part I.
the Fact that Dela Sampled Robert Glasper is absolutely Amazing.....(1)because I myself sampled Robert Glasper and (2) it shows me that Im not the only one not afraid to sample something just because it is current.... DOPE IS DOPE....and DELA IS THE DOPENESS

<a href="http://dela.bandcamp.com/album/the-robert-glasper-beat-tape">Kiss by dela</a>

The first time I heard Robert Glasper’s music was in the summer of 2007. I was hanging out with the homie phinydee in the jazz record shop he used to work at, in Paris. We were trying to finish Changes Of Atmosphere at the time, so quite often I would stop by the shop so we could discuss featurings, label deals, yadda yadda.. So anyway, Phinydee had In My Element playing in the background, and of course “Dillalude” caught my ear… “hold on, what is this ?!” But shortly we got back into babbling about distribution, mastering, budget and all that, so I didn’t get to give the album a proper listening. Until october 2009. A that time, Robert’s latest, Doubled Booked, was on heavy rotation at the crib, and after I twat (twitted ?) about it, twitters @FROactiv and @fwmj advised me to get my hands on In My Element. A couple weeks later I found a copy in Archambault in MTL, so I copped it, went home and played it and… DAYMN! This album is 1) very dope 2) absolutely full of samples. Some of the interludes are basically hip-hop beats already… So.. I was like, I can’t sample the whole album and get away with it, can I ? Can I ??? I felt guilty already, so I figured I might as well do it, but call it a remix album or something.. And I started making these beats. So there you go now, The Robert Glasper Beattape is up for free download. If you like it, please support good music by copping In My Element, you’ll like it too. It’s on iTunes, and you should be able to find the CD in the jazz section of your nearest record store.. Enjoy !

The Robert Glasper Beat Tape Cover Art

Download: Dela – Robert Glasper



Changes Of Atmosphere CD

1. Changes Of Atmosphere (Intro) Featuring Liza Garza
2. I Say Peace Featuring J-Live
3. Live The Life Featuring J.Sands
4. The City Featuring J-Live & Surreal
5. Won't Do Featuring Miles Bonny
6. Stress Featuring Queens Connex & Termanology
7. Long Life Featuring Talib Kweli
8. Veuiller Veiller Sur Vos Reves Featuring Les Nubian & John Banzai
9. Vibrate Featuring Blu
10. How To Fish Featuring Reach
11. The Plan Featuring Dynas
12. It Is What It Is Featuring Naledge
13. Chill Featuring Large Professor & Meemee Nelzy
14. Changes Of Atmosphere Featuring Supastition
15. Live The Life (Original Mix) Featuring J.Sands
16. Chill (Lark Chillout Mix) Featuring Large Professor

March 12, 2010

RBMA x MOOVMNT [A View from Inside]



A few years back I applied for the RBMA (http://redbullmusicacademy.com)I believe it was 2006, Since then Alot of my peers have applied and attended so I think I am going to attempt fit in the 2011 roster... In Light of this I wanted to share some stuff..... Now this entire post below is lifted (copy & Pasted) from one of the best sites on the world wide web www.MOOVMNT.COM so, after you read this post go ahead and visit them!

Peace 2 Deluge For being the Force behind this Amazing post! (check him out here - Punchdouble )





For over a decade the Red Bull Music Academy has given young, upcoming artists a place to develop themselves. Not only do they learn, but a very important part of the RBMA is creating and exposing! What better way to do this than to record a compilation album together with fellow participants as well as more established musicians and sometimes even legends.

Under the name ‘Various Assets’ this has been done several times. These CD’s were never released to the general public and contain unreleased material as well as music that has been released like Flying Lotus his “Tea Leaf Dancers” featuring Andreya Triana. These compilation CD’s were recorded all over the world from Melbourne to Seattle and from Toronto to Barcelona.

We from Moovmnt had never actually heard all of this material and thought it would be a good idea to select our favourites and release it as a mix. Some music you might have heard on our website already, but I can assure you that some of this material has been waiting, hidden in the dust, to come out of your speakers and give you a taste of the wonderful things that are going on at the Red Bull Music Academy.

We tried to keep the mix close to our personal taste and yet it contains a divers array of different kinds of music. Enjoy some tasteful hip hop, nu-soul, future funk, soulful house, electronic music with a dash of dubstep to go out with a bang. Now we’re off to London to soak up some of that RBMA energy, so enjoy this one. We’ll be keeping you updated about what goes on behind the scenes at the Academy, so tune in for some exclusive footage, music, etc.


RBMA’s Most Valuable Assets by Moovmnt

+ Oddisee Feat. Phonte & Many More – All Because She’s Gone
+ Pursuit Grooves Feat. Dennis Coffey – Renew
+ Muhsinah & Jake One – You
+ The Clonious Feat. n.i.a.m.h & Granufunk – Valediction
+ Flying Lotus Feat. Andreya Triana – Tea Leaf Dancers
+ Onra, Fatima & Pursuit Grooves – Are You Satisfied
+ Flying Lotus Feat. Oddisee & Phonte – The Perch
+ Skymark Feat. Steve Spacek – How U Gonna Feel
+ DÈbruit, Om’Mas Keith & Woon – I’m Goin’ Wit’ You
+ CO-LaB – Venture (The North Face Newbalance Version)
+ Studio B – Sambuca Latino Groove
+ T-Man Feat. Chez Damier & Nina Kraviz – The Return Of Love
+ TRG, Benga & DJ Zinc – Benga Woz Here
+ ISkream, U TorSan – St Andreu Lonely Heartthrob Dubs




RBMA London: Day 01


You might have noticed that we haven’t been posting for the past days. We’ve been getting a taste of London and today our Red Bull Music Academy adventure officially started with a lecture by Flying Lotus. Stones Throw’s Egon hosted the inspiring lecture which covered everything from his music to his live set as well as deeper more personal subjects. Afterwards some of the participants showed us around the Academy to give us an idea of what happens around here. Lots of good music in the making, interesting workshops, a private Ableton class by FlyLo and even an unexpected birthday surprise for one of the participants. The next few days we will go more in depth on who’s here and what they’re doing as well as give you all an idea of what one can expect at the RBMA. Basically our first day at the Academy was wicked and good to have met 00Genesis, TOKiMONSTA, B-Bravo, Illum Sphere, Katy B and all the nice staff & crew from Red Bull. Last but not least a happy b-day to Jack aka Space Dimension Controller who just turned 20 hours ago!

Top photo by Red Bull Music Academy, all other photos by Deluge












RBMA London: Day 02

Our second day here at the Red Bull Music Academy started with an insightful lecture with Dutch DJ/producer Martyn. None other than Benji B asked Martyn about his musical roots, his inspiration and his way of creating his significant sound. We also saw a chance to interact with some of the participants such as Swede:art, Kidkanevil & Manzilla (Electric Wire Hustle) and get their take on their time at the RBMA. Ex-participant Oddisee stopped by to check out the new talent and will be blessing some of the material made in the past couple of days. We received a preview of a track that 7 of the participants worked on with Hudson Mohawke and got word that HudMo will be back later this week for more sessions. The evening was reserved for a live performance by a number of participants at Queen of Hoxton. While we’re posting this Space Dimension Controller, Nando Pro, Ross McHenry & Thompson are having a private little party in the lobby with Space’s 40 records he just got as a present. We’ve never heard Dilla’s beats bang as much as they do over this Genelec soundsystem.



RBMA London: Day 03


After two long days at the Red Bull Music Academy, our third day here started with a lecture by legendary UK DJ & A&R Norman Jay. Norman told the participants about his 40 year history in the music industry which spans from witnessing the birth of hip-hop in New York to founding the legendary Talking Loud label. After this we had the chance to catch some more previews of tracks being made here and in the late afternoon Kode9 stopped by to talk about his music and career as an independent label owner. The evening was dedicated to perhaps the most anticipated event of this RBMA, the Brainfeeder night in Fabric with a classic lineup of Nosaj Thing, TOKiMONSTA, Gaslamp Killer, Dimlite, Daedelus, J.Rocc, Flying Lotus, Dorian Concept, Martyn and Kode9. In between all of this we found some time to talk to some participants, as well as get some music from them for y’all to enjoy.



B.BRAVO (San Francisco, USA)

What has your experience at the Red Bull Music Academy been like so far?
It’s gone by really fast. At first it seemed like time went by slowly…the first couple of days. But now it’s just going too fast. I don’t want it to end, it’s paradise!

Out of the participants in your term who has caught your attention the most?
Ad Bourke from Rome, Space Dimension Controller from Belfast. Definitely those guys.

Has anything happened so far that will influence your music (from now on)?
Yeah. I mean I was sort of on to this a little bit before, but the common thread that all the lecturers share is that they just do their own thing. They don’t try to make a specific genre, they don’t try to create a certain sound. They just do whatever the hell they feel like doing and then that’s how they get recognition and that’s how they create new, creative, inspiring things. What I take away is…do you.

What’s the most valuable thing about Red Bull Music Academy in your opinion?
Probably just having the space for everybody to co-exist and ofcourse all the participants from around the world. Also all the studio techs, who are such amazing musicians and producers. The staff is so knowledgeable. All the lectures… everybody involved is so into music and connected in some way. They’re all part of something. It’s just great to all share the same air.

B.Bravo – Bubble Showers

ILLUM SPHERE (Manchester, UK)

What has your experience at the Red Bull Music Academy been like so far?
It’s been really amazing man. You know getting to meet a load of people around the same age who are doing similar stuff or different stuff or people around the world. Making new friends as well. There’s a lot of people that I felt… we kinda like made friends, like who I can call up whenever I go to Singapore or whatever. Likewise for them whenever anyone’s in the UK I’m hoping they’ll come to Manchester. The food’s been wicked, it’s been fucking amazing actually… I didn’t have to worry about what to eat. The studio has been really good as well. Trying new gear and different set-ups. You know like original mini Moogs, fucking 909’s, 808’s and 303’s and blablablabla. It’s been really cool getting to know people like Benji B a bit better. Eventhough I’ve known him before, but now I can properly spend some time with him. It’s just been wicked. Really really good. None of us want to leave really.

Out of the participants in your term who has caught your attention the most?
00Genesis I think, cause I knew about his stuff before. He’s just super talented for his age. Also Juan Son who is unbelievable, I don’t know if you guys have seen him play. That guy has got a big future ahead of him definitely.

Has anything happened so far that will influence your music (from now on)?
Yeah I think that just learning about certain people’s recording techniques might change the approach that I… I can take some bits. Even the things Martyn was saying after the lecture. Like you should try and do that. So it can really benefit your sound or whatever. Getting to learn what the processes are of people like Martyn. And it’s definitely going to change how I make music for the better.

What’s the most valuable thing about Red Bull Music Academy in your opinion?
Pffff….the most valuable thing about the Academy… I think it’s just the RBMA as a whole. It’s hard to pinpoint one element of it that is the most valuable thing. The academy in itself is just insanely valuable. I haven’t even made much music since I’ve been here, but I’ve been making mixes for this, mixes for that. You know going on Benji B’s show, playing at his night, playing at Plastic People Thursday (CDR) which will be the first time I play at Plastic People. Shit like that is all happening in a space of two weeks. That’s the kind of value that it gives you. Guys like Swede:art and Hiro… it’s the first time they’ve been in London and they play at Plastic People. They don’t even have records out. That’s amazing for them. I just think the whole things has a value that’s unmatched. There’s absolutely nothing like it. Being here is essentially the most valuable thing about it.

Illum Sphere – Incoming



RBMA London: Day 04


Our fourth day at the Red Bull Music Academy was also our last one. Today was a day filled with lots of interesting stuff. To start off the day synth pioneer Peter Zinovieff stopped by with some analog synths to tell the participants about the history of the synths. A very insightful and educational lecture, however it was pretty heavy for the time of the morning. Meanwhile downstairs in the live session room Andreya Triana recorded a live acoustic set for Italian radiostation Radio Deejay. Nev was lucky enough to be able to record video of the session, which will be available on here soon. Afterwards UK Roots & soundsystem pioneer Aba Shanti gave a lecture on the history of soundsystems and the importance of Roots. After this a whole load of people dropped by the RBMA. Oddisee and UK rapper Tranqill came in to record over beats by participants TOKiMONSTA, KidKanevil and 00Genesis while Andreya Triana sang a mindblowing hook. Gaslamp Killer stopped by shortly to say hi to some people before leaving town. In the evening there were two great nights, CDR at Plastic People did a special RBMA edition featuring live sets by participants Hiroaki Oba, Swede:Art and Illum Sphere. At The Scala B.Bravo opened for the 12×12 night which featured an allstar DJ lineup each spinning a 12 min set. Back at the RBMA, Fatima & Floating Points came through with a documentary crew who are following Fatima as part of a documentary on London artists. To top off the night we received a copy of the first pressing of Fatima’s LP too. At the moment most of the participants are in the middle of wrapping up their productions for tomorrow’s closing listening session. We’ll be posting our exclusive video & audio content captured at the RBMA in the next few weeks.









Recently Damon aka Dam-Funk aka the ‘Ambassador of Boogie Funk’ was in London and visited the Red Bull Music Academy to do a lecture. I must say I found it very intriging and too bad we had to miss this one. Hopefully next week we’ll have the honor of seeing Muhsinah, J.Rocc or even Flying Lotus on that couch. Really feeling D-F on never giving up on your dreams and letting nobody hold you back. Check out what else he had to say and get out the popcorn for this…enjoy!



March 9, 2010

STREET HEADPHONES by Brian Garret Schuur (3D Printed Headphone Designs)

Street Headphones

by Brian Garret Schuur

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Designed by Brian Garret Schuur, these headphones are called Street Headphones and are made from a laser-sintered nylon shell.

Each person who purchases a pair is able to personalize the outer shell of the headset. The 3D graffiti-esque custom font/text is etched in and pops up out of the headphones. A pair of Street Headphones retails for a $1,140USD.

The Street Headphones will be manufactured by Freedom of Creation




Because they are rapid manufactured, users can customize their headphone headband with their own musical tastes, ie., with the names of favorite artists.


"The design of the headband leaves enough
space to express ones music taste to the fullest."


+ freedomofcreation.com



Yea, Videos.....


J*DaVeY - Get Together


Nottz - Shine So Bright


Jay Electronica - Exhibit A


Big Sean - A Million Dollars


eLZhi - Deep


Peter Hadar - Full Time Lover


Fel Sweetenberg - Save Ya Life (feat. Dave Ghetto and Baby Blak)


Reflection Eternal - "In This World" (Video)

DOWNLOAD: Reflection Eternal – In This World

"Revolutions Per Minute"

April 6th, 2010.