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March 23, 2008

Jesar-one / 3D Graffitti


jesar-one.com is the creative portfolio of Heiko Klug. A 25 years old digital artist.
His first contact with art was graffiti, almost 10 years ago. In the beginning of 2004
he discovers the digital medium and started to publish his works in the world wide web.
At the moment Heiko is searching for an apprenticeship training position as digital
media designer in germany.
in 2008 he started an online project called "RiskShiftLabs", a collaborative portfolio
with Kai Isselhorst.

I came Across Heiko on a search for the artist I want to collaborate for my Music Projects, This is one Talented Brother. On my Visual Journey I came across So many beyond talented Artists. Something about Heikos 3d Graffitti Style really really caught my attention and is the reason why your reading this now. hopefully, Lord willing you will all see more of Heiko designing the album covers, etc.... To be continued after the jump off

March 20, 2008

Digital Gravel Dot Com

10Deep, Twelve Bar, Penfield, Mishka, TBG, 3sixteen, The Hundreds, Temple Effectives, Abcnt, Robotisthefuture, etc........... I wanted to showcase some of my favorite gear from one of my favorite websites, Digitalgravel.com OF coarse there are so many online shops to find really dope clothes, so as time goes by I will just keep you posted. Once again, I feel like I gotta stress this every other "Blog". I know there are alot of people who are already well aware of these sites and stores and groups etc. However I wanted this site to be a avenue to giveback to the Fans by Reporting on Any and Everything that Interests me. I feel that if it sparks my Interest, chances are the people who listen to and enjoy my music probally will enjoy and appreciate it as well. So in closing. "WORD"

Cooler than Corey Haim -

HomeRoom keep it old school with these fresh lookin oversized lace locks. With the retro computer game typeface and at nearly 3" wide done in 24 karat gold plating, it really is game over. by HomeRoom.

PRICE: $48.00

SAMIYAM (unreleased beats for sale)

Ann Arbor's latest prodigal son and lover of sprinkles on doughnuts, takes the legacy of all Detroit's talented musical sons and daughters and makes Hip Hop beats filled with snippets of Soul, Funk, 70's Italian horror flick soundtracks, Nintendo bonus level music, and 90's Hip Hop. Somehow, with this much content, the beats still manAge: to sound gloriously minimal and disjointed. Fans like Benji B, Andrew Meza and XLR8R have been eAge:rly snapping up his tracks, as Sam freeze frames Electro energy and spits it back out as twisted future Jazz. Dabrye is a fan, Daedalus describes him as "a thrilling sound to break the sameness," and Flying Lotus is his brother in arms (they collaborate on the project FLYamSAM).


Ann Arbor, MI

How long have you been making music & why did you start?
I've been making music for about 5 years. I started because I just decided to do it one day. I used to listen to music and wondered how people made beats, so I decided to find out.

Describe your style:
Hip hop. It's kind of all over the place. I sample stuff and make my own synth sounds. It's hard to sum it up.

Favourite piece of equipment?
My favorite piece of equipment is currently the sp303. I do everything on it. It's a great machine.

Musical hero?
J Dilla is my Musical hero?. I've just never heard anything by him that I didn't like.

2007 personal highlight?
In February I went to Amsterdam. It was my first time in Europe and it was beautiful. I definitely want to go back there and see more of Europe also.

What do you want to achieve in 2008?
I want to get more of my music out in 2008. I plan on doing some solo stuff and working with a few people.

Favourite RBMA experience?
I don't know if I can narrow it down to one favorite experience. The whole thing was so crazy. It was just great to be surrounded by so many creative people for two weeks.

Key personal productions?
Right now my only releases are FLYamSAM's "Green Tea Power" on Rush Hour's Beat Dimensions comp and "Donut with Sprinkles" on Fat City:'s Producer1 comp.

What do you want the world to know about you?
You'll never get bad syrup on your pancakes in muthufuckin Toronoto.

Essential fashion tip?
Make sure you flip up the collar on your pink polo shirt.


Flying Lotus & Samiyam alongside with Female Vocalist Ahu = Dolly.
I think its just FLY & AHU, but SAM was on the track I heard and it was GREAT!!!! (roberta FLACK?) anywho! check it (http://www.myspace.com/ahudolly)

Ok ok Sam is for a short time selling a side project of Unreleased beats to pay the bills hahaha each cd has completely custom and different covers cut from magazines and altered like the braincells of this weeded and dusty Genious.... So Click on the Cover Below and tell him the Hobbyshop HERO sent you!!!!!

(click the above picture to be Directed to Paypal!!!!)

SAMIYAM is one of the Main producers on the next few Dutchmassive Albums, There are about 9 tracks from SAM that will be divided between the HERO's Releases....
IM pretty freaking Excited and you should be too!

ST MIC / Lifes Work (Classic hiphop)

(Click Above Album Cover to be Re-directed to I tunes)

"Life's Work" was 3 years in the making before ST/MIC decided it should just be a snapshot of what was really going on in his life at the time. It's a combination of all the moods and feelings associated with that time period. There are a lot of retrospective moments as well. Some mellow vibes and also some darker, more powerful and driven tracks. Although ST/MIC did a good deal of the production on the record, it would have never manifested into what it's become without all of the great artists involved. "Life's Work" features production by The Unknown, DJ Ragz and Mudd. Featured guests include The Unknown, Jazz Addixx (DJ Ragz and Mudd), Dutchmassive, TAMU, Distruck, Primo The Cinematic and Flaco.

1. Life's Intro
2. Fly
3. Dedicate to Elevate MP3 feat. DJ Ragz
4. Love Was Complicated Yesterday feat. Dutchmassive & Jazz Addixx
5. BeatBoxBoogie One (MUDD & ST/MiC on the beatbox)
6. Fresh 2 Def
7. Life feat. Jazz Addixx, Primo The Cinematic & Flaco
8. Never Faded
9. BeatBoxBoogie 2 (MUDD & ST/MiC on the beatbox)
10. War Of Art
11. Verbal Mastery feat. The Unknown
12. Gallery Interlude
13. Truth Lies feat. Distruck & TAMU
14. Love Is Complicated Tomorrow MP3 feat. Dutchmassive, The Unknown & DJ Ragz
15. Closing Scene

(click On The Studio Pic to be Directed to http://www.timelessdaimyo.com)

Born in New York in the 1970's, ST/MiC grew up in a small suburb about 30 miles from Washington DC. At the tender age of 6 he made his first mix tape, which consisted of beating random objects around the room whilst his brother blew obscene notes on a saxophone. At 9 he taught himself to play the bass, followed by guitar at 11 and drums at 14.

Playing in a few moderately successful bands through high school his attention soon shifted to turntables, frequently sitting in on studio sessions with acclaimed house/techno producer Holmes Ives. It was here ST/MiC learned the essence of sampling, sequencing and production. His mid to late 90's were spent traveling up and down the east coast of the US, under the name St. Michael, playing a mixture of turntablism style hip hop and jungle/drum and bass, gaining a solid following in cities, such as Baltimore, York Pa., Washington DC and Fredericksburg Va.

Over the years, realizing how much studio time costs, he taught himself the fundamentals of engineering, mixing and mastering audio. Now with 12+ years of experience in the studio he focuses on helping other artists make quality music

Words From the HERO: I met Mike thru my Good Friends, Label mates and ultimately Brothers the JAZZ ADDIXX (Dj RAGS and MUDD) and found out we had alot in common, St Mic is a Really Humble peaceful cat whose feet are planted in the west and his heart n soul are on a higher level with a more eastern philosophy. Mike is more than a great Recording artist, or Producer/ engineer. Dude is a great father and great husband. I know thats a little off topic. but strait up I feel more than compelled to congradulate such positive energy. You will definatly fall in love after you get a dose of his Life's WORK...my fav album cut is FLY! dont forget that you will Find The Hobbyshophero DUTCHMASSIVE! on this album not 1nce, but TWICE! =)
but before I bounce on out, I want to thank DJ FISHER for releasing all this good music!