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December 29, 2009

DJ JUSTDIZLE presents.... 196 James (J DILLA) Yancey tracks for your listening pleasure =)

New Mixtape: Just DizleBest Of J Dilla


1.Crustation – Purple (A Tribe Called Quest Edit)
2.Pharcyde – She Said (Jay Dee Remix)
3.Mos Def – Can U See The Pride In The Panther (Jay Dee Remix)
4.Bizarre – Butterfly
5.Erykah Badu – My Life
6.Pharcyde – Splattitorium
7.Busta Rhymes – Show Me What You Got
8.Busta Rhymes – It’s A Party (The Ummah Remix)
9.D’Angelo – Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix)
10.Busta Rhymes – It Ain’t Safe No More
11.Common – Soul Power
12.De La Soul – Peer Pressure ft B-Real
13.Frank-N-Dank – Afterparty
14.Phife Dawg – Ya Heard Me
15.Common – The Questions
16.Toshi Kubota – Nothing But Your Love (Jay Dee Remix)
17.Commom – It’s Your World
18.A Tribe Called Quest – That Shit
19.Janet Jackson – Got Till It’s Gone (Ummah Jay Dee Mix)
20.A Tribe Called Quest – Da Booty
21.De La Soul – Stakes Is High
22.Pharcyde – Somethin That Mean Somethin’
23.Common – Dooinit
24.DJ Jazzy Jeff – Are You Ready
25.A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again
26.Mad Skillz – The Jam
27.5 Elementz – You Ain’t Fresh
28.Busta Rhymes – What Up
29.De La Soul – Much More
30.A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (Baby Phife Version)
31.Pharcyde – Y?
32.Pharcyde – Y (Jay Dee Remix)
33.Slum Village – Players
34.Faith Evans – You Used To Love Me (Ummah Remix)
35.Pharcyde – Runnin
36.Keith Murray – Dangerous Ground
37.Frank-N-Dank – Ma Dukes
38.Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Slum Village Remix)
39.A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
40.Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
41.The Roots – Dynamite
42.LSK – Hate Or Love (remix ft Dwele and Jay Dee)
43.Steve Spacek – Dollar$
44.Craig Mack – Get Down (Q-Tip Remix)
45.Bahamadia – One-4-Teen (Jay Dee Remix)
46.Frank-N-Dank – Pimp Strut
47.A Tribe Called Quest – Steppin It Up
48.Common – The Light
49.Phife Dawg – Ben Dova
50.Med – So Real
51.Pharcyde – Drop
52.Med – Push
53.Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing
54.Slum Village – Who Are We
55.Jaylib -The Official


2.Common – A Film Called Pimp
3.Copywrite – Clap
4.Illa J – R U Listenin
5.J.Dilla – Lightworks (Flying Lotus Remix)
6.J.Dilla – Dill Shady Stands Up
7.Madlib – Take It Back
8.J. Dilla – BodyMovin w/ JRocc
9.J.Dilla – In The Streets
10.J.Dilla -Stop
11.J.Dilla – Vibeout
12.Slum Village – Hoes
13.Slum Village- Keep It On
14.Mood – Secrets Of The Sand (JayDee Remix)
15.Frank-N-Dank – Okay
16.Jay Dee-Featuring Phat Kat
17.Common – So Far To Go ft D’Angelo
18.Common – Love Is
19.1st Down – It Don’t Get No Liver Than This
20.Slum Village – Fantastic (original)
21.Guilty Simpson- Stress
22.Q-Tip – End Of Time
23.Slum Village – The Things You Do
24.Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World Go Round (remix)
25.Cypress Hill – Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)
26.Slum Village – Fall In Love
27.Pharcyde- Bullshit
28.Phat Kat – Door ft J.Dilla& Fat Ray
29.Big L – Flamboyant (Dilla Remix)
30.Que D – Michelle
31.Jaylib – The Red
32.J Dilla – Laurin Hill Rejectoid Instrumental
33.Chino XL- Don’t Say A Word
34.Frank-N-Dank – Everybody Get Up
35.J.Dilla – Circus
36.Common – Payback is A Grandmother
37.Slum Village -I Don’t Know
38.Slum Village – Closer
39.A Tribe Called Quest – Rock n Roll (jay Dee Remix)
40.Slum Village – Forth& Back
41.The Roots – Can’t Stop This
42.Nine Yards – Find A Way (Jay Dee Remix)
43.A Tribe Called Quest – Keeping It Moving
44.J.Dilla – Jungle Love w/ med & Guilty Simpson
45.A Tribe Called Quest – The Love
46.Michael Jackson – History (The Ummah Dj Mix)
47.J.Dilla – Won’t Do
48.Slum Village – Tainted
49.Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (Ummah Remix)
50.Jay Dee – B.B.E.
51.Slum Village – We Be Dem (Remix)
52.De La Soul – Thru Your City
53.Big Herk,MC Breed, Slum Village – It’s On
54.Phat Kat – Destiny
55.J.Dilla – On Stilts
56.Common – Come Close (Remix)
57.Guru – Certified ft Bilal
58.J.Dilla – Ya’ll Ain’t Ready
59.Common – Heat
60.Busta Rhymes – Live It Up
61.J. Dilla – The Diff’rence
62.Jaylib – Raw Shit ft Talib Kweli
63.Frank-N-Dank – Ya’ll Don’t Want it
64.J.Dilla – I Told Ya’ll
65.1st Down – A Day Wit The Homiez
66.Jay Dee – Fuck Da Police
67.Frank-N-Dank – MCA
68.Jay Dee – Pause
69.Slum Village – Raise It Up
70.J.Dilla – Come Get It
71.Slum Village – Climax (Girl Shit)


1.Mr Shakes
2.Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know
3.Macy Gray – I Try (Jay Dee Remix)
4.J Dilla – Kalimba
5.Erykah Badu – Kiss Me On My Neck
6.Dwele – Cheap
7.Jay Dee – Fuck All Night
8.Jay Dee – Gobstopper
9.1st Down – Front Street
10.J Dilla – Grind For Real
11.Ghostface Killah – Whip You With A Strap
12.Lucy Pearl – Without You (Jay Dee Remix)
13.Carl Craig ft J Dilla – Make The World Go Round
14.J Dilla – Flyyy
15.Busta Rhymes – Keep It Moving
16.J Dilla – Dime Piece (Remix) ft Dwele
17.Illa J – Sounds Like Love
18.DJ Cam & Cameo – Love Junkee (Jay Dee Remix)
19.Proof – Vibe Session
20.Baatin – Magic
21.Dabrye – Game Over ft Jay Dee & Phat Kat
22.Busta Rhymes – Still Shining
23.De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Alternate Remix)
24.Little Indian – One Little Indian (Jay Dee Remix)
25.Jaylib – Strapped ft Guilty Simpson
26.J Dilla – Grannie
27.J Dilla – See That Boy Fly ft Illa J & Cue D
28.Raekwon – 10 Bricks
29.J Dilla – Was Da Da Dang
30.Frank’n'Dank – Xotic Dancer ft Kardinal Offishall
31.J Dilla – Fire Wood Drumstix ft Doom
32.Spacek – Eve (Jay Dee Remix)
33.Phife Dawg – Game Day
34.J Dilla – Over The Breaks
35.ASD – Komm Schon
36.Lawless Elements – Love ft J Dilla
37.A Tribe Called Quest – Motivators
38.Slum Village – Groove
39.Slum Village – Yes Ya’ll
40.J Dilla – Red LIght ft J Davey
41.J Dilla – Nasty Ain’t It
42.Jaylib – The Mission
43.Phat Kat – 1000 NIggaz ft Obie Trice, Lee Louis, La Peace
44.J Dilla – Dilla Bot vs The Hybrid
45.Common – In The Light ft Erykah Badu
46.Jaylib – Raw Addict
47.Oh No – MOve pt2 ft J Dilla & Roc C
48.J Dilla – 24k Rap ft Havoc
49.Slum Village – Let’s Go
50.Jaylib – Military Minded
51.J Dilla & Dj Quik – Get Down Instrumental
52.J Dilla – Tha Shining
53.Slum Village – All y’all
54.Sa-Ra Creative Partners – THrilla
55.J Dilla – Pop Shit w Dracula
56.J Dilla – Breathe & Stop (Original instrumental)
57.J DIlla – E=MC2 ft Common
58.Talib KWeli – STand To The Side
59.J Dilla – RIco Suave Bossa Nova
60.Slum Village – Go Ladies
61.Royce Da 5′9″ – Let’s Grow
62.Jay Dee – You Hot
63.Four Tet – Serious As Life ft Guilty SImpson
64.Jay Dee – The $
65.Platinum Pied Pipers – Shotgun Intro
66.B.R. Gunna – Do Ya Thang
67.Slum Village – The Look OF Love pt 2
68.Phat Kat – Don’t Nobody Care About Us
69.Jaylib – ice ft Medaphoar
70.Jay Dee – Plastic Dreams (Original Mix)



Pe@ce world, while trying to get my hands on the new (yet another) version of JAY ELECTRONICA'S uber Banger "EXHIBIT C" I ended up coming across A gem! FRANCE'S very own Super DJ JUST DIZLE! put together A 3 piece (196 tracks) J-DILLA mix as A Guess A holiday gift to ....well......Anyone with ears!!!! So even tho I was looking for this so called mastered version of the Jay Electronica Track, I came up on top with this dope content to post for you all!!!! Before I get into JUST DIZLES 15 Minutes of HsH Fame let me close the chapter on The Voodoo Man real quick....

I went ahead and Paid for the version Jay Released on I-TUNES and I was super sad, the tempo was slower, and it seemed like he re-recorded the track and it has less energy, maybe its just my imagination, but this is A full mastered version of the Mr. Magic radio rip. (still Slow and sounds....well less genuine and hype)

Back 2Just Dizle! I went ahead A took the liberty of not only posting the J DILLA MIX he did but also his tribute mixes to the Femcee's hosted by JAZZY JOYCE and MC LYTE!!!! Now... As always I have posted some links for you to check out, you know the usual suspects...(myspace,twitter, facebook, etc) but there is one LINK that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you BOOKMARKING as soon as you read/listen/download everything here.

The Link is : http://www.podfeed.net/podcast/DJ+Just+Dizle+aka+Le+Champion+Paris+-+FRANCE/12684

The Reason is, Just Dizle has A grip of Amazing Mix's up for download/stream that you will def want to get your hands on....

DJ Just Dizle @ Bataclan from Just Dizle on Vimeo.


What ever happened to the femcee?

France's #1 DJ Just Dizle has put together two free volumes to remind you,

hosted by Jazzy Joyce and MC Lyte.

Download link (Both Mixes):


1.Jazzy Joyce - Intro

2.Nonchalant - Until The Day

3.Lauryn Hill - Zealots

4.Missy Elliott - The Rain

5.Bahamadia - True Honey Buns

6.Lil Kim - Drugs

7.Storm - Tradin War Stories

8.Lauryn Hill - Rumble In The Jungle

9.Eve - Eve Of Destruction

10.Foxy Brown - I Shot ya (Remix)

11.Nonchalant - 5'O Clock In The Morning

12.Heather B - If Headz Only Knew

13.Vita - Vita, Vita, Vita

14.Rah Digga - Straight Spittin pt II

15.Da Brat - My Beliefs

16.Lady Luck - Come and Get It

17.Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce - It's My Beat

18.Lady Of Rage - You Know My Steez (3 Men and A Lady Remix)

19.Lil Kim - Came Back For You

20.Nonchalant - Take It There (Remix)

21.Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs

22.Paula Perry - Extra, Extra

23.Rah Digga - What They Call Me

24.Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y. (Original & Big Titty Mix)

25.Ladybug Mecca - Nickel Bags

26.Ladybug Mecca & Jazzy Joyce - 9th Wonder

27.Jean Grae - Goin Crazy

28.Queen Latifah - Wrath of Madness (DJ Premier Remix)

29.Free - Patriots

30.Smooth - Mind Blowin

31.Salt N Pepa - My Mic Sounds Nice

32.Da Brat - Give It 2 U (Remix)

33.Eve - Double R What

34.Charli Baltimore - NBC

35.Bahamadia & Mecca Star - 3 Tha Hard Way

36.Foxy Brown - The Promise

37.Rah Digga - Down For The Count

38.Foxy Brown - The Letter

39.Ladybug Mecca - Rebirth Of The Slick

40.Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing (Remix)

41.Roxanna Shante - Roxanne's Revenge

42.Salt N Pepa - Everybody Get Up

43.Roxanne Shante - Big Mama (Large Professor Remix)

44.Yo Yo - Better Ask Somebody

45.Nicki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P and Bahamadia - Six Pack

46.Jazzy Joyce - Outro

1.MC Lyte - Intro

2.MC Lyte - Brooklyn

3.Lauryn Hill - How Many Mics

4.Jean Grae - Aalikes

5.Lil Kim - Queen Bitch

6.Eve - Philly, Philly

7.Bahamadia - I Confess (The Roots Remix &Eric Sermon Remix)

8.MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Queen Latifah - I Wanna Be Down (Remix)

9.Queen Latifah - Just Another Day (New Jack Remix & Album Version)

10.Lauryn Hill - Vocab (Remix)

11.Rah Digga - Showdown

12.MC Lyte - 10% Dis

13.MC Lyte - You Cut

14.MC Lyte & Positive K - I'm Not Havin It

15.Heather B - My Kinda Nigga

16.Lil Kim - Get Money

17.Foxy Brown - Fox Boogie

18.Roxanne Shante - The Cypher III

19.Lauryn Hill & Rah Digga - Cowboys

20.Bahamadia & Rah Digga - Be Ok

21.MC Lyte speaks

22.MC Lyte,Bahamadia,Nonchalant,Yo Yo - Keep On Pushin

23.MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand You

24.Foxy Brown - Friend

25.Rah Digga - Lessons Of Today

26.Lauryn Hill - The Score

27.C-Low - Feel It

28.Lady Luck - Symphony 2000

29.MC Lyte - Survival of The Fittest

30.MC Lyte - Wonder Years

31.Lil Kim - Quiet Storm (Remix)

32.Bahamadia - Total Wreck

33.Hurricane G - Roc U

34.Lil Kim - Big Momma Thang

35.Salt N Pepa - Tramp

36.Sweet Tee - It's Like That Ya'll

37.The Real Roxanne - The Real Roxanne

38.Yo Yo - Mama Don't Take No Mess

39.Monie Love & Queen Latifah - Buddy (Remix)

40.Queen Latifah - Had It Up 2 Here

41.Monie Love - Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.

42.MC Lyte - Ruffneck

43.MC Lyte - Paper Thin

44.MC Lyte - Outro