John Taylor's "Film The Blanks"


When you mix Innovative Graphic Design w/ Cult Classic Movie Posters, you get a 95% chance of landing A spot in The Hobbyshop Hero Archives. Tho, I did pretty well recognizing more than A handful of these right off the bat, I don't think I would be among the elite viewers (Top Scorers) of the "FILM THE BLANKS" Website & Blog. I gotta hand it to John, not only has he managed to tastefully re-interpret almost 100 movie posters but he found A way to keep his readers deeply engaged into the whole Art form! The Interaction he has with his readers/contestants is something I really respect.

The Birth of FILM THE BLANKS is something I feel alot of people could really relate to in a way.

What started out as a doctor prescribed creative exercise to help John relax & get back into the swing of things after a very stressful period of time in his life and at work, turned into something great, inspirational &...... well, you'll have to read further to find out =)

About: Film the Blanks

An ongoing experiment to abstract and/or reduce film posters. Some famous, some not so famous but all cool in their own way. Taylor posts abstracted versions of popular and not-so-popular film posters on his blog, and readers guess the film based on the abstracted poster and clues. The fun part of it all is the race to solve it. As A hint, John sometimes puts A quote from the movie at the top of each post.

How to play - a.k.a Axton's Rules with Monki Variations

  • Blanks will be posted Mon-Fri at 15.30 GMT. Take a look at the blank and post a guess using the comments section.
  • At 16.30 a clue be added to the blank. (Every post has a clue)
  • The first five people to post the correct answer receive one point each
  • At Every 100th post, the reader with the highest score receives a prize of an exclusive movie poster
  • At the end of the year the person w/ the highest score will win A "mega-prize" (Those are his exact words haha)

Unsolved posts are labelled: --- UNSOLVED ---
News posts are labelled: --- NEWS ---

(Filmtheblanks dot com is currently going thru site maintenance, Trust me you have the correct address, The domain is just being revamped. For now visit the blogspot version of FilmtheBlanks )


"I really started of doing all this after being made extremely miserable and seriously ill by the various stresses and strains of my work and my life in London. My doctor told me to take some time off and do nothing for a while"
"When I'd had enough of doing nothing she suggested that I do something creative, something that I could do a bit at a time and that I would be in charge of"
"So feeling on a real low I started doing something for myself"
"In just over a month I've had almost 10,000 people looking at the site, people getting rather excited about the prints, gallery owners contacting me and even a french design magazine asking me if they can feature my work"
"So I'd like to say thanks"

"Because although I started just doing this by myself to make myself feel a bit better - everyone of you ended up helping and to be honest I feel like I've had more fun and motivation and rewarding feedback in the last month working alone in my armchair than I have had in the last ten years designing for other people at a desk"
"So thanks. I hope you keep enjoying what I do - I want to keep doing it. And there's plenty of other ideas I never had time to do so who knows... maybe I'll do those as well"

To learn more about Film the Blanks and how you can play along with the naming game that is also an aspect to this projects, jump over to the site.