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February 13, 2009

FINAL FANTASY: Fabula Nova Crystallis (3 NEW GAMES) - MEGAPOST


Fabula Nova Crystallis


WORDS from the HERO

FINAL FANTASY has been A huge part of the Shaping & Molding of THE HOBBYSHOP HERO, As well as DUTCHMASSIVE and as well as Dutch VonEpp Ziegler. Now, I realize I just spoke In 3rd, 2nd and 1st person but I just needed to express how much I have taken from the series over the years. A few months ago I did A post about - FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA - Or at least I thought I did, I guess I never published the post and when I just searched for the Draft, there was none, so I must have closed my browser before posting it. So, I will have to Follow up this post with one about FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA, And if you have no IDEA what I am Talking about stay tuned. Think....Final Fantasy Meets Street Fighter and you have DISSIDIA.

I dont really need to go Into FF13 as The rest of the post should cover enough. I will however Remind you and/or Let you know for the 1st time (depending on who is reading) that I will be Releasing the Long awaited Dutchmassive Album

The NEXT Final Fantasy

I wont go much into the details of the project, other than the tracks that are already Confirmed, Finished and Waiting Locked up for release. You will see / hear on Production - SOTU the Traveler, SAMIYAM, ASTRONOTE, INTACT, THE HOBBYSHOP HERO, CROUP and more =)

but Enough of that, Enjoy learning about FFXIII.



(Much more about the details on the New Final Fantasy Games is in the Link Above)







What is the difference between Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII?

New high quality scans of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII

This question comes up a lot, so let's get this cleared up.

They are two seperate games set in the same universe, but not directly related to each other. Contrary to popular misconception, Versus is not a spin off or derivative of XIII. It is neither a sequel, but a wholly independent story which unfolds in a different world with different characters. The two games basically share the 'Crystal' mythology as part of Square Enix's Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation of a series of games created under the banner of Final Fantasy XIII.

Although similar in concept to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Fabula Nova Crystallis, which means "the New Tale of the Crystal" in Latin, is based on different worlds and different characters, though will be "ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos."

They will also play differently, for example XIII will play as a traditional turn-based RPG, while Versus XIII will be more of a real-time action RPG. .

Fabula Nova Crystallis Introduction
During its E3 2006 press event, Square Enix revealed world-premiere footage of Fabula Nova Crystallis. This latest project in the multi-platinum Final Fantasy series will encompass the simultaneous development of original titles for numerous platforms including the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, and mobile phones.

Fabula Nova Crystallis, defined in Latin as "the new tale of the crystal," is made up of several different titles based on variations of the Final Fantasy XIII universe. However, while each title in the project features different characters, different worlds, and different stories, all are ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos.

Currently, development for Fabula Nova Crystallis entails two titles for the PlayStation 3 system: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In addition, Final Fantasy Agito XIII is also in development for mobile phones and PSP handheld. However, the three new titles are only the beginning of the evolution of Fabula Nova Crystallis, with more announcements regarding other facets of the project scheduled for the near future.

One myth, countless stories. This is the concept behind Square Enix's groundbreaking new take on entertainment.

- Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360)
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PlayStation 3)
- Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Mobile and PSP)

Square Enix has registered the trademark Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII in the U.S. Patent Office on May, 2006, but haven't released any official details about the game since then. The game is rumored to be Square Enix's next generation MMORPG.
Final Fantasy XIII

In Final Fantasy XIII, you take the role of a young female protagonist with strawberry-blonde hair. She goes by the codename 'Lightning' to hide her true identity, though she does not know it herself. It is believed she is suffering from some form of amnesia.

Character designer Tetsuya Nomura was asked to create a "female version of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII", and has described her as "not very feminine".

In a recent interview, he described her character as "serious, and unforgiving". When she meets other people, she's not the kind who changes according to them, but instead she is a kind of individualistic person who gives off the image of someone who unswervingly follows the guidelines within herself...

Two yellow stripes can be seen on Lightning's left shoulder, to possibly signify her rank or social status, indicating she is or was a solider at some point..


Final Fantasy Versus XIII

In Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the protagonist is a yet unnamed male, with dark blue and grey hair and crimson eyes. No he is not Cloud, despite any similarity they have in appearance. For the sake of convenience, let's call him Storm, to signify the whirlwind effect when he draws his weapons or uses them as a shield. He is the last heir to a royal family, ruling the only remaining city in the world which controls magical Crystals.

According to recent interview with Nomura, the protagonist is "not a character with a Squall-like or Cloud-like personality as people would think. Nomura refers to him “out of bounds” and describes his personality as an "overabundance of idiosyncrasy", that when he speaks, the impression of him will change considerably and may even cause people to "dislike his type".

Nomura also mentioned they plan to redo his design. His hair is supposed to give a different impression of his personality from the front than back. For example, from the front, his hair is calm and tame, but from the back, it is quite intense and violent-looking.

Not much is known about game's battle system other than it will be an action-oriented RPG similar to Kingdom Hearts, but more realistic with some elements of a third-person shooter similar to Dirge of Cerberus. Nomura has stated that he aims to create previously unseen "tricky" battle sequences, reminiscent of the CGI film, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

New interviews have stated Nomura's wish to push away from "light magical" styles (specifically refererring Kingdom Hearts) and opt for a much bleaker realistic world. He wants the characters to be perceived as believable humans that the player can relate to rather than simply fabricated characters.


Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Logo

You can find Info here and there about Agito, I'll just let you know it will be release on the PsP.
All I know is that "Crisis Core" FF7 for PsP was one of the greatest games Ive played.
Excerpts from a bunch of interviews in the latest issue of LEVEL magazine:

About Fabula Nova Crystallis in general:

Motomu Toriyama: "The development of the three games was started at the same time and we gathered to try and find a common platform to stand on and try to build from. But since then, we've been working completely independently of each other. Each game is evolving in its own direction and take place in separate worlds with their own main characters. There exists basically no cooperation between the different teams. I wouldn't even want to claim that we communicate with each other."

Tetsuya Nomura: "The only similarity between the games that you can find is in the vague crystal theme."

About Crisis Core:

Hajime Tabata: "There's a reason why this game is released last [note: what about the 20 years of FFVII?]. This is one of Square Enix's most important moments, when we're about to tell the story that leads up to maybe the most beloved RPG of them all. So we've taken our time and prepared us well."

Q: "How much do you listen to the opinions of the fans?"

A: "All I can say is that you encounter characters from the original game in Crisis Core. But you have to have in mind that this is a game about Zack and the Soldier organization. So even if the fans' opinions are important, I won't risk to destroy the central theme by throwing in loved characters who would disrupt the balance in the game."


Q: "How does it effect you, and Square Enix, that FFXIII is such a big project that it's been divided in a lot of separate projects?"

Toriyama:"We've definitely been forced to change our habits and work in new ways. In the center you have the crystals that define Final Fantasy and unite the three XIII projects. But every single game is evolving in its own direction and take place in their own worlds with their own characters. Nomura has designed Lightning, but she's our character."

Q: "So who is she then?"

A: "I can't say much more than that she likes to call herself that. And that she's a female character who's vastly different compared to Yuna."

Q: "Ten years ago, Final Fantasy VII became a symbol to the entire PlayStation format. Could FFXIII come to mean as much for the PS3?"

A:"FFVII was a milestone in PS history. The game changed the entire RPG genre and set a lot of new trends. Strictly content-wise, the theme alternated between fantasy and futurism and we're doing something similar with FFXIII. The game mixes a new kind of fantasy with futuristic elements that have never been seen in a game before. It's very interesting to explore the new hardware. When you've managed to harness the power in it the results become unbelievable. We're accomplishing things you hardly can manage without the PS3."

Q:"So there will be a mix between fantasy and sci-fi again?"

A: "Last time, our time worked with the Asian-influenced world in FFX and wanted to do something completely different this time around. So we took the futuristic theme to its limit. FFXIII will truly define the term futurism. You've never seen anything like it."

Q:"You've worked at Square Enix for a long time, but this is the first time you're in charge of such a big FF project. How do you cope with the pressure?"

A: "The difference between the side projects and the big games, the one with numbers, isn't really that big. I know I have to deliver, but I knew that when I worked on Revenant Wings as well. The pressure from outside is almost worse. A lot of people view FFXIII as a title that can decide the success for the PS3. But I can't think about that. We've had a lot of time on our hands to prepare our game, and now we're working full-speed."

Q: "If you look past the visuals, how will FFXIII be a game for the next generation?"

A: "It's never solely about graphics, but at the same time you can't deny the meaning of the looks for the experience as a whole. The technique allows us to create characters so realistic that the player perceives them as being alive. It adds something emotional to the entire game experience. Which in its turn makes the combat system feel different since you care about the characters and you feel for them in a way that you've never done before. When you play FFXIII, it feels like you're controlling something that's not a 3D model, but a real creature."

About Versus:

Nomura: "There's been times when I've wanted to take FF in a completely different direction than the game's producer has wanted. I'm not saying that his or mine opinions have been right or wrong, just different. One thing I've always wanted to explore deeper is human emotions. By going in that direction, you risk to make the target group for the game narrower, and FF is appreciated by a very large audience. But with Versus XIII, it feels like the right time to take that risk. Since the script isn't done yet, I still don't know exactly how far I dare to go, but I know I want to squeeze humanity out of these characters. I want Versus to feel in the entire body."

Q: "You've also said that this is going to be the darkest FF game ever."

A: "When I produced Kingdom Hearts, I was in a world so bright that I almost got blinded. So now I want to do something completely different. Maybe it has something to do with my love for extremes. FFvXIII is about man in the real world. In that sense, the game will contain less fantasy than usual We've created some dark environments and shown them in our trailers. But the entire game won't look like that; we've only just begun."

Q: "When you talk about the real world, do you mean modern life on Earth?"

A: "I don't want the characters in the game to feel fabricated, so my focus lies on designing them through their humanity. They have to be perceived as humans, as someone you and I could meet in reality. The world in Versus is reminiscent with the one we live in today. That doesn't mean I'm inspired by locations or persons that actually exist, it's more of a feeling that the characters and locations are believeable, like something you'd be able to find in your daily life. I want to take this concept and make it into an FF experience. That's the challenge I've given myself, anyway."

Q: "So that's how you will use the power of the PS3?"

A: "The PS3 is such a powerful machine that the technical possibilities have a great influence over the game design and in the end, the entire game experience. I can't go into details about my ideas, but many of them would never have been possible during the last console generation."