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May 11, 2009

LuckyMe presents NADSROIC & HUDSON MOHAWKE - "Room Mist" EP


I have been waiting to get my hands on A physical or even digital release of Feme Party Rocker Super Emcee who is Favored by The Beat Gods of the New World - NADSROIC! - Her song "STEP BACK" is on some Futuristic Spit fire Club Banger that has ACEYAlONE Fans Shoulder Bumping Old ladies that pass in the supermarket..... Man, I love this ish..... I am trying to get my hands on the Accapella of "Step Back" so if anyone can hook it up, (good look) if not, Its quite alright..... There is alooooot of dope music in this post, Being HUD and NAD took me Overseas to rock this evening, I figured Id share some dope mixes from the most influencial Dj's around that spot on the Globe, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Gilles Peterson..... Trust me when I say Hours upon Hours of dope music!!!!! Go Pick up that "ROOM MIST" EP!!!!!! and



Busting from the LuckyMe entrails is the newest release entitled 'Room Mist' EP, a 6 track collaborative project between Nadsroic and man of the moment Hudson Mohawke. Nadsroic - the singing/rapping alias of Ciorsdan Brown - was schooled in the Scottish Highlands, immersed in Celtic folk music via singing and classical fiddle before being dropped in the ugly Glasgow metropol of Hip Hop, Techno, Electro and club music.


Nadsroic - "Room Mist" - (produced by Hudson Mohawk)


Nadsroic - "Step Back" - (produced by Hudson Mohawk)


Nadsroic - "Leopards" - (produced by Hudson Mohawk)

ダウンロード: Nadsroic - Step Back (RKGB Remix)
The Nadsroic BIO
(from here ever so dope myspace page)

LuckyMe is very proud to present the first release from the collaborative project between Nadsroic and Hudson Mohawke. This EP contains 6 tracks of explosive future R&B , folk influences and dancefloor heat. With a mixture of club-friendly bangers such as Room Mist and Step Back and more reflective personal songs like Leopards and Chemical alongside All Hot- an almost unclassifiable blend of live percussion and ethereal diva vocals.

Nadsroic is the singing / rapping alias of Ciorsdan Brown alongside the young phenom' producer Hudson Mohawke. To date the young team have only played a handful of shows as Nadsroic including Radio One Sessions and live alongside Optimo - for whom they are also releasing a record on their Oscarr imprint. Ciorsdan was schooled in the Scottish Highlands immersed in folk music before being dropped in the ugly Glasgow metropol of hip hop, techno, electro & club music. With spells living in Copenhagen and currently based in semi-rural Japan it's hard to say where this 22 year old jetsetter picked up her natural sensibility for real pop and future R&B. When she's not teaching children, go see her in a rare live show either back home in Glasgow or Japan.

Based in Glasgow, UK, 23 year old Hudson Mohawke currently has the worldsʼ beat scene in a headlock with his heavy drum programming and cosmic synth slop. A teenage UK, DMC and ITF champion, Hudson honed his craft as part of the LuckyMe collective of dynamic, neo-beatmakers with a string of well received releases. In January this year he made his debut release on Warp records with the "Polyfolk Dance EP" and has been dubbed the labels 'secret weapon', clocking up serious international mileage with an impressive dj schedule. This release sees Mo explore his love of mainstream hip hop & rnb fused with the air of 1980's synthetic soul. We hope you enjoy the record.

A1. Room Mist
A2. All Hot
A3. Leopards

B1. Step Back
B2. Chemical
B3. Step Back Instrumental


Room Mist by Nadsroic & Hudson Mohawke

Room Mist by Nadsroic & Hudson Mohawke

For those who don't know...





Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental (04/22/09)

X Chromosome Special

Mary Anne Hobbs - 2009 04 22 X Chromosome Special [Hotfile download] [Rapidshare]

Shuanise & Floating Points - ‘Catch Live’ session track
Dot - ‘MX4′ (Imminent Dubplate)

Vaccine mix
Kito – ‘Cold’ (Vaccine remix)
Vaccine – ‘Radiate’
Vaccine – ‘Fever’
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ (Vaccine remix)
Vaccine – ‘Electrolyte’
Vaccine – ‘Bad Habit’
Burial – ‘In McDonalds’

Cooly G mix
Cooly G – ‘Feeling You’
Cooly G – ‘Craze’
Cooly G – ‘Weekend Fly’
Cooly G – ‘Touch’
Cooly G – ‘Last Night’
Cooly G – ‘Dis Boy Mix 2 Tribal’
Cooly G – ‘Love Dub Refix’

Nadsroic & Husdon Mohawke mix
Hudson Mo Loops – ‘M5000 Loop’
Damfunk – ‘Rhythm Trax’
The Blessings – ‘Faberge’
Nadsroic – ‘Room Mist’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Saw You There’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Peekaboo’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Step Back’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Allhot’ (prod HudsonMo)

Ikonika mix
Ikonika – ‘Mikronic’ (Hyperdub)
Ikonika – ‘Mucking’ (Hyperdub)
Ikonika – ‘Sahara Michael’ (Hyperdub)
Mujava – ‘Township Funk’ Ikonika’s Nexus-6 Remix (Warp)
Computer Jay – ‘Maintain’ Ikonika Remix (Ramp)

Blank Blue mix
Blank Blue – ‘Intro’
Blank Blue – ‘Eyes Closed’ (Original Edit)/(Nosaj Thing Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘All the Shallow Deep’ (Dntel Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘Blank Blue’ (Flying Lotus Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘In the Swim’

Kito mix
Kito feat. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’
Kito – ‘On The Floor’
TRG – ‘Just Me’
Kito – ‘Don’t Wanna Lose You’
Santogold – ‘Starstruck’ (Diplo Remix)
Zomby – ‘Spliff Dub’ (Rustie Remix)
Kito – ‘What If’

Ahu Mix
Flying Lotus feat. Dolly – ‘Roberta Flack’ (Demo Version)
Mr.Beatnick ft. Ahu – ‘I Know All The B****es’ (Bullion Remix) (Altered Vibes)
Soundspecies ft.Ahu – ‘Can We Call It Love’ (Burntprogress)

Subeena Mix
Subeena – ‘Dr. Dexter’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Slide’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Call it anger’ (Imminent recordings) (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Your journey’ – dedicated to Ben (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Miscalculate’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Boksd’ (Imminent recordings)
Subeena – ‘Lluvia’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘System Message’ (unreleased)

The Long Lost Mix
The Long Lost - ‘Past Perfect’
The Long Lost - ‘The Art of Kissing’
Flying Lotus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Auntie’s Lock / Infinitum’
Daedelus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Now & Sleep’
The Long Lost – ‘Siren Song’
The Long Lost – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Tunng remix) – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Computer Jay’s Syntax Error mix) – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Flying Lotus’ Luckiest Charm mix) – ‘Woebegone’
The Long Lost - ‘Woebegone’
The Long Lost - ‘Regrets Only’
Flying Lotus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Unexpected Delight’
The Long Lost – ‘Sibilance’

La Fluer Bleue - ‘Space-Ex’ (Dubplate)
Ghettozoid feat Yoldanda - ‘Seeking’ (Deca Rythm Dubplate)
Alice Coltrane - ‘The Sun’ from the LP ‘A Monastic Trio’ (Impulse)
Nite Jewel - ‘Weak For Me’ (Dublab Dubplate)


Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental (01/04/2009)
Nosaj Thing, Mono/Poly, Hyetal, Ras G, Ben Klock, Appleblim

Mary Anne Hobbs gives us mixes from Nosaj Thing, Mono/Poly, Hyetal, Ras G, Ben Klock and Appleblim this week. Most of these mixes has already been showcased on the Experimental show this year except for the Appleblim mix that was recorded at the Bloc Weekend. I guess you could call it a “best of show” so far for 2009 with no talking in between the mixes.

Mary Anne Hobbs - with Nosaj Thing, Mono/Poly, Hyetal, Ras G, Ben Klock, Appleblim [Hotfile download] [Rapidshare]


Nosaj Thing Mix
Chopin – ‘Prelude in E Minor’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Untitled’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Nightcrawler’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Wandering Star’ [Nosaj Thing Remix]
Nosaj Thing – ‘Coat of Arms’
Nosaj Thing – ‘1685/Bach’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Intro/Camel’ [Nosaj Thing Remix]
Nosaj Thing – ‘Aquarium’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Caves’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Harrison Ford’

Mono/Poly Mix
Mono/Poly – ‘The Beatles’
Mike Slott – ‘My Lightbridge’
Sir OJ – ‘Lightsabermass’
Mono/Poly – ‘Red & Yellow Toys’
Mono/Poly – ‘Ninja Turtle Feet’
Busy – ‘Avogadro’
T-Bag ft. Lil Wayne – ‘Cant Believe It’ [Mono/Poly Mix]
Mono/Poly – ‘Aquaschism + The Gemini Mermaid’

Hyetal Mix
Hyetal – ‘Pixel Rainbow Sequence’ [Peverelist remix] (forthcoming on Reduction Records)
Hyetal – ‘Gold Or Soul’ (forthcoming on Soul Motive)
Hyetal – ‘We Should Light A Fire’ (Dubplate)
Shortstuff – ‘Progression’ (forthcoming on Formant Recordings)
Jack Sparrow & Biggins – ‘Fullest’ (Dubplate)
? – ‘Secrets’ (Dubplate)

Ras G Mix
Ras G – ‘El-Saturn-Day/P.O.P/Brainfeeder Bent Intro’
Ras G – ‘Deep Space Nine’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘HollyHood/Where Dem Trees @?’(Dubplate)
Samiyam – ‘Fishsticks’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘Ancestrial Echoes’(Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘Elevators’ (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus – ‘Aboriginal’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘In Coming!!!!’(Brainfeeder)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Yonard’(Warp)
Ras G – ‘Speaker Smash [ruff]’ (Dubplate)

Ben Klock Mix
Ben Klock – ‘Grip’ (Ostgut Ton)
Levon Vincent – ‘Six Figures’ (Novel Sound)
Steffan Linzatti – ‘See’ (Stockholm LTD)
Steve Stoll – ‘Run in it - B1’ (Proper)
Norman Nodge – ‘Rush’ (MDR)
Telefon Tel Aviv – ‘Immolate Yourself’ [Ben Klock Remix] (BPitchcontrol)
Roman Lindau – ‘Simplicity’ (Fachwerk)


Gilles Peterson (02/04/2009)
Worldwide - Q-Tip special

The latest Gilles Peterson Worldwide show is dedicated to the hip hop don Q-Tip.

Gilles Peterson 2009-04-02 Worldwide - Q-Tip special [Hotfile download] [Rapidshare]

Manuel Tur – ‘Patchworks’ (Freerange)
Souleance – ‘Manana’ (Test)
Quantic and His Combo Bárbaro - ‘The Dreaming Mind Part 1’ (Tru Throughts)
Marvin Gaye – ‘Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) (Re-edit) (Test)

Q-Tip Interview
Q-Tip – ‘Official’ (White)
Q-Tip Ft. Amanda Diva – ‘Manwomanboogie’ (Motown)
Jungle Brothers – ‘Straight Out The Jungle’ (Warlock)
Jungle Brothers – ‘Black Is Black’ (Warlock)
Class Action – ‘Weekend’ (Jive)
Universal Robot Band – ‘Barely Breaking Even’ (Streetwave Records)
Convention – ‘Let’s Do It’ (Sam Records)
Aleem – ‘Get Loose’ (NIA Records)
Q-Tip – ‘Breathe And Stop’ (Sony)
A Tribe Called Quest Ft Ron Carter & Vinia Mojica – ‘Verses From The Abstract’ (Jive Records)
Weldon Irvine – ‘Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk’ (RCA)
Weldon Irvine – ‘We’re Getting Down’ (RCA)
A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Electric Relaxation’ (Jive)
Slum Village – ‘Fall-N-Love’ (Goodvibe)
A Tribe Called Quest Ft Faith Evans – ‘Stressed Out’ (Jive)
Janet Jackson Ft Q-Tip – ‘Got Til Its Gone’ (Virgin)
Chemical Brothers Ft Q-Tip– ‘Galvanise’ (Virgin)
Dee Lite – ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ (Elektra)
Nuyorican Soul – ‘Black Gold of the Sun (MAW Remix Ft Q-Tip)’ (Talking Loud)
Peven Everett – ‘Stuck’ (Soul Heaven)

Q-Tip Live at The Roundhouse,
Bonita Applebum
Electric Relaxation
What’s The Scenario
Check The Rhyme
Getting Up
Vibrant Thing
Award Tour
Life Is Better

Saravah Soul – ‘Supersossego’ (R2)
Soul Ascendents – ‘Tribute’ (R2)
Toddla T – ‘Better’ (1965)