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May 10, 2009

Back In Black2 T-shirt Exhibit (MAY 16th) @t CZAR YBOR / TAMPA FL - BE THERE!!!!!!


It's with great Pleasure I get to let you all know about an Amazing Event taking place in my home town JigaJigaJUNKPLANET (a.k.a.) TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA. Thanks to the good folks over at FORMATMAG I was made aware of this event in time to actually attend it and let you all know about it. A few dope things about this event are the cats or cat who founded it, CHRIS PARKS (PALE HORSE) is an amazing Artist and a wonder mind..... At the end of this post I will give you more Info on Chris Parks, Pale Horse and my life changing encounter w/ them. for now... Read about the event taking place a few days from now and I hope to see you there!!!!

Sincerely, The Hobbyshop Hero, Dutchmassssssssive

Taking place in Tampa, Florida on May 16th 2009, Back In Black 2 features 17 of the best digital illustrators and designers from America and Europe. The event promises to transform the Czar’s Imperial Theater into a mini-gallery with original designs being displayed throughout the venue. Ironfist Clothing is providing the blank t-shirts, all you have to do is decide which design/s you prefer most, and then the printing gets done right before your eyes. For more info hit the official event web site after the jump.



The “Back in Black 2” T-Shirt Exhibit showcases original, one-color t-shirt designs by 17 of the best digital illustrators and designers in the US and Europe (who are behind our favorite t-shirts from popular apparel companies, bands and record labels).

Created in 2008, the purpose of this show is to highlight the artwork of the uncelebrated designers whose art you’ve probably been collecting in your closet for years, as well as to establish the t-shirt as a new medium for fine art.



Saturday, May 16th, 2009
Czar’s Imperial Theatre
1420 E. 7th Ave
Ybor City – Tampa, FL
6:00PM - Midnight

Click here for a map.



  • Check out the art (no cover). “Back in Black” will transform the Czar’s Imperial Theater into a mini-gallery by adorning the space with original designs from this select group of artists.
  • Pick your design and size ($20 each). You choose the design(s) you like best and the size of your black t-shirt. Guys sizes S-2XL and girls sizes S-L will be available. All shirts are high-quality, soft tees provided by Iron Fist Clothing. Ink color predetermined by artist.
  • Your shirt will be printed on-site. All shirts are made-to-order by screen printers, Vertical Merch. Wait times may vary for proper drying.
  • Wear your shirt home! It’s the one art show where everyone can afford to take home a piece of art.


We’ve been working with our friends to provide you with other bonuses (while supplies last!):

  • Music by Tycho with special guest, DJ Muggles. Tycho is the music project of Scott Hansen, otherwise known as ISO50. Tycho’s audiovisual experience will cap off the event at midnight.
  • Free drinks and drink specials provided by Berentzen, Coca Cola and Redbull
  • Free giveaways throughout the night from Iron Fist, Anarchy, Scion, Hydro74, Pale Horse and more.



The party never stops! After you pick up a limited t-shirt (or two, or three), head over to the adjoining rooms of the Czar for the “Back in Black 2” After-Party, sponsored by Scion and organized by Revolt Marketing.

Headlining the party is DJ, DAVE NADA of Nadastrom, Dubsided, T&A and longstanding resident at Taxlo, Baltimore voted “best party in America” by Blender Magazine.

Pauly Crush of PULP The Party and Monk of Rabbit in the Moon and Hallucination will also be performing.

$5 for 21 and up ($7 under 21). After-party opens at 10:00PM and doesn’t end ’till 3am.

Back in Black 2: Web Banner
Back in Black 2-Web Banner


Free Font by Hydro74

Hydro74 offers up a FREE font for the Back in Black event for you to use and to Abuse. La Santísima Muerte is a custom Display font that is based off of late 70’s skateboard art. Check out more Hydro74 fonts and stock vectors at GoldenBlack.

Real Name: Daniel Jon Mumford

Age: 25
Location: London, UK
Website: www.dan-mumford.com


Check out Dan Mumford’s Back In Black 2 T-Shirt here.


Pale Horse
Back in Black Founder and Co-Curator

Pale Horse is the graphic design studio of Chris Parks, located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Chris’ work focuses on apparel design, action sports graphics, and illustration. Regularly, Pale Horse also serves as an art gallery showcasing works from local, national and international artists.

Since opening the doors in 2006, Pale Horse has opportunity to create artwork for companies, like Hydro 74, Nike, Vans, Etnies, Red Bull, Hurley, Joker Brand, Mattel, The Cartoon Network, Iron Fist Clothing and many others. Chris’ work focuses on apparel, action sports market graphics, and Illustration. He has also had the opportunity to show his work in various galleries throughout Florida and across the US.

Pale Horse is design / illustration for hire and would love to work with you on your next project. Feel free to contact chris@palehorsedesign.com to get started

19 MLK Jr. St. S.St.
Petersburg, FL 33705

P.S. Below are A few of my Favorite works by PALE HORSE, It's been A Zombie Themed past couple of Months For The Hero since my Brother Jeb " LIBERATOR DEL Z" and I started Playing "LEFT4DEAD" on the Xbox360 and Watching Zombie Themed Movies Back 2 Back day after Day.... Word Bond! hahaha


"Created for artwork pitch to Obrien Wakeboards. Later printed as a t-shirt design for Humit Apparel."


The first in a series of horror-inspired high heel and flat designs for Iron Fist Clothing. Might be able to grab a pair here.



As said, I wanted explain my run in w/ the ever-so-dope PALEHORSE.
It was spring of 2008 and I was working for this Marketed company in South-Tampa which had me in A Suit and Tie, Working on commission only Selling Verizon and auditing bills and ish.... I would go door 2 door (buisiness 2 Buisiness only) and get them cheaper rates (which was cool because I was actually helping people instad of screwing em like most sales jobs)... During my 2nd week of training I ended up in Downtown St. Pete which was a ghost town 2 be honest but quite relaxing and beautiful in its design.... After A week and A half of Painful let downs and no sales I walked into the office / Design Studio of PALE HORSE... and no exaggeration, my heart dropped and I got goosebumps and butterflies.... The design and layout of the office was soooo Amazing and it was like a fantasy..... Since before I can remember I always had A dream of what I would want my career and ideal office to be and that day I walked into A replica of my dreams.....

I spoke w/ Chris, awed over the amazing artwork on the walls, he did end up letting me fix his bill (which I pray worked out for the best in the long run) and I left never to step foot back in there again....tho I did leave with a handfull of palehorse Stickers and since then I have applied to every graphic design office on monster/career builder from miami to Atlanta with no luck...... tho my graphic design skills arent the best, if I had the right oppertuniee and mentor I could be amazing......

well Enough of that I just thought it was cool that a year later after walking into that building, he is the mind behind this event I am posting about..... I hope to see you all there.