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May 29, 2009

Beat Dimensions Vol 2 (Tracklist + Snippets) || Artist Spotlight: MONO/POLY

Second volume of the Rush Hour classic Beat Dimensions series is coming soon with another impressive tracklist compiled by Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett


Beat Dimensions Vol. 2 / EP 1

Side A

1. Danny Breaks & DJ Adlib - The Sound
2. Mono/Poly - Distant From (snippet)


Side B

1. Nosaj Thing - FWD (snippet)

2. Kenlo Craqnuques - Zo√Źd
3. Dalt Wisney - R2FUX

Beat Dimensions Vol. 2 / EP 2

Side C

1. Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro
2. Dimlite - Ravemond’s Young Problems

Side D

1. Samiyam - Swamp Tarts (snippet)

2. Dorian Concept - Be Tween
3. Fulgeance - Haggis

Beat Dimensions Vol. 2 / EP 3

Side E

1. Tiago - Babel Fish
3. Erik L - Soularp Suite part2

Side F

1. Mike Slott - Cadeting
2. Ras G - Crazy Alien
3. Zo aka La Chauve-Souris - The Peacock Revolution


v/a - beat dimensions vol 2 compiled by cinnaman and jay scarlett ep 1 - rush hour - vinyl

First vinyl EP of the sequel to the orginal instrumental beats comp...Beat Dimensions! First to drop is 12-A, which contains five brand new tracks from beatmakers all over the world....

Danny Breaks and Adlib who drop a solid banger (this is not going to disappoint!), they are followed by newbies Mono/Poly (Faces, Vienna), Nosaj Thing (Poobah, LA), Kenlo Cragnuques (Quebec) and Dalt Wisney
(Karachi). They all push the right buttons, and between them deliver a great 5 track banging ep.
Two years after the genre defying Beat Dimensions Vol. 1, we now present you the long due Vol. 2.

Expect three 12”s parts, a 7” and a CD (plus digital of course).

The release date is set to May 7th so Pre-Order here, and be on the lookout for part 2 & 3.

Get both five-track EPs with additional material by the likes of Flylo collaborator Nosaj Thing (Los Angeles), Mono/Poly (Vienna), Dimlite (Bern), Musique Large’s Fulgeance, Kenlo Cragnuques (Quebec), Dalt Wisney, and Academy team vets Danny Breaks and Adlib, here.




Id like to Thank the Good People Over @t [Moovmnt] & my Man & huge Inspiration Jay Scarlett [AmpSoul/BeatDimensions] for Posting up Most of this Dope Content. Which Is where I got most of this from. There are Alot of Amazing Musicians in the World, and I noticed after the Late Dilla (R.I.P.) passed A Flux of Beyond Human Greatness Beat Makers Came out of the Wood Work. I Thank god each day that I have been blessed to not only work with alot of them but formed great friendships (Mo0 The Beatfanatic, Dela, Croup, David Luke, Intact, TAKE, Samiyam, 14KT, Sotu The Traveler, Onra, SlopFunkDust, Celph Titled, Deeskee, Muneshine, Funkghost, Tzarism, Will Widdoss, Koen, MArvelous, M-phazes, Ran Mecca, Mekkadon/Mekkanic, Trilogy,) I mean I can keep going on and on and on and on...

But out of All of the producers there are Three producers that I have Yet to work with but I love... I honestly Feel these three Beatsmiths are the most Underrated, slept on DOPE! Producers in Years, one of them Being (AFTA-1) and the others being my (BUSY) & (MONO/POLY)
and being he made the roster for the new BEAT DIMENSIONS album, I wanted to Showcase ANY and EVERYTHING I could Find on This CALI-BASED BEAT GOD!.....Lord Willing There will be A MONO/POLYxDUTCHMASSIVE Track soon! and without Futher "uh-Do" I give you...


BEAT HOUSE ROCK from miko revereza on Vimeo.


TrueRadio’s BEAT SCIENTIST SESSION #9. A mix by FRONT 2 BLAQ of the best beats by Brainfeeder’s Charles Dickerson aka Mono/poly (Bakersfield) and Bradford Johnson Jr. aka Busy (Gathersburg). Both beatmakers were featured on Jay Scarlett & Circulations New Worlds Sampler. Be sure to check out Mono/Poly’s upcoming release on Faces Records..

01 - Monopoly - Analysis
02 - Monopoly - Forest Dark
03 - Busy - jellyfish
04 - Busy - Khnum’s Passage
05 - Monopoly - AquaSchism+The Gemini Mermaid
06 - Busy - minefield (lost city)
07 - MonoPoly - Oil Fields
08 - Busy - phase change
09 - Busy - toxic tide
10 - Monopoly - FatBss
11 - Monopoly - Ill Deal
12 - Busy - nebulous life forms
13 - Monopoly - Ground Beef
14 - Monopoly - Red & Yellow Toys
15 - Busy - witch hunt (hoodie rat)
16 - Busy - Avogadro
17 - Busy - starfish
18 - Monopoly - The Beatles
19 - Busy - Raid
20 - Busy - Quasar Trail
21 - Stevie E & Tha Show - Got It Locked (prod. by Monopoly) instrumental
22 - Monopoly - Search The Depths (unfinished version)

Busy Vs Mono/Poly


Mono/Poly video filmed & edited by Andrew Meza

With musical visionary Andrew Meza as introducer to the progressive underground beat movement, Mono/Poly is a 21 year old Cal State University student who’s taking the progressive underground beat movement to the next level. He has created his own rugged electronic sound, and puts it in a blend with different genre’s, that’s why he chose the name Mono/Poly. just listen to “The Beatles, MS-14 & Boxing Gloves”. Mono/Poly’s “The Beatles” got lots of airspin in the last few months. And if that didn’t hit your eardrums already…listen to the beat snippets on MoovmntDotCom.

Mono/Poly - Beat Snippets (The Beatles, MS-14, Boxing Gloves, Oil Fields, Progressive Minds, Analysis)

Download (rightmouseclick, save as)


ASG 03 08 Mono/Poly Mix

ASG 03/08 Presents Mono/Poly

Siroj - Vibe Out - CD-R
Aqeel - The Bone song - De Palo CD-R
Sa-Ra - CoCo pop - Rawkus
Jay scarlett - Synthmatic Mood CD-R
Mono/Poly Progressive Minds CD-R
Apollo Jazz Ft Georgia Muldrow - Lavendar Blue Remix - Apollo Jazz
Black Spade - Loves right Here - Om
Aqeel - Loves A Mystery - De Palo CD-R
Sepalot Erik Beat - CD-R
Sepalot Ft Frank Nitty - Compost Promo
Soulphiction - Prison song - SK Promo
Charlie Dark ft Roger robinson - Prayers For Angry Young Men (White)
Comfort fit - Bag of Nothingness - CD-R
Bottom fly - C.W Scorpio - CD-R
Dabyre Ft J-Dilla & Phat Kat - Game Over (Flying Lotus remix) Ghostly
Yolanda Johnson Ft T3 - Intervention - Meta Music Recordings
Snowman - Vibrations - CD-R
Little Brother Ft Kev Brown & Jean Grae Soul Clap Remix - CD-R
Brenk Gumbo - Strip Club - Supercity Promo
Kissey Asplund - Work It Out - BBE Promo
Reggie B - Traveler - CD-R
2Tall- Nine - CD-R
Nicolay & Kay - What We live - CD-R
King Knut - Who dat - (Instrumental) -CD-R
King Knut Ft Show & AG - Who Dat - CD-R
Daru & Tony Ozier - Da Button Pusher CD-R
Jaylib - Bonus Track #2 -CD-R
Alex Newman & Shawn jackson - New Jack Hustle All city Anthem CD-R
The Cloniuos - Valediction CD-R
Bazisbeats - Donde Estas El Banjo Por Favour - CDR


Mono/Poly Mix

1.Mono/Poly - Lets Take A Trip
2.Mono/Poly - Ill Deal
3.Jean Luc Ponty - Is Once Enough?
4.Mono/Poly - For Progressive Minds
5.Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life
6.Mono/Poly - Nexplore
7.Mono/Poly - Eating Paste
8.Mono/Poly - The Beatles
9.Mono/Poly - Midnight Create
10.Al Di Meola - Alien Chase On Arabian Desert
11.Mono/Poly - Boxing Gloves
12.Mono/Poly - Analysis
13.Mono/Poly - Mashin
14.Caldera - Carnavalito
15.Mono/Poly - Ooh Zeplin
16.Mono/Poly - Diamond Girl
17.Mono/Poly - Old School Pop
18.Funkadelic - (Not Just) Knee Deep
19.Mono/Poly - Fat Bs
20.Mono/Poly - A Message From Inside
21.Mono/Poly - Revolvin and Evolv

Courtesy of the Homie Jay Scarlett!!!