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August 27, 2008

SciFi ends Stargate Atlantis, but starts Stargate Universe.

(When Im not Creating Progressive  Classic Hiphop, or even while Im in workmode from the homebase, 9 time out of 10, the SciFi channel is on in the backdrop. What draws me in is the fact that during the "Work Week" (hahaha work) They Rotate Shows, but instead of regular programming they have Daily Marathons, So you get locked wanted to see what happens in the next episode. One of the SciFi channels big hitters is the Stargate Series, which is the Star trek of the Scifi channel. 

Tho "STARGATE" - The Movie with my homie Kurt Russel was one of my favorites to date and started A Life long fascination with Egyptian culture. My House / Studio is A Testament to that statement. (In Fact, I'd like to sidestep for a moment and Tie in Another Topic - See the end of the post for the Bonus post inside the post - 

(Pass thru the Stargate (@) now to Jump to the End)

Reports that the SciFi Network announced earlier this week that it will not be carrying Stargate Atlantis any further. However, to the relief (maybe) of millions of viewers, they are creating a third edition - Stargate Universe. I say maybe, because you never know with this kind of thing. It’s like Star Trek, with its many versions. Some people love ‘em, others claim they’ll never be as good as the original. My dad is a die-hard original Star Trek fan, and nothing else will ever measure up. As Josh (our head honcho) likes to say, “Needs More Shatner.” 

But, that’s really got nothing to do with the Stargate story at hand. Though, maybe it would be better with Shatner in it… 

Universe -- which will premiere as a two-hour movie in early 2009 and assume a regular hourly slot in the summer -- introduces a team of explorers who find an ancient unmanned ship called the Destiny. Unable to return to Earth, the crew must fend for themselves aboard the ship, which has a preprogrammed mission taking them to the far reaches of the universe.” 

Reportedly, the action will be more based in space than in previous versions. They hope to bring in a younger crowd by having younger actors with complicated relationships. Sounds to me like they’re hoping to bring in more female viewers. I don’t know any guys who care about relationships in space. Violence, fast ships and sex sound like a good combo for younger male viewers to me. 

Chances are, the show will fly. The producers/writers who did SG-1 and Atlantis are on board, so it’s guaranteed to please the fans. And, just so I end on a good note, SciFi has decided to do a two-hour movie to end Atlantis rather than doing another season to end the action. 

The SciFi Network says that Stargate Universe will debut as a two-hour movie event, but no word on when. Following its premiere, Universe will assume a regular hourly slot in Summer 2009.


(You just Passed thru the Stargate (@) Welcome to the other Side)

Ok, so remember when I wanted to Sidestep. This is why. Watching the Movie StarGate when I was young really made me fall in love with Egyptian Culture. During the same time I was also hanging around with alot of members of The Zulu Nation, Alot of Five % er's, etc. So I got really into the whole mystery behind the Pyramids, Particularly GIZA.

Over the years I have spent a rather large amount of gil on Egyptian & Asian Cultural Items. My most prized and expensive was this King TUT Sarcophagus Coffee table / Storage Chest... 

Over the years it has held All my Masters to my music, The A-dats from Unreleased Equilibrium Album, All my Mpc2000 discs, and All sometimes even "plant life" hehe (evil grin)

6 to 7 months ago I put it up for sale on 

Craigs list and that turned out to be one of 

the most Stressful events ever.  So many people tried

 to scam me so I gave up on selling it via the worldwideweb

(until now)

If anyone else shares my love for this wonderful culture and would like to take this piece off of my hand. Shoot me an and we will discuss price and method of exchange. 


 (Keep in mind, This piece is Heavy. So Shipping & Handling could be pricey). Right now the piece is located in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. (happy Bidding)


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