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September 1, 2009



Vikter Duplaix returns to the scene with his genre-blending brand of R&B with the single “Electric Love”, available worldwide for sale on Monday August 31 via Traxsource.com.

Vikter Duplaix on “Electric Love”

“’Electric Love’ is adreamy, lush rhythmic landscape into your own imagination. You can be as wild,creative and free as you like…just follow my melody.”

-Vikter Duplaix


Vikter Duplaix – Electric Love

, I am ONLY asking that people give me an e-mail address in exchange for the song. It’s a simple two-step process to download the song on http://www.VikterDuplaix.com

As we all know, music isn’t “free”, but I wanted to say thank-you to all those that have supported me in my career.

Streaming the song is cool, but I’d ask that those that wish to download visit my site in order to make that happen.

Much love!



Before you continue Reading, I sincerely ask that you visit this link below

---------> ( Lust for Life full track ) <--------------

In the TOP RIGHT CORNER you will see the Audio Player. Please click on the Play button and listen to the track all the way thru. Im going to be as Personal and sincere w/ this request and this post more than ever at the risk of coming off soft or however. But that song "Lust for Life" has been one of the most important songs to ever come into my life. Im going to likely commit Career and website/music suicide by sharing what I am about to share, but if you remember me from 1995 - 2005 then you'd know me pouring my heart out in person, on song, the radio, phone, Instant message, message board , and now these days blogs and myspace. IS something that I need to do to be me......


You see, I dated A girl since the age 17 until 26, Basically my entire music career, almost... She was w/ me thru the grind, the passion, she knew how sincere hardworking, outgoing, loyal and excited I was. I messed up and let her go for new horizons, ended up realizing the mistake, got back w/ her, then she left me.....hahahah which honestly worked out for the best, cus we were best of friends it just seemed the passion had faded...... The next 6 months, I dated many girls who all tried to "spend the night" the same night I met them, well as Cool as people seem to think that is, Im not down w/ the easy sleasy, so I always kicked em out, and went on w/ my life...... Long story short, I met A Woman who blew me away - she was everything I was looking for outgoing, smart, beautiful, sincere, strong, the works...... She introduced me into a new world of Soulful house, and was the greatest thing in my eyes...... only flaw was .......she had a bad past w/ dudes who did her wrong, So she couldnt handle me having contact w/ my Ex whom was my best friend, that leaded to a bunch of uneasy mistrust issues which I was never used to, because well...... I always had someone who knew how I was, outgoing, excited, sincere, but I never strayed and was always loyal...She also met me late in the game, after years of makin and releasing music, and unfortunately she got the part of my life where I wasnt able to find Steady work at all, and Music well, I still made music, just not any money from it hahahahaa..... Long story short...... She always was worried I wasnt true to her, and that I was using her and didnt love her..... and with no warning..... she ended up leaving me for another cat...... which Im cool w/ cus, if she found happiness w/ someone thats all Im worried about. but what I cant fathom is how someone can be with you and question your love, and no matter how much you tell them how deep and sincere it is, the words just dont seep in....... So here we are Exactly 1 year later....Im doing my thing, Happy as heck to be free of someone who didnt trust or have faith in me, but I never have been able to just turn off that switch that allows me to not love her with all my heart, I constantly miss her, and not in some perverted selfish way, I really miss my friend...... We went from Soulmates, to Im sorry but Im dating a new man, and He obviously is as insecure as I was/am, Cus im not aloud to continue speaking to you Ever again........

hahahahah, You ask what the hell am I talking about my Ex's for?.... Well because, Vikter Duplaix is my favorite music period....and I love it so much, and It wounds my soul listening to music I love now....... That ish just sucks...... hahahahah

All in All, this isnt A Sad story..... Im happy as can be and doing great...... I just never had the luxury of turning off how real and deep my feelings were/are for someone....

When someones music, EXAMPLE being VIKTER DUPLAIX can make you so Inspired and Float on cloud 9 and at the same time bring you to tears each time...... You gotta Support an Artist of that magnitude.... I just did, As I always do and always will...

MY 1st, and so far only Deep house song was made for and inspired by my Ex and that dag song is named after her and now its coming out on Vinyl as my new single hahahaha...

"Kelley's dream" (DeepHouse Version) - Produced by Dutchmassive by dutchmassive

NOW GO SUPPORT my man VIKTER!!!! and Godwilling, The VikterDuplaix / Dutchmassive Collabo will be more than just A Dream =)



Jazzanova -That Night (wahoo mix)


Osunlade - Jazzanova featuring Vikter Duplaix - That Night ( Wahoo mix )

Vikter duplaix - Nothing like your touch


Clara Hill ft. Vikter Duplaix - Paper Chaser


DOWNLOAD: Vikter Duplaix – “Nothing Like Your Touch”

From 2006’s bold and beautiful LP.


MC2d Magazine

Music Culture Today Magazine



Vikter Duplaix DJ Mix. Free Download

Click here to dowload a free guest mix by none other than grammy nominated soul/nu-jazz artist Vikter Duplaix as he takes you through a journey of deep, soulful and sexy house. Our featured mix for August 2009. For more info on Vikter Duplaix visit myspace.com/duplaix

This should make you happy. It’s a free download of Vikter Duplaix’s DJ set. As he tweetsSo, for those of you that just know me as a recording artist, here’s a link to my first monthly podcast of a DJ mix.

Conversation with Vikter Duplaix / Vikter Duplaix interview on HoneySoul.com.

Vikter Duplaix’s work as DJ, producer, songwriter and singer is the foundation on his journey to arriving at a more progressive and complete musical experience. His latest collaborations with James Poyser, Micheal Angelo, Esthero, Ty Tribbet, Rapheal Saddiq, Karsh Kale, Gary Dourdan, Suphala, Omar Edwards and Junius Bervine continue his onward love movement of creating lyrical and melodic synergy. Vikter Duplaix’s ability to set a fine tuned musical mood by bringing your senses to a heightened stimulation is why his new album Bold & Beautiful is being named one of honeysoul.com’s “Best of the Year.”

website | myspace

Bold & Beautiful Review
by Lisa Stanton for honeysoul.com

Ladies… this is THE CD of 2006.

Fellas… this is THE CD of 2006.

FOR MY BROTHAS: You can stop with all your mack moves right now. You won’t need them! ‘Bold and Beautiful’ is a guaranteed mood inhibitor. Intoxicating melodies. Sensual lyrics. Vikter Duplaix has done all the work for you! Just pop in the CD and let that brotha work, while you yield the benefits *wink*. I recommend you speed directly to “For Life”. From the very first note, the ladies will have no choice but to … well, just pop it in and see.

SISTAH SISTAH: Vikter Duplaix says he want’s to stay in it (”In The Middle Of You”) and while he undoubtedly means something entirely different, I promise, your CD player is where he will forever be. ‘Bold & Beautiful‘ will be the CD that has to be replaced several times over as it will virtually burn itself up. The brotha is foine and from the sounds of it, knows what the ladies desire. But don’t take my word for it… listen to his breathy way of letting you know exactly what’s on his mind.

There simply is ‘Nothing Like’ this CD. Until now ~ Not on the shelves in your favorite music store. Not on the dat of your favorite radio station. Where it will be though, from the very first time you listen, is in your CD player (and when it’s not, it will be in the ‘Temple of {your} Thoughts’. Played over and over again, drawing on your mental and physical senses.
Bold & Beautiful by Vikter Duplaix
Listen and love…
Lisa Stanton’s review was quoted on vikterduplaix.com

Bold & Beautiful is available at local retailers and online at Amazon, iTunes, and BBE.

For more information about this artist visit SoulTracks.com

icon for podpress Vikter Duplaix interview [23:42m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download


Vikter Duplaix
(born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States) is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and DJ. Duplaix has traditional soul singer’s beginnings – being raised in both Philadelphia and Augusta, Georgia singing in church choirs, and later took work programming drum tracks while working at a Philadelphia studio.

He has released several solo records as well as appearing on the releases of Erykah Badu, Jazzanova, King Britt´s Sylk 130, Jamiroquai, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Incognito, Esthero, Cherokee, Jaguar Wright, Eric Benet and Dynamite MC, often with fellow studio rat James Poyser. Associations with DJ Jazzy Jeff and Kenny Gamble proved to be instrumental to his growth and stature. His relationship with King Britt led to immersion in dance music. He contributed vocals to Britt's Scuba project 'Swell', and before long, Duplaix was producing his own material. Remixes and collaborations with the likes of Jazzanova and an installment in !K7's DJ Kicks series all led up to International Affairs

Duplaix's full-length debut as a solo artist. The album was released in Europe in late 2002; it came out in the United States early the following year on Hollywood Records.

His sophomore album release, Bold and Beautiful, followed in 2006 on bbe records. "Make A Baby", a single from "Bold and Beautiful", was nominated for a 2008 Grammy Awards in the Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance.

On August 31st, 2009 Vikter re-emerged on the music scene with the release of a new single, "Electric Love".

Electric Love

Download HERE

The single is available as a free download from his official website, http://www.vikterduplaix.com

Download Vikter's new single, "Electric Love" for FREE @ www.vikterduplaix.com

P.S. You can Download the Entire 4 Track Single for 3 Dollars and Some Change @t TRAXSOURCE.COM - My Receipt/Proof is Below! Whats your Excuse?!?!?!
Thank You for shopping at Traxsource.com!

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Vikter Duplaix, Electric Love

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