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September 21, 2009



The picture above is perfect to me, I look at this picture and you can tell that the smiles on each and everyone of their faces is sincere as ever........


I Always have trouble w/ posts or subjects in general that have to due with the passing of ones physical form to the spiritual world. I think what bothers me the most is that humans, or life in general passes each moment and only A select few are highlighted and held above the rest. Not a personal feeling, just an observation. We had a lot of Movie Stars, Musicians, Family and friends pass this year is what I keep hearing from people but honestly, we have had no more this year than any year prior. The big difference in 2009 that makes things stand out so much is the transfer of information has now become instant w/ websites such as Twitter, myspace, Facebook, Blogs, etc...

My Grandfather "Pop Pop" passed away last week. "EDMOND ZIEGLER". I have been meaning to make it up north to spend time w/ my fathers side of the family but have never had the means to do so. There was so much I wanted to discuss w/ my grandfather and tell him and just never really stopped to think about him not being around when I finally have the chance. see...............during this time, I was given A Beat to write to for Celph Titled's new album. The track is Celph Titled, Majik Most & myself, Dutchmassive (Equilibrium) for those who know us as the Independent Super Group that Stopped making Records Together A few years back. The beat was produced by Legendary Beatsmith "BUCKWILD" and the subject for the song is "TIME" - Any which way you slice that concept, there are a lot of ways you can go when giving the subject of Time to write about. Celph knew that this would be a topic I would be able to master due to my Colorful life of procrastination, Sitting on Tracks and beats, Wasting time, Taking the wrong fork in the road more than once hahah, Lost love, etc..... What he didn't count on was the fact that there is just too much to write about that It would be impossible for me to sum up my thoughts in a 16 bar verse.

Time Moves Forward and another loved one passes on. For those who grew up in the 90's and were intimately involved with hip hop, you are most likely well aware of Roc Raida. The X-Men (X-ecutioners), as I knew of them Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Roc Raida & Mista Sinista were the east coast greatest. Years pass from Nineteen 90 whenever til now, and I am grateful to have seen these 4 superheroes on the turntable live!, more than a few times......The most memorable of them would be the Common / Xmen show @t the Rub in Ybor City Florida, Thanks to Another Legend I am thankful to have in my life DJ SANDMAN. That show was one of my greatest memories in life. I was in 10th Grade and Sandman gave Majikmost & I stacks upon stacks of flyers to pass out, It was the 1st show I ever promoted and I took alot of pride in doing so. The show was PACKED!!! Obviously being in 10th grade we were way to young to be able to get into clubs but DJ SANDMAN Always and I mean Always had my back and got me into everyshow until I came of age. Those were the days of Goosebumps & Smiles, Always getting backstage, or stalking the Dj Booth with my ear next to the speaker while Dj Fader Played Classic after Classic after Classic...... Do you understand how great of a memory that Flyer provides so many people?...... Image how many people Roc Raida or any Artist has affected in a postive way!


My path in life even took me on a road that caused me to live in the same Apartment Complex as one of DJ DOMINATION'S Good friends, So I got to chill w/ him and hear him brag and boast his world of porno collection and how he would oneday Destroy The X-men in A battle...We all know how that turned out.....

I havent even thought of these memories in such a long time. my condolences to all of Roc Raida’s close friends and family and all of the fans who he touched over the years.

With So many Deaths being so public this year I hope that it instills A want to cherish those around you while they are still there. Cus tommorow is never promised. Yesterday is Gone. Time Travels on.........

Sincerely, Dutch VonEpp Ziegler, The Hobbyshop HERO



"I am sorry 2 say that on this day at 2:05 Sept 19th we lost another incredible life...Dj Roc Raida died 2day my personal Dj is gone..." -Busta Rhymes


Twitter is blowing up right now with the recent news of DJ Roc Raida passing away from apparent surgery complications. - Kevinnottingham.com

Roc Raida’s family just released this official statement:

"Anthony Williams p/k to the world as The Legendary Grand Master Roc Raida has passed away unexpectedly today Sept 19 2009. He is survived by his wife, 3 lovely daughters, mother and friends. Raida was recently in an mixed martial arts accident, something that he has been practicing for several years. Although he had under gone 2 surgeries with great success, was released to an inpatient physical therapy facility and was in great spirits the past few days. This morning he started to have complications and passed. The family asks for privacy at this time."

Anthony Williams
, (May 18, 1972 – September 19, 2009) was better known as Roc Raida, was an DJ, turntablist, producer and member of DJ group The X-Ecutioners.

He won the 1995 DMC World DJ Championship.

  • Grand Master Roc Raida started DJ’ing at the age of 10, after being inspired by his father, who was a member of Sugar Hill Records group, Mean Machine.
  • Roc Raida was an original member of the X-Men turntable crew, who later became The X-Ecutioners, a DJ collective that helped innovate the art form of turntablism.
  • He became internationally known, after taking home the DMC World DJ Championship in 1995.
  • Grand Master Roc Raida released 12 albums total as a solo artist and as member of The X-Ecutioners.
  • Roc Raida, born Anthony Williams, also produced tracks, crafting song or worked with artists like Smif-N-Wessun, Fat Joe, Ghostface, Black Thought, Pink, Linkin Park and others.
  • His scratching can also be heard on O.C.’s timeless Hip-Hop track “Time’s Up.”

  • Additionally, Grand Master Roc Raida served as Busta Rhymes’ official tour DJ.

Rhymes expressed his condolences today, via his Twitter page, after Roc Raida’s death became a trending topic on the popular micro-blogging site.

"I just wanna thank everyone 4 ur love and support and ur prayers," Busta Rhymes Tweeted. "We will never let ur name die Roc...We love u and will 4ever miss u...RIP…I was told 2day, We r loosing [sic] all of these great people this year as a result of God calling his army because something is about 2 go down!"

A few things I "borrowed" from Allhiphop.com =) HsH

X-Ecutioners feat. Dj Premier - Premier's X-Ecution


01 - Intro (scratches. Apollo, Shortkut, Vin Roc)
02 - XL (feat. Large Professor) (scratches. Rob Swift)
03 - X-Ecutioners Scratch
04 - A Journey Into Sound
05 - Hip Hop Awards (Skit)
06 - 3 Boroughs
07 - Let It Bang (feat. M.O.P.)
08 - X-Ecutioners (Theme) Song (feat. and prod. Dan The Automator)
09 - Feel The Bass
10 - You Can't Scratch (Skit)
11 - It's Going Down (feat. and prod. Mike Shinoda)
12 - Premier's X-Ecution (scratches and prod. DJ Premier)
13 - The X (Y'all Know The Name) (feat. Inspectah Deck, Skillz, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch)
14 - Genious Of Love (feat. Biz Markie)
15 - Choppin Niggaz Up
16 - B-boy Punk Rock 2001 (scratch. Roc Raida, Sean Cane) (feat. Everlast)
17 - Who Wants To Be A Muthafuckin' Millionaire (Skit)
18 - Play That Beat (scratch. Mista Sinista, Rob Swift) (feat. Fatman Scoop)
19 - Dramacyde (feat. Big Pun, Kool G Rap)
20 - X-Ecution Of A Bum Rush (scratches. The Beat Junkies)
21 - Play That Beat (Remix) (prod. Lo-Fidelity Allstars)

Trust me, Go buy this now! HsH


Click on the album cover below
2 purchase the 1997 XMEN (X ECUTIONERS CLASSIC)





Roc Raida in Fat Beats




DJ Roc Raida At DJ Q-Bert's House

Q-Bert dishing out the Transformers to Roc Raida (on camera)! From "The Adventures of Grandmaster Roc Raida (Part II)" DVD.

I Love when Raida Accepts the Action Figure from Q all humble like.....A great memory caught on camera - HsH
DJ Roc Raider DMC 1996


Roc Raida - Ugly people be quiet


Roc Raida's "Sucka MC's" Routine


DMC World 1995 DJ Roc Raider

R.I.P. Anthony (ROC RAIDA) Williams