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July 15, 2009

HsH Artist Spotlite: MUNESHINE + NEW ALBUM "Status Symbol" in stores now!

Muneshine "Status Symbol" in stores now!

Every artist needs a story, at least that's what they say. To make an impact, they must offer something inspiring and out of the ordinary. Muneshine has a story to tell. Originally from rural Saskatchewan, Muneshine has come a long way. Now in Toronto, he has established himself as a respected and sought-after MC, producer and mix engineer. He has sold over 30,000 albums worldwide, worked with hip hop legends (Pete Rock, DJ Spinna and more) and has earned the respect and praise of fans, artists, media and industry folks alike. "Status Symbol" is a 'no filler' album, complete with soulful and catchy beats, buzzy guest appearances (Sean Price, Termanology, D-Sisive, Nature, Skyzoo, Kenn Starr, Little Vic, Emilio Rojas and more), and clever, honest and well-delivered rhymes. "Status Symbol" is a perfect addition to any hip hop collection.

1. Status Symbol (Intro) (prod. Stat D)
2. Mark My Words (prod. Illmind)
3. Human Nature (prod. Sir OJ) feat. Denosh
4. Globetrotters (prod. M-Phazes)
5. Foreign Affairs (prod. M-Phazes) feat. Nature
6. Waterworld (Revisited) (prod. Saint)
7. Cats & Dogs (prod. Freddie Joachim)
8. What Now (prod. M-Phazes) feat. Sean Price & Termanology
9. Liquorhound (prod. Suff Daddy)
10. Today's Special (prod. Presto) feat. Dminor
11. Leaving You (prod. Oddisee / cuts by DJ Ragz)
12. Farewell (prod. Freddie Joachim)
13. Love You More (prod. Muneshine)
14. It's Mine (prod. Illmind) feat. Little Vic, Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo, Kenn Starr & D-Sisive

Free Download: Muneshine "Status Symbol" Album Sampler MP3

Muneshine "Status Symbol" now available at:
- UGHH.com
- AccessHipHop.com
- SandboxAutomatic.com
- iTunes
- Amazon.com

Thanks for the support!

Domination Recordings
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Twitter: Twitter.com/dominationrec
YouTube: Youtube.com/dominationrecordings
Myspace: Myspace.com/dominationrecordings
Magazine Blog: Dominationrechiphop.blogspot.com



(ABOVE - NEW) / (BELOW This W.F.T.H. is A Muneshine post I did on 2/10/09) but have now moved it and combined it with this post being his new album "Status Symbol" has dropped.

Last Saturday or the one before (im not sure hahaha) I Met up w/ D.J. Fisher (owner of Domination Recordings) in YBOR CITY @t the Crowbar, I was going to hang out with DJ, Dwight (Count Bass D) and DJ Ynot. Stayed for a bit but left early due to a bad Knee and Wrok the next day, (I found out I missed a classic set by DJ A-TRAK whom was at Crowbar the same evening).

So End of the night comes, and DJ said he has A CD for me that he just put out... The Muneshine CD "Status Symbol" - I pop it in the CD player in the car and let it play from front 2 back and fell in love.... Muneshine is not only someone who I have known for a long time or just a friend.... If he was a complete stranger my opinion on this record would still be the same..

STATUS SYMBOL is A CLASSIC DOPE AMAZING FANTASTIC ALBUM.! From the moment you put it in till the very End.... It is Breath taking...

My Personal Favorite track is "LEAVING YOU" produced by ODDISEE w/ Cuts from another good friend of mine DJ RAGZ of JAZZ ADDIXX, I want to do a Remix of this song soo bad it hurts.... And I dont mean I want to change the beat, I would just like to add a verse to the already classic song!!!!!! Not sure if this is possible but i will attempt to ask today or tommorow.... My next favorite song is "CATS & Dogs" and the Intro..... man.....Im so Proud of Mune for staying focused and making dope music!!!!!!



on to the Re-post from

Muneshine "Big Man on Campus" mixtape

Now available for free download is the new mixtape from Muneshine titled "Big Man on Campus", mixed by DJ Sonik and hosted by Emilio Rojas. The 22-track mix features a collection of new songs, old songs & collaborations. Including guest appearances from Sean Price, Termanology, Supastition, Dutchmassive and many more!

Free Download: Muneshine "Big Man on Campus" Mixtape


For more info, please check out:
Myspace.com/Status_Symbol & myspace.com/muneshineproduction

Muneshine's "Status Symbol" coming soon on Domination Recordings!


WORDS from the HERO

When I received the email from Muneshine saying that "Big man on Campus" was being released Tommorow I had to pinch myself to see if I was Dreaming. Haha, Reason being is when he originally hit me up to get down on the album he game me a tight "serious" Deadline cus it was to be released in a few weeks. This was Fall 2007 hahaha. Nah on A Serious note I have been waiting for this project for quite some time now, more than A good friend of muneshine I am A good Fan of his music. He has been grinding the indie scene beside me since the 90's and have I been excited for every release since the days when he was just Remixing cats songs with his Jazzy Boombap Beats. Tho I gotta say, It wasnt untill I Ordered "Oppertunity Knocks" that it really hit me hard. Man o MAN! From The 1st sound till the very last one, that album is Super Classic "Midnight Marauder" Status. "The Sun Goes Down" is one of my top 10 Favorite songs of All Time PERIOD. A two of my fav's DJ Spinna and Peterock blessing the album was A dream come true for more that just him but for everyone who had the chance to hear his record. Plus, it does'nt hurt that my BEATFANATIC family is all over Muneshine's releases. Rob really does have "Classic" Taste, A Passionate Drive, Good Sense of Buisiness and overall just A good person. So It is A Honor to post this MEGA-MUNESHINE-HOBBYSHOP HERO POST.


(not literally, well actually haha)

Muneshine - Status Symbol (TRAILER)


Muneshine Feat Dminor - Todays Special


Muneshine - A Walk in the Park [2007]
(this is an instrumental CD)

"Luckily for those interested in a real approach to music there are still artists who put quality before quantity. Hip Hop is not dead, it"s just hard to find. Luckily for those interested in a real approach to music there are still artists who put quality before quantity. First discovered for his production work on Lightheaded"s "Pure Thoughts" LP, Muneshine has successfully built a strong following domestically and overseas. Known both for his production and emceeing, he has collaborated with artists such as: Pete Rock, Lord Finesse, DJ Spinna, Little Brother, Punchline & Wordsworth, Louis Logic, Grap Luva and many more. With a long list of production and remix credits, Muneshine has now returned with an elaborate collection of Hip Hop instrumentals. Focusing mostly on jazz, soul and funk influences, "A Walk In The Park" is an album reminiscent of BBE"s early "Beat Generation" series. If classic composition and spectacular sample selection are essential to your listening experience, Muneshine"s "A Walk In The Park" is for you." -

Entire Article (Paragraph) was CopyNpasted from http://blakslair.blogspot.com/ because it was just to well said not to re-post.


01 Threshold
02 Keep Keeping On
03 Intergalactic
04 Interlude One
05 Love Is Love
06 Worldwide
07 A Walk in the Park
08 Interlude Two
09 Bon Jour
10 Four Seasons
11 You Have To
12 Interlude Three
13 Humble Pie
14 Emerald Bracelet
15 To The Beat
16 So Be It f/ Raks One and Realson

Muneshine - A Walk in the Park

Downloadlink via Zshare [2007]
Click here

Muneshine - Opportunity Knocks [DOUBLE DISC][2005]

"Opportunity Knocks"


Welcome... (Intro) (2:07)

Producer - M-Phazes
Scratches - Realson
Overdrive (4:23)

Producer - DJ Spinna
Vocals [Featuring] - Supastition
Scratches - DJ Spinna
Vocals [Additional] - Raks One
The Sun Goes Down (5:03)

Producer - M-Phazes
Vocals [Additional] - Dminor
Move On (4:12)

Producer - Presto (2)
Vocals [Featuring] - Kenn Starr , Raks One
City Of Dreams (3:49)

Producer - Saint*
Luke Warm (3:56)

Producer - Illmind
Scratches - Muneshine
Aight, Chill... (Interlude) (6:47)

Producer - Illmind
Imagine That (3:47)

Producer - Pete Rock
Scratches - Realson
Vocals [Additional] - Dminor
Industry Ills (4:14)

Producer - M-Phazes
Vocals [Featuring] - NapsNdreds* , Oddisee
Scratches - Biz-R
Reality Bites Pt.2 (4:06)

Producer - M-Phazes
Vocals [Additional] - Dminor
Ode To The Realness (4:02)

Producer - M-Phazes
Vocals [Additional] - Louis Logic
Nine To Five (3:38)

Producer - Illmind
Pre-Threshold... (Outro) (1:47)

Producer - Muneshine
Imagine That (Remix) (4:09)

Producer - Illmind
Vocals[Featuring] - Surreal
Scratches - Realson

Muneshine - Opportunity Knocks [Disc 1]

Download link Zshare

[Disc 1] Click here
Muneshine - Opportunity Knocks [Disc 2] Instrumentals

Download link Zshare
[Disc 2] Click here


(well at least up to the Point before Opertunity Knocks was released haha)
as told by (http://www.styleinprogress.ca/personalpages/emceelinks/muneshine.php)

Muneshine has been involved in Hip Hop since the mid 90's.In the beginning it was the music of Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and Erib B. & Rakim that foundits way into Muneshine's tape deck. He was drawn to the honesty and reality of the music, and in turn it gave him a whole new outlook on his own situation. Although he grew up in rural Saskatchewan (Canada), it was Hip Hop that gave Muneshine a creative outlet, and eventually his definition.

In 1997, Muneshine realized that listening to Hip Hop, and writing rhymes wasn't enough. Shortly after graduating from high school, he chose to expand his horizons, and teach himself how to DJ. He purchased the highly regarded (low quality) Gemini DJ Starter Kit, and got to it. Growing up in a small community, Hip Hop vinyl was hard to come by, but slowly his collection grew. Through the challenge of finding the Hip Hop records he was after, subconsciously Muneshine learned the art of digging.

After a few years of honing his DJ'ing and rhyming skills further, Muneshine decided it was time to take the next step. He started saving his minimum wage earnings in plans of purchasing the Akai MPC 2000. He knew the moment he hooked it up that this was it, this was what all his previous exploits had built up to. He was instantly hooked on production, and found the process natural.

Through use of the internet, Muneshine was able to look beyond his local music scene, and start networking with other artists in his position. It was through this connection that Muneshine met three emcees from Portland, Oregan known (although not at the time) as Lightheaded.

After fully producing the group's debut album, "Pure Thoughts", Muneshine knew he was onto something. As soon as the album hit shelves, the rave reviews of this Canadian new-comer started to pile up.

Off the success of "Pure Thoughts", Muneshine started getting requests for collaboration from around the globe. Among many of the projects he took on in that period, one stood out above the rest. In the summer of 2002, Muneshine was contacted by emcee Sycorax One (now known simply as Raks One) from New York, U.S.A..Once their first song reached completion ("Heroshima" from their debut album "A Vision and a Plan"), they both realized that they had tapped into an amazing chemistry, and decided from that point on their work together would be listed as Phocus, and they instantly started working on more songs.

Around the same time, Muneshine's emcee work had put him in touch with a small group of producers from around the world who were at the same point in their careers as he was. With the help of Dminor (vocalist/producer from California, U.S.A.), Muneshine formed what has come to be known as Wax Reform, a collection of extremely driven and talented producers. The first producers to become official members were Presto (Zaandam, Holland), Illmind (New Jersey, U.S.A.) and M-Phazes (Gold Coast, Australia). They formed with the common goal to raise the bar creatively, and attempt to bring the soul back to Hip Hop music.

Muneshine had also started working with emcee Supastition (North Carolina, U.S.A.), and was immediately blown away by his raw delivery and pure ambition. Muneshine put him in touch with the rest of Wax Reform, and not long after that he was officially voted into the crew as their first representative behind the mic.

As things progressed with Phocus, Raks One was also inducted into the crew.

In the fall of 2003, Muneshine made another big decision, and applied to Canada's finest Audio Engineering School, in London, Ontario. With plans of being a self contained unit, he decided learning the technical ins and outs of music production and recording would do nothing but benefit himself, and Wax Reform. Over the next year Muneshine did just that, and in the fall of 2004 he walked away with an honors degree in Audio Engineering.

That fall, Muneshine and Raks One (Phocus) released their debut album, "A Vision and a Plan" with Japanese record label Handcuts Records. The album featured Dminor, Supastition, and Illmind of Wax Reform.

Around the same time of the release, Muneshine started working on his own solo album, as an emcee. During the previous few years the majority of his focus was on building his production skill, but the love of ripping the mic was never lost. With a few tracks in the books, Muneshine reached out to two of his mentors, the legendary Pete Rock, and DJ Spinna about collaborating with him on this new project. With the help of his label in Japan (Handcuts Records), this dream became a reality.


Production Discography:


Saint feat. Mr. Man "Live Phenomenons (Muneshine Remix)" - Live Phenomenons (12'') - GoonTrax (Japan)

Ken Fluid "You Ain't Real" - Unreleased - Independent

Promise "Outside (Muneshine Remix)" - Unreleased - Independent

Muneshine "A Walk In The Park" - Mumbles Hip Hop / Lamplight Arts

Muneshine "Threshold"

Muneshine "Keep Keeping On"

Muneshine "Intergalactic"

Muneshine "Interlude 1"

Muneshine "Love Is Love"

Muneshine "Worldwide"

Muneshine "A Walk In The Park"

Muneshine "Interlude 2"

Muneshine "Bon Jour"

Muneshine "Four Seasons"

Muneshine "You Have To"

Muneshine "Interlude 3"

Muneshine "Humble Pie"

Muneshine "Emerald Bracelet"

Muneshine "To The Beat"

Muneshine feat. Raks One & Realson "So Be It"


Good People feat. Oktober "Some Say (Remix)" - "About You (12'')" Media Factory (Japan)

Lightheaded "Wrong Way" - "Wrong Way" - Tres Records

Anime feat. Punchline & Wordsworth "Can't Ignore It" - Independent 12'' Release

Anime "Struggler's Hustle" - Independent 12'' Release

Dminor "You Gotta Leave (Remix)" - "Supreme Sampler EP" - Nightvibes Entertainment / Wax Reform Music

Dminor feat. Louis Logic "Watching You (Remix)" - "Supreme Sampler EP" - Nightvibes Entertainment / Wax Reform Music

Bonafide "Keep On (Remix)" - "Overdue" - Blacksteel Records / Universal Records


Raks One "Man Come On (Remix)" - "For Good" Handcuts / Universal Records (Japan)

Raks One "Earthbound" - "For Good" Handcuts / Universal Records (Japan)

Tonedeff feat. Deacon the Villian "Hypocrites (Remix)" - "QN5 Remix Vol.1" QN5 Music

Collective Efforts "Another Soulful Song (Remix)" - "Collective Efforts" - Handcuts / Universal Records (Japan)

Can-U "Push Weight" - "A Stepping Stone" - Independent

Supastition "Right Here" - "Right Here" (12'') Uncut Records

Supastition "Soul Searching (Remix)" - "Unreleased Remixes" - Soulspazm Records

Garion "Promising Place" - "Garion" - Tyle Music (Korea)

Epic "Briefcase a Weapon" - "Local Only" - Clothes Horse Records

Othello "Rock Rock Cmon" - "Elevator Music" - Hip Hop Is Music


Kenn Starr "Walk the Walk (Remix)" - "You Dont Know the Half" - Halftooth Records

Kaboose "Memories" - "Innersection" - Fly Away Records

Kaboose feat. Sev Statik "Can't Call It" - "Innersection" Fly Away Records

Lightheaded "Right Now" - "Stealth Magazine Exclusive CD" - Stealth Magazine (Australia)

Phocus "A Vision and a Plan" - Handcuts / Universal Records (Japan)

Phocus "Aint That Some"

Phocus "Body Language"

Phocus feat. Lexicon & Dminor "It's Alright"

Phocus feat. Supastition "Moodswings"

Phocus "Homecoming (Bring it Back)"

Phocus "The Weigh In"

Phocus "Heroshima"

Phocus "45 Seconds of Fame (Interlude)"

Phocus "Curtains Close"

Phocus feat. Hassaan Mackey "Go Ahead"

Phocus feat. Ash & Muneshine "Crazy Buck Wild"

Phocus "Memories"

Phocus "Outro"


Lightheaded "Pure Thoughts" - Day by Day Entertainment / Hip Hop Is Music

Lightheaded "Intro"

Lightheaded "Lightheaded Anthem"

Lightheaded "P.T. Cruise"

Lightheaded "Pure With Intention"

Lightheaded "Blink of an Eye"

Lightheaded "The Top"

Lightheaded "Street Corners"

Lightheaded "Thats How It Is"

Lightheaded "Selfless"

Lightheaded "Never Square"

Lightheaded "Pure Thoughts"

Lightheaded "Poetry in Motion"

Lightheaded "Completion"

Lightheaded "Outro"

Lightheaded w. John Reuben, Manchild, Pigeon John, Redcloud, & Sojourn "Surprise"

Lightheaded "Lah Lah Land"

Lightheaded "Rock On"

MF Grimm "Teach the Babies" - "MF Grimm / MF Doom Remixes" - Day by Day Entertainment

Chazz Rokk "What It's All About" - "Landed On Us" - Independent

Johnny Five "Whats a Rep" - "Summer" - Basement Records

Lord Cyrus "Animal Magnetism" - "Diamonds" Independent

Performance Discography:


Saint feat. Muneshine & Emskee "Can't Relate" - "About Time" - Indepedent

Muneshine "Mark My Words" - "Mark My Words" 12'' - Mumbles Hip Hop

Muneshine feat. Sean Price & Termanology "What Now" - "Mark My Words" 12'' - Mumbles Hip Hop


Phocus "Ya Gotta" - "Ya Gotta" 12'' - Mumbles Hip Hop

Muneshine feat. Raks One "Move On (Remix)" - "Open Mic" - RDS Records

Dminor feat. Muneshine "Deserve Your Love" - "Supreme Goodie" - Nightvibes Entertainment / Wax Reform Music

Milkcrate feat. Muneshine "Fall Back" - "Boss of Bosses Vol.2" - Milkcrate Productions


Muneshine "Opportunity Knocks" - Handcuts / Universal Records (Japan)

Muneshine "Welcome (Intro)"

Muneshine feat. Supastition "Overdrive"

Muneshine "The Sun Goes Down"

Muneshine feat. Raks One & Kenn Starr "Move On"

Muneshine "City of Dreams"

Muneshine "Luke Warm"

Muneshine "Aight, Chill (Interlude)"

Muneshine "Imagine That"

Muneshine feat. NapsNdreds & Oddisee "Industry Ills"

Muneshine feat. Dminor "Reality Bites Pt.2"

Muneshine "Ode to the Realness"

Muneshine "Nine to Five"

Muneshine "Pre-Threshold (Outro)"

Muneshine feat. Surreal "Imagine That (Remix)"

Phocus "Ya Gotta" - "Strictly Underground Vol.1" - Mumbles Hip Hop

Muneshine feat. Realson "City of Dreams (Drumat!c Remix)" - "Strictly Underground" - Mumbles Hip Hop

Milkcrate Fam feat. Muneshine "What's the Deal" - "Strictly Underground Vol.1" - Mumbles Hip Hop

Muneshine "Visions of Relevance" - "Boss of Bosses Vol.1" - Milkcrate Productions

Muneshine "Happy Trails" - "Boss of Bosses Vol.1" - Milkcrate Productions

Milkcrate feat. Muneshine "Shoulda Known Better" - "Boss of Bosses Vol.1" - Milkcrate Productions


Muneshine "Reality Bites" - "First Collection Vol.1" - Handcuts / Universal Records

Phocus "Crazy Buck Wild" - "A Vision and a Plan" - Handcuts / Universal Records (Japan)

Factor feat. Phocus "Run Wild" - "3" - Side Road Records


Lightheaded "Pure With Intention" - "Pure Thoughts" - Day by Day Entertainment / Hip Hop Is Music

Brainstorm feat. Muneshine "Showtime" - "The In Your Face LP" - Independent Release

Factor feat. Muneshine "Walk Don't Run" - "Con-Soul Confessions" - Side Road Records


Factor feat. Muneshine "Time Invested Interlude" - "Time Invested" - Side Road Records

And This Concludes the MUNESHINE mega POST.
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