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June 18, 2008

Graffiti Evolution - 3 Different Examples of Greatness

The Year was 1994 - aaaaaahhhhhh  (deep breath) 1994. Personally, this was my favorite year for music. sooooooo many classics launched that year. I can remember the feeling I had during that time like it was just yesterday. For example, when I hear the dusty.....  dirty........super soulful sax and unforgettable distinct sound of 9th Creation's "Bubble Gum" sample (for the newer fans of hiphop, im not speaking of 9th Wonder I am talking about The Artifacts classic song – "Wrong Side of The Tracks" (I posted the youtube video below) and The sample they used in this track was from the legendary grou9th Creation...(free Digging Tip -=))... Well for myself and many of my friends this was my introduction to the art known as Graffiti. I am now 27 and I know alot of people are probally thinking "Graffiti has been around waaaaaaaay before That Video" come on... hahaha (sigh) man....Alot of people my age and even younger would front and say they watched Wild Style when they were an embryo, and they use to breakdance in their crib. hahahaha what ever, Im not even tryin to fake the funk tho (whatup Extra P!) I was introduced to good hiphop thru Fab 5 Freddy, Doctor Dre and Ed lover on YO! MTV RAPS and Prince Dejour, Joe Clair (The Greatest host and a dope emcee!) and Big Lez on RAP CITY. The Biggest source of influence when it comes to how I heard hiphop was the Local Radio show "The Underground Railroad" on 88.5 WMNF (originally hosted by Kenny K (R.I.P)) but when I listened, and I mean Tuned in religiously every Saturday night from 12 - 3 am, It was hosted by MAD LYNX, D-MONEY & Lil Lou...and Yes...MAD LYNX went on to become the host of RAPCITY...too bad it was years later when the music industry changed, because Lynx played the greatest hiphop always!!!..... ok ok so with that little Dutchmassive history lesson over, I will continue........ 
1994 my "crew" and I would drive, walk, ride the city-bus around town listening to "wrong side if the tracks" on Repeat. Tho we weren't that ill with krylon or spray cans, We definitely dried out a gang of permanent markers, haha back then my "tag" was Dig1one hahahaah, my man Majik Most tagged as so...and a few others i wont bother mentioning.....hahahah definitely wasnt like bombing up trainyards in NY but for young teenagers it was fun........ but as we get older and mature..so do our talents and hobbies... which brings me to this post and the reason I posted it in the 1st place.... Hiphop is the one genre of music that is A culture that reaches across the galaxy with arms wide open! 

Do you ever think about how much hiphop has effected the world??!?.... How powerful HIPHOP IS.?!? Hiphop is the only genre of music that has its own culture. It has become a Billion dollar industry and has created so many new subcultures within each element of hiphop..... Our Generation is on some other ish..... My theory, and ill go to the grave with this one, is that the NINTENDO GENERATION is soooo quick and we think soooooo fast.......... we are creative and cunning. The downside to our generation is we get bored very very quick and it takes alot to impress or shock us.  These next 3 articles I found are great examples of the elements of hiphop evolving and changing with the times into something positive. Enjoy and If you have made it this far I want to thank you and end this post with one important message.

Hiphop, or Music rather is a Very powerful thing...... Use this medium to make a positive and progressive impact on other peoples life's, not just our children... but everyone in reach of the sound and sights....Thanks for stoping by....

Your Local HERO, Dutch

Wii Spray Can

Jun 9, 2008 – News  – by Isha Thompson

With new accessories constantly being released from Nintendo Wii, it seems as though Wii enthusiasts can do almost anything on their game system. Design student Martin Lihs figured that tagging should no longer be the exception of Wii past times and has created prototype WiiSpray as a part of his final at Bauhaus University. With such an innovative idea, Nintendo may very well be knocking on his door to distribute the device, but until then, this kid should be graduating with an A.


Nike Glow In The Dark Game Spray

Apr 2, 2008 – News  – by Nick Younes

Nike just teamed up with designer Pierre Haulot to create Virtual Park. It’s a glow in the dark spray paint that you could use after the sun sets to play a pickup game. Boundaries, goals, whatever you need for your game to be fair. The best thing about it is that it fades away after two hours, so there is no need to clean up after you act.

Moose - "Reverse Graffiti"


Artifacts - "Wrong side of the Tracks"

Company Flow - End 2 End Burners (Rawkus Records)